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  1. Where on earth have you gotten this from? Are you just letting inspiration flow or where does that come from??
  2. Yeah, and I think people make too much out of the magic. Sure it has those fancy names and they are sorted by temple and all that, but ignore that and just play to explore the world. I really don't understand why we need to many rules sets. I've played with S&W and Fate and both worked just fine, and they are very, very different.
  3. I sometimes get the impression that there are more Tekumel conversions than there are people playing it!
  4. This is how I would use it as well. HQ has traditionally been way to crunchy and cumbersome, and I have seen @soltakss talk about this way a long time now that I have started to imagine it as the sensible way to do things. If there are every any official rules published, they are probably being ignored in favour of this simple and gameable system.
  5. This was the best AP summary I've read in a long time! An angry duck killing a Mary Sue character like Harrek is just awesome.
  6. I strongly suggest to Chaosium to not only prompt events, impromptu or not, on the morally corrupt Facebook platform. As an aside I can mention that John mentioned the event to all his patrons on Patreon.
  7. We are all Arkat. Death to the deceiver, Gbaji!
  8. It struck me that I've seen this system evolve since HW first came out, and it still could use a serious editing pass and a much better explanation. Is this the only game system Robin designed that suffers this badly from being underdeveloped?
  9. While I think @soltakss is on the right track, I wonder if the problems are not just Hero Points? Would it work by just ditch them? You roll, learn to live with the results, or initiate a new contest after some action have been taken to change the situation?
  10. Arkat campaigned for years against Gbaji, and killed and dismembered his corpse. Let the Deceiver lie dead. "Canon" is the great Deceiver. All hail Arkat! ...just don't make such a fuss, it's just about having fun.
  11. Thanks both of you. I tried Wayback machine, and failed.
  12. Did anyone save this data before g+ went dark? https://www.glorantha.com/todays-sneak-peak-a-glimpse-at-safelster-this-is-one-of-the-most-urbanized-areas-of-glorantha-with/
  13. 😆 But, seriously, I think the long fallow time has not exactly helped the sales figures. It will be interesting to see what the generic edition can do for it.
  14. To make things worse for the line, I suspect less buyers will buy the book if it comes out so long after the last one. It's absurd to talk about "dead" game lines, but that's psychology for you...
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