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  1. Oooh, could we see just one!
  2. Despise and loathe are both synonyms for hate. How about allowing followers of Ulanin to use their Devotion (Ulanin) passion as inspiration to copy his mythological deeds in fighting Uz in defence of the stead?
  3. Hmmm...in the passions section, under the title Basic Passions, several common passions are described. Will we have further development of the passions mechanic in the gamemasters guide? I'm at a loss at this late hour to describe a passion more subtle than "hate" that a follower of Ulanin could bring to bear on the Uz. Has anyone developed other passions for use in their games?
  4. Ulanin is specifically know for fighting Uz. Could he not have a rune magic spell Fight Uz that gives a combat bonus against Uz?
  5. You've all missed the hard-core troll booze revealed in Trollpak. Hoomanz beware! I don't have it in front of me at the moment, but remember it's mind rotting properties...
  6. Ok, they are specific air elementals summonable through membership of Orlanth Thunderous (e.g. Summon Searing Bolt). I imagine you would have to be a Rune Priest or Rune Lord to sacrifice for the spells and have a good reason for summoning them. Being important cult spirits they all would be large and near maximum characteristics for their size. I imagine, being servants of Helamakt they would be sentient and possess INT and have powers and special abilities implied in their names and descriptions. On a side note, the RuneQuest Bestiary mentions a slew of other Umbroli with interesting abilities (Knifewind, Breathtaker etc) . However the Windhags, pale maidens, bridgekeepers and well spirits are given no descriptions beyond their names.
  7. What are the Blinding Shadow and Freezing Rain Gale abilities? Rune spells, Heroquest gained abilities, or cult spirits with special powers? Of the Four Winds these are not easily translatable in RQiG terms. Searing Bolt could be the rune spell Lightning and Falling Wind could be Increase Wind. Blinding Shadow seems to suggest Darkness Rune powers and Freezing Rain Gale Water Rune powers.
  8. Helamakt, The Fighting Storm, seems not to be a common sub cult of Orlanth, but has access to some fairly good magics, and appears to be fairly useful against elves in particular. Are his followers too wild and undisciplined for the settled peoples of Sartar? Would he be more prominent in Maniria as a counter the the power of the elves of Arstola . Will he be getting a writeup in the forthcoming GoG?
  9. What of the Nimistori? How do they differ from mainstream Orlanthi? Are they remnants of the more pure wild-living Entruli folk that survived the sinking of Slontos , clinging to the southern reaches of the Arstola Forest?
  10. "This old Esrolian province was conquered by Caladralander mercenaries after the Adjustment War." GG p257 Porthomeka is covered briefly in a box section on p242 of the Guide (The Warlords of Porthmeka). A rich agricultural region with a population of 150000 governed by Caladraland Warlords. Their autonomy was supported by Belintar, but with his departure internal conflict and native Esrolian rebellions seen to have occurred. Given all the activity of Solanthi and Ditali raiders, especially the large raids by Greymane into Esrolia, this would seem a safer bet for getting trade into Esrolia from Salfester. Volusus the Trader Prince of Jaraz and king of Nimistor is mentioned as plotting against Handra (GG p356). The drawing off of trade from Highwater to Handra and the loss of trade would give him reason enough to plot.
  11. This route would also skirt the Caladraland client state of Thonble, and the Caladraland provinces of Vinavale (Solung and Thelos) and Porthomeka (Oxnos and Storos). Is there some reason that these areas were avoided when the Trade Road was instituted. There appears to be conflict between the people of Caladraland and the Esrolians (Adjustment War) and the Ditali/Solanthi (a history of raiding the region). The people of Caladraland seem culturally distinct from the "lowlanders". I imagine the route from Saltcastle to Staton would be precarious, passing so close to Thonble lands. From Staton it may head north to Gorphing City before heading to Dizbos to skirt Thonble territory. I imagine the Gorphing River below Staton is controlled by Caldraland. They worship Gorphing, but apparently she favours the Ditali. Somewhat awkward.
  12. Something like Highwater - Yolanda - Selgos (via Trader River?) - Ferry - Temple of Peace - Yellowstone - Swarz - Bath - Saltcastle - Stanton. These places are all mentioned as centres of trade or influenced by Trader Princes. Would a lot of the trade then flow down the Gorphing River to the rich Esrolian lowlands and the city of Rhigos? Castelains body and possessions were separated into 52 parts and "each fragment of Castelain is housed in a “tomb”: stone temples to the Invisible God where the wizard-priests of the Trader Princes perform their rituals.". Does this imply numerous additional waystations along the route enabling access to local populations, and rare goods, beyond the cities? Maniria needs a decent writeup to replace the non canon BoG.
  13. http://www.glorantha.com/docs/maniria/
  14. Try having a look through the old Glorantha.com forums (http://www.glorantha.com/forums/forum/glorantha-3/glorantha-discussions/). I seem to remember some discussion about the accepted canon and older material concerning Maniria.
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