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  1. I am not seeing a place to add or edit my profile image? Just comes up as a blank in the header... I tried hooking up Facebook, but it displays an error. It seems it is still in "development mode"? Until it's ready, you might want to disable the display of it or publish the app on your Facebook dev account. Thanks,
  2. It is wonderful! It's so very good. I was waiting for this and it was well worth the wait.
  3. Great name, great logo. Fantastic news!
  4. This is pure awesome sauce on top of awesome toast!!
  5. If people are interested, I can do an expanded one. My players wanted something more "concise". :-) Also, I can fix up the one page cheat sheet, as many players DO find those useful.
  6. Here's one as promised to a few board peeps. :-) Let me know what you think.
  7. Awesome. I await patiently yet eagerly. :-)
  8. Are we there yet? I so want to run this right now.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A alternative layout to standard RQ6e sheet based on my Legend sheet, but pared down. The form fill sheet is forthcoming. PM here if you have suggestions, questions or comments!
  10. This is going to be amazing, I can already tell. :-D
  11. Yes! I mean, what do you call the sexy awesomeness that is RQ6 once it's back hitched up with Glorantha? But I like the system by itself. I like Glorantha too (still digesting this beast), but it works well in other genres me thinks. Luthar Arkwright is a splendid work for example.
  12. I'm loving the new way to read dice from the update. This is really REALLY getting me excited about this game! (and publishing frankly...)
  13. Weird. I find the interface clean, easy to use and simple. YMMV obviously. The board could really use a multi-quote function, that would help with multiple quotes thing. Then I see the big PLUS sign next to quote... Ta Da! Multi-quotes!! One quick suggestion on breaking up quotes; Copypasta the original.Remove ALL text between open/close quote tags.Make copies of the empty quotes.Cut and trim text into quote blocks as needed.
  14. I'm working on a new RQ6 sheet. It will include common skills, and a reference sheet with advanced, magical skills with base stats for reference. The reference sheet will also include common/handy tables for play. It will be a fork of my Legend sheet, but more compact. I had a "skills worksheet" that could be used to track IRs in up to 24 iterations across two sheets, but I feel that may have been too much. :-)
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