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  1. As Jeff implies some castes, I imagine any magical abilities will be restricted to Zzaburi and Talar castes. No goodness for the lower castes. Note the term magical abilities. This implies something more specific than a generic increase in intensity manipulation. We shall have to wait until the powers above drip down some more juicy information.
  2. It wouldn't, I was just giving an example. I imagine Talar could be able to command both Hrolari and Dronar. This couldn't be used on those outside Malkions caste system, since they are unruly barbarians and Elder races that cannot be exhorted to conform to RIGHTNESS. I may be misunderstanding you, but only the Zzaburi, and possibly some Talar, have an understanding of sorcery. Hrolar and Dronar use spirit magic. They would have no use of the an ability to increase their manipulation of intensity. Sorcery is proscribed for their castes.
  3. Further, its reasonable to assume that these abilities may scale with RIGHTNESS? As you attune with the expectations of your caste, your ability to express you caste ideal increases. Thus a Zzabur’s INT continues to be enhanced, a Talars POW with respect to commanding Dronar increases etc.
  4. The caste magical abilities will enable the individual castes to perform better - Zzaburi to deal with sorcery, Talars to lead, Horali to fight, Dronar to produce. You will have abilities that enhance INT, allow you to command Dronar, enhanced Battle skill, increase craft skill or output etc. This is all speculation, but I imagine won't be direct spell effects, just magical powers linked to their current RIGHTNESS. Horali and Dronar will have access to spirit healing magical through worship of war gods and local goddesses. However, I imagine that it will be relatively weak. They won't
  5. I like the idea of not knowing your RIGHTNESS score, and what point losses go with breaking taboos. You would have a rough idea of your RIGHTNESS from any abilities you have gained, but, depending on caste, especially the dronar you would always be worried about your RIGHTNESS. Jeff said "A character with a negative RIGHTNESS may be expelled from their caste by their elders." This implies a caste ability of talars to see RIGHTNESS and judge accordingly. If you can keep dodging the local talar, you should be fine!
  6. This is what Jeff said about caste magic above. I don't think it can necessarily be restricted to spell effects, whether sorcerous or otherwise. There are lots of special abilities within the RQ:G system from spirit powers, cult gifts, heroquest abilities etc that can be described as magical. In that caste abilities derive from RIGHTNESS and following the strictures of Malkion they are sorcerous in nature, but wouldn't require any understanding of Sorcery per se. They are a manifestation of Law within the material world.
  7. A Man-of-All would need to initiate into the cult of Hrestol to be able to fully follow the obligations of that path. I imagine it would involve breaking caste restrictions. Otherwise they would have to strive to be paragons of their caste to mitigate this. I imagine this would be difficult, if not impossible. But without knowing the full caste duties or restrictions it would be difficult to judge *ahem*.
  8. Expanded Intellect would solved the free INT problems discussed in another thread. Sorcerous versions of Magic Defense, Magic Attack, Power Within, Second Sight. Otherworld Pacts. Lots of awkward taboos.
  9. As RIGHTNESS increases do certain castes gain increasing levels of magical abilities? How far down does negative RIGHTNESS go? Does an individual at some point start to obtain negative traits such as Chaos features?
  10. More, Invisible God specific: -- INITIATE MEMBERSHIP Initiation into the Invisible God cult is a prerequisite for full membership in Malkioni society. Initiation follows several years of caste education and training. Each caste has their own set of rituals, Once a person initiates into a given caste, they cannot join a different caste – except by means of the Hrestol cult. CASTE RIGHTNESS Each caste has duties and restrictions which must be maintained to remain a member of the caste. This is represented by the RIGHTNESS characteristic for Malkioni initiates. Initiates s
  11. Jeff posted some more info on Malkionism and Hrestol on Facebook recently: -- HRESTOL Hrestol was the Ascended Man, son of Froalar, last of the Secret Keepers, and of Xemela, He is the great hero of the West and was born during the God Time. During the Great Darkness, Hrestol prayed to the Unknown God, who sent the gods to destroy the Devil and bring forth the Dawn. A year after the Dawn of Time, Malkion appeared to Hrestol, then a noble warrior of Seshnela in the service of his father. With the wisdom he gained, Hrestol killed the goddess Ifttala, the daughter of Seshna Likita and
  12. I was just riffing of metcalfs suggestion above: "Looking at the dates, there's a rebellion in 387 by Arbaga who've been in the region since 378. Palangio doesn't get there til 401 or so. That's an extraordinary long period of time for the Bright Empire to send troops to aid a rebellion. What if the main target of Palangio's army was not Herlalia but Arbaga's forces?" Arbaga invites in the Nysalorian missionaries to cure the plague, realises their mistake, cant convince Fodluth of this, rebels and leads krjalki (Uz) to overun Sintith/Wesluk and purge them of Nysalorian influences.
  13. The battle at Kaxtorplose is mention in HotHP as a landmark battle. Hendrik appears with an army to aid Arkat and swing the tide of battle using a Great Leap performed by the Larnsti Seven Group: "Later, the king got word that the foreign army was led by a great master swordsman who worshipped Humakt, and that with him were also many battalions of warriors who worshipped Orlanth. The king said, “We have grow lazy without foes for this year, but not stupid. Thingan has killed five swords already. Change horses and we will go to the pool to see more.” At Er’s Pool the king saw that Harmas
  14. Were not the Slime Deer a chaotic perversion created during the Greater Darkness?
  15. As mentioned above the Kaxtori view him as “an avatar of the original and supreme God beyond the world of illusion”, so he would have strong Truth affinity. As well as, I imagine, strong Earth affinity from his mother.
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