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    I've beginning roleplaying game with l'Appel de Cthulhu ( Call of C. in french ) and Warhammer. I discover D&D with videogames and play with later. Today I'm a Runequest and Tunnels & Trolls GM/player.
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    Runeques, Tunnels & Trolls, Oltrée !
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    I'm a man, I like philosophy, RPG and music

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  1. Legend OGL is legal. Legend system is not Chaosium nor Issaries' IP. The mechanics are propriety of Mongoose because Whitaker and Nash wrote it. Legend is not BRP, nor Runequest 2 ( Chaosium edition ), nor CoC, nor Stormbringer ... And remember : game mechanics are not copyrightable, only the texts that describe there are.
  2. And you can use the Glotanthan runes for Openquest article in Openquest Adventures book to integrate runes in your games. Conversions between openquest and Mythras are easy.
  3. Thank you, I'll be waiting 😉
  4. hello, I am very interested in this book, do you know when will it be published and if we already know something of its contents?
  5. Thank you styopa I'm looking forward to testing that !
  6. I like the idea of removing defense skill when you are surprised or when you sleep. Styopa, your rule with hexes involved an house rule of movements based on hexes right ? Can you summarized it please ?
  7. I'm wondering about the the disparition of the defense skill in RQ3 in favor of the dodge skill. What are the reasons of that ? The defense skill seems to me a pretty simple skill to use ( a simple substraction ), and he can be use in addition to parrying. The dodge seems to be an "active" version of the defense skill. Consequences : you can't dodging and parrying at the same time, you have to choose between them, and you can miss a dodge. Is the defense skill to powerful ? I have never played RQ3, and I'm a beginner D.M. with RQ2. To a beginner point of view, defense seem cool and simple, but what's the opinion of yours, the "veterans" ?
  8. Excellent ! I'm very glad to hear that, false rarefaction has always upset me.
  9. Ok, i understand better what you mean. But, for me, MRQI ( and II and RQ6 ) are not revisions of RQ2/3, they are a "new" family derived from RQ2. Chaosium make RQ2 games, Design Mechanism MRQ games. Both companies still exist and make their version of RuneQuest. Those who love RQ2 follow Chaosium, and those who love RQ6 follow Design Mechanism. For me it's not a problem, but maybe am I too simplistic, or naïve, or whatever, I don't know ... But your arguments are very interesting and coherent, thank you
  10. Yes, but everybody don't want necessarily to see movie when playing rpg. I like RQ6 but I prefer a simple game. RQ6 exist already and nobody prevents to use it with Glorantha. A modernized version of RQ2 doesn't exist yet, is this so bad that someone want to make this game ? Are you obliged to play with the next iteration of RuneQuest ? RQ6 exist, RQ2.5 is at work, OpenQuest is freely available, there is choice and that's cool, no ?
  11. RuneQuest 6 is not dead and his successor is not tied with Glorantha. There is two families of RuneQuest games : the Chaosium and the Design Mechanism. One for Glorantha gaming, and the other for anything else. That seem logical and good, don't you think ?
  12. Thank you very much, there is a lot of thing to plunder
  13. Hello, Is there any webpages who proposed houserules for Chaosium's Runequest 2 ? It's difficult to find some resources because of the Mongoose Runeques II, and almost all rules for "classic Runequest" that I find where for Avalon Hills's Runequest III. Is the Sandy Pertersen's Sorcery Rules is compatible with this edition ? ( I think yes, but I may be wrong ). I think particularly of Character Creation rules based on backgrounds characters specific to Glorantha, and sorcery rules. Thank you A french novice in Runequest's things that's not very fluent in english writing (pardon me please !).
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