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  1. RBM says "Rune cults often teach spirit magic in return for service to a specific temple." My thinking was the more common spells and lower strength variable spells would be taught without too much quibbling. Cults special spells or your Bladesharp 6s would come with more questions and maybe a requirement for some service to the temple, depending on the temples specific circumstances. Apologies if I came over as a bit pedantic.
  2. So it is a straightforward economic transaction, no questions asked. A Bladesharp 6 will just be handed out, no questions asked, as long as you have the loot? Temples and shaman are just merchants in this respect?
  3. RQ:G p253 "Rune cults can teach any spirit magic spell known to their Rune Masters." At each temple there will be a good variety of Detect spells available. With, say Sartar this may be quite extensive. You want some obscure Detect spell? There's a little temple in the wilds out past Alone. There's a note in the library describing his use of that magic. Head out there and have a look. If the sorcery using Sage still has that spirit magic memorised, he can still teach it.
  4. All this talk of the mini-max economics of the purchase of Bladesharp irritates me slightly. You learn the spell by convincing your priest that you are worthy of the power. The temple is not a convenience store. That worthiness is dependent on many factors. You social standing, honour, exploits, the reason you want the magic for etc. Only a greedy or heedless priest would just hand the magic out for cows and land. Its all a chance for role-playing. The learning of variable spells should always be incremental unless you have a very good role play reason for the leap, such as joining a hero
  5. I would imagine that all strengths of Bladesharp below your current one are available. If your MP are getting tight in a battle, you should be capable of casting a weaker Bladesharp. To represent your weakening ability to draw on spirit magic. Imagine the mundane applications. You know a powerful manifestation of Bladesharp. All you want to do is enhance your ability to slice through a leather hide on a work surface. If you cast Bladesharp 6, you'll probably slice through the table as well!
  6. For reference have a gander at the picture on p360 GtG Vol 1.
  7. Was just looking through the interview with Agathe PitiƩ at Geek Art (Interview | Agathe PitiƩ, French Medieval Punk - Geek-Art.net (geek-art.net) This picture was there: Looks very like the Tower of the False Sun in Fay Jee. Lovely pic.
  8. kr0p0s


    Is this something that will be clarified in the Sartar Book?
  9. kr0p0s


    From the wiki: 1171 ST Lord One Ex creates Deadwood after being refused burial. From this it appears that the dragonewt may have cursed the wood after its cycle of rebirth was interrupted or broken.
  10. So Horali are organised in terms of regiments or war societies. These are similar to the Orlanthi war societies you introduced in the Thanes thread? But less free companies or warbands and more organised guilds sworn to hereditary Talar leaders. Loosely sort of like the Togukawa shogunate period? Is Horal an Ascended Master or just an exemplar of the way a warrior fits into Malkioni society? How do Horali learn spirit magic from their regiment or war society? Currently the rules say that you can only learn spirit magic from a rune cult or shaman. Are there ancestor worship shaman or
  11. Wow. This is great! How far are the Hrolari allowed to devote themselves to the war orientated gods? Just to the point of lay membership so that they can access spirit magic? And if they go further and can initiate, can they acquire rune magic? Are priests, rune Lords and temple organisation permitted to service the hrolari?
  12. Rokari society is the most conservative of the Malkioni. Allowing the Dronar caste to initiate into the cults of petty gods is the sort of thing that the henotheists of Ralios allow. And they have drifted far from the ideals of Malkion. They are no better than heathens!
  13. So the rule about creating new sorcery spells on p390 in RQ:G is a very rarely used mechanic. See Rune Magic is not that big a step from Identify Spell. It would use the same runes and technique even. Given its utility to Rokari social order would no one have devised such a spell from investigation of the Abiding Book or a similar grimoire. I suppose one could argue that it was a spell know during the time of the Godlearners, that knowledge of it has been lost, and that the devising of new spells since the disasterously experimental times of the Middle Sea Empire is prohibited? At least
  14. Well spotted! However it is not introduced as such in the Smoking Ruins supplement, and is of such utility that you would imagine that it may be in use in Malkioni cultures . It may be used by zzaburi tasked with monitoring and chastising the lower castes or interacting with heathens?
  15. Its a new sorcery spell that is used by the Black Arkati, but its general enough that you would imagine its a useful spell that would be found in some version of the Abiding Book. Ooh, I have the RBM, but missed those. Which ones?
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