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    It is said in the Book of Heortling Mythology: "Dalarok Redsail, the famous merchant captain of Slontos, was the most famous proselytizer of the Zistori faith. His crews, slaves, and admirers all accepted it, and their success encouraged more to join as well. Soon there were thousands of people throughout Maniria who embraced Zistorism, and worked hard to fit into the system. The pernicious thought had not taken root in the Shadowlands, where the old gods fed daily with their worshipers, unpolluted by such ideas. Already, many times, the people of Kethaela had thrown off invasions by thei
  2. The wiki suggests that it was in what now is Ralio, mentioning a trek through a hidden mountain pass, possibly via Dorastor (Odalya was given Syllia as a reward for finding it). How about through the Mislari Mountains into where Wonderwood is after Dawn? This is suitable for a vestige of a Gods Age forest, and close enough to Maniria for the Arstola Aldryami to remember Helamakts feat? It would be on the coastal areas - Wenelia and up the river valleys. But I imagine it would transition into temperate rain forest as you begin to approach the mountains.
  3. Heler must be more important here than Dragon Pass. The climate tends to be wetter. He is an enemy of the Sea Tribe and given the events of the Sinking of Slontos and the subsequent flood, everyone has half and eye on the sea. When he incarnates as Helamakt he has the Sivin feat that can be used against elves. And the myth above gives the Nimistori reason to pay homage to him. They don't want the Sea Tribe churning back up their river. Though, I imagine that Trexlara Valley is a point of friction between the Orlanthi and the Aldryami, not to mention the difficult ma
  4. Further, Trexlara Valley may be named after a hero who sheltered clans from the fury of the Sea when Slontos sank. You can imagine Nimistor raging back up the valley pushing Ranior away as it tries to reach Selon again. Only to be stopped by an Orlanthi Hero and his band who invoke the power of the Fighting Storm by carring out a Heroquest into the Storm Age.
  5. I have been looking at the shape of Trexlara Valley. To me it suggests agency and that hints at myth. So how about this explanation: At the beginning of the Storm Age, Orlanth obtains Death which he uses to strike down Yelm, causing the Sky Dome to shudder and in places crack. At the place where he struck Yelm a large piece of the Sky Dome actually fell away and tumbled to Earth forming what was to become Selon Mountain in the Mislari Mountains. It no longer had the bright silvery glow of Yelm, but appeared a tarnished orange ( to this day the peak of Selon can be seen from a distance). A
  6. The Glorantha wiki says that the Nimistor River is the main river in Nimistor, but cryptically mentions that it may have been subsumed by its tributaries. In the italicised intro to Maniria in the GtG (p350) it is not mentioned as one of the four main rivers. This is honour is given to the Tigronior River. Was the Nimistor destroyed or replaced by the Tigronior at some point, perhaps during the Storm Age Flood? Even the Second Age map of Slontos depicts the Tigronior River going up what is generally called the Nimistor valley. What is the river? The Tigronior or the Nimistor, or both?
  7. Maybe to the spirit of Deep Airs place in the womb that bore Aether deep in the bowels of Earth. The cold dark wind that never left with Umath. Joerg mentioned it in the Mining in Glorantha thread: "In other myths, the birth of Storm was a hard and violent labour. Umath emerged first, pushing up his father Aether, to be followed by his sister (some say daughter) Serenha, and leaving behind an unborn third sibling, of indeterminate gender, refusing to leave the downbelow inside the womb of earth, the spirit of Deep Air, intruding into the empty womb where Aether had formed, witnessed
  8. I have subscribed through Amazon Prime to the chaosiuminc feed after the live feed. It seems I cant watch the session. Is it not recorded?
  9. I remember watching a documentary about neolithic society in the UK and finding Grimes Graves quite evocative. The Bronze Age mines in Great Orme are interesting. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grime's_Graves https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/HistoryofWales/The-Great-Orme-Mines/
  10. kr0p0s


    Hey! What? Thanatar?
  11. Oooh, could we see just one!
  12. Despise and loathe are both synonyms for hate. How about allowing followers of Ulanin to use their Devotion (Ulanin) passion as inspiration to copy his mythological deeds in fighting Uz in defence of the stead?
  13. Hmmm...in the passions section, under the title Basic Passions, several common passions are described. Will we have further development of the passions mechanic in the gamemasters guide? I'm at a loss at this late hour to describe a passion more subtle than "hate" that a follower of Ulanin could bring to bear on the Uz. Has anyone developed other passions for use in their games?
  14. Ulanin is specifically know for fighting Uz. Could he not have a rune magic spell Fight Uz that gives a combat bonus against Uz?
  15. You've all missed the hard-core troll booze revealed in Trollpak. Hoomanz beware! I don't have it in front of me at the moment, but remember it's mind rotting properties...
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