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  1. I have now seen multiple mentions of a chained simple contest as a way to handle an extended conflict. Could any of you who use that method post an example of how that looks like? Thanks!
  2. I consider myself to be among the old dudes. I agree with the whole analysis, but I just hope sales keep up and bring in new people. It's always the recruitment thing that's key. But, whatever! We are here, HQ is here, RQ is here and it's game on!
  3. Horray! More HQ love. I also see why Chaosium focus on what makes money, and RQ is a traditional game that people can recognize. But, I am silently wondering how much of the sales are old people who never let go of RQ in the first place? When I started playing, it was the veneered ancestor that was so important for all new games, but it was showing its age and clunkyness. It sounded very strange to me to bring it back and I still have no interest at all in playing it, as I never did when I was young. But, what do I know of the market forces...
  4. AndreasDavour


    Too many fans care way to much about canon. Those books have some great fun stuff. Take what you want and run with it. Ignore canon. It's a false god.
  5. Thanks @JonL I like that approach to Flaws. I now think I have gotten a better understanding of what it takes. We'll see if I get to try this out soon. Our wuxia campaign just ended, and we'll see what we play after that.
  6. I started to wonder whether the amount of keywords related to those additional points made some special sense, that is if 5 keywords was a special case, but know realized that with those additional points you can buy many new keywords, so keywords are nothing special in relation to other abilities and relationships, right? I'm beginning to see now how an adaption to Fading Suns might take shape.
  7. Thanks for your feedback everyone! I have been through all I could find on different places, like rpg.net and others, so now I wanted to check in here where I might find someone familiar with Fading suns, but definitely with system mastery of HQ. I'm pretty sure of what I want already, no "must" and "cannot" will stop me. That being said, I have noted (from reading the forums here for example) that the numbers seems to have moved around a bit in HQ and HQ:G and so on. Looking at the pretty checklist @Christoph Kohring posted above I note for example that the extra points to spend on abilities, keywords and so on is 30, while the HQ:G and BGG one say 12. Is there some thinking there on those numbers? I have a very vague recollection of seeing 20 pts being listed somewhere as well? Tied to that, is there something thoughtful and intentional behind the three rune keywords, culture and occupation? Is 5 keywords a nice round number to cover all the things you need for a gloranthan hero, or is there an idea that 5 keywords, a community a special characteristic and 5 additional ability is a decent set of abilities for 12/30 points? I have noted that the setup in the linked thread on rpg.net and Fading Suns adaption on obsidianportal (I wasn't aware it was still around) do differ a bit. I mean, I can do anything, but it would be nice to be able to keep e.g. the cost of raising a keyword vs an ability the same as in the book is there's a thought out balance there. The reason I started to think about adapting HQ was the fact it looks like it can indeed be adapted to almost anything, and the focus is more on detailing what is most important in your story, but I have not played the system since the original HeroWars edition, so I wanted to get a reality check here as I knew there are nuances in the system that aren't totally obvious.
  8. I have been thinking that Fading Suns is a great setting, but the system have some issues. As I'm most interested in the social and dramatic aspects right now I'm thinking HeroQuest could be an alternative system for me. The problem is I only have the original Hero Wars rules, and the HQ:G books. They are both quite tied to Glorantha, and I thus call on some of the wise minds for suggestions on how to adapt the system to Fading Suns. So, from now on there will be jargon from that setting, just so you know. In HQ:G we have a Culture Keyword, Community Relationship at 13 and Distinguishing Characteristic and Occupational Keyword at 17 and the three runes at 21,17 and 13. Those are the basic numbers. If I want to map those over to Fading Suns, I am at a bit of a loss to select what to select. I guess what I am after is how to relate to the math of the system. If I instead have a keyword for Background (Noble, Priest, Merchant) and a Community Relationship and 5 additional abilities + 1-3 flaws, I will assign those 17, 13 and 13. I will now "miss" the 21,17 and 13 from Runes, where so many breakouts and abilities are based in Glorantha. Will the math still work, or are my characters suddenly much weaker? I'm not entirely sure where to take this, and if someone have experience of both HQ and Fading Suns I would love to hear you think out loud as well.
  9. The news are sad indeed. A great visionary has left us, but the gifts he shared will live on. We are all us. Thanks Greg.
  10. Thanks! Now I think it makes sense, finally.
  11. So that means the phases are not active within the Glowline? I thought that David said that was not the case? Seriously. I need this laid out in more detail. Call me stupid but I don't get it.
  12. So if I take those in isolation. When the moon phase is Dying Moon, I can only use augments, and when it's Full Moon all stretch penalties are cancelled. That part I get. Now the Glowline. How does the Glowline affect the above, if at all? If not, what does the Glowline affect?
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