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  1. There used to be quite a lot of discussion on G+, but alas, Google killed it.
  2. Lysus

    Argh! Decisions, Decisions, Decision!

    I'd definitely call the character generation in RQG a bit of a template system - you pick your culture, which is a template that adds some base skills, your profession (another template), and your cult (another template). It's definitely not the type of situation where you've got wide open 1000 points to spend on whatever character resource you want.
  3. Lysus

    Heortland - draft

    I think the Bacon tribe is my new favorite group of Orlanthi. 😂
  4. There's a couple of good Let's Read threads for 13th Age going on at the RPGnet D&D forum right now. It might help you get a sense about the system even if it's not focused on 13G.
  5. Lysus

    RQ vs D&D

    Rules for critical hits on a 20 outside of fanzines were first published in Empire of the Petal Throne.
  6. Lysus

    What cults are available to PCs in 13AG

    I believe that at some point in the playtest, Babeester Gor was another sub-class under the Berserker, but it was cut.
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  8. Lysus

    Theyalan-centric history.

    While I personally wouldn't mind a campaign, I'd vastly prefer setting material. The most I generally want from a scenario is the setup, after which things are free to move as they will, dictated by the actions of the players and other movers and shakers.
  9. A culture hero is a specific thing; I'm pretty sure that's an appropriate use of the term.