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  1. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Thanks for your ideas! I have already found some usable and/or fun items Please produce more...
  2. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Few of my own ideas: Simple box camera Battle wheelchair working with "drivers" magic points and shooting electricity. The wheelchair is filled with small tanks containing different kinds of battle drugs: drugs to stop bleeding, healing wounds, enhancing senses etc. It will make the driver very hard to kill. Helmets with gas mask, night vision goggles, hearing enhancing "trumpets", spyglass, underwater breathing equipment, voice altering device etc. Writing machine Diving equipment Pressure-working, 1st WW style flamethrower Steam-/elemental-working, small (maybe 1m tall) "attack towers" controlled by nilmergs Repeating arbalest Noisemaker - machine that makes terrible noise and paralyzes enemies Rangefinder Compound crossbow to make extra heavy shots
  3. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Hello, I'm asking your help to create (or share) some cool mostali inventions/items. My players just looted a partly abandoned (but still working) mostali mine/city and I need some cool stuff to give them. I have already found some items from other threads of this forum, but I'd like to hear more. Let your imagination fly... I have already used all the "basic" mostali stuff, like food cans, repeating crossbows etc. in our long campaign. Thanks.
  4. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    This is good news for my character. He is very much in rival with the leading khan of the morokanth tribe. So maybe it's not impossible, if difficult, to turn the MRE Egajia's head for my characters favor. He is after all trying to bring Genert back (some might remember my postings from the different topics related to Genert and the Green Age. The characters did return from the Green Age after ten or so sessions, only terribly changed ). Thank's for your thoughts about Paps and Pimper's Block everyone. I'd forgot the the excellent picture from Pimper's Block and the ziggurat also.
  5. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    That's exactly what I also meant.
  6. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    That's bad news and also what I expected. I still doubt that she's immune to politics or that there's no politics around the MRE. It's not about if she will continue in her position, but what she can achieve with that position. That is of course my own opinion. Thanks for the information David. I'm not sure if it's because of some previous forum discussions, but I already had Petra temple in my mind even before you posted the pictures... Soltakss, the rammed earth buildings are also a nice idea for the oasis people. I think we'll go with that. How about Pimper's Bock, any information about it more than there already is in GtG?
  7. Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    Hello, does anyone have more detailed information about Paps than what is provided in the GtG? Maybe a map of the place and generally what's there? I have the Eiritha cult description from the Tales of the Reaching Moon (actually both Prax issues 14 & 15) and The Book of Drastic Resolutions volume Prax. Where I can find more info? I'm also interested about Pimper's Block, is there a full description of the place with a map somewhere? How many people are living there? How many slaves can be bought from there at once (generally speaking)? In our campaign the Lunars have left the Pavis and Prax. How does it effect slave trade in Pimper's Block? Is it Issaries cultists who are running the place again after freeing of Pavis/Prax? Is Egajia still the high priestess of Paps after lunars left (she negotiated the Armistice of Prax with lunars after all)? I guess she'll not be politically popular after Lunars were beaten. My character doesn't get along with the morokanth, that's why I'm asking... The things I'm asking are not decided/configured in our campaign, so I'm interested to hear your thoughts, thanks.
  8. Ovodaka & Babeester Gor

    Thanks for the reply!
  9. Ovodaka & Babeester Gor

    Who was Ovodaka, the last guardian, whom Babeester let to kill her? That's the only info I found about Ovodaka. Any ideas? I might need Ovodaka in my campaign, so I'd be pleased to know what it was.
  10. SPOILER ALERT!! The Eye of Wakboth

    When this will be out?
  11. SPOILER ALERT!! The Eye of Wakboth

    We have the same process going on in our campaign...I really wait to see the outcome
  12. SPOILER ALERT!! The Eye of Wakboth

    What's the source for this information?
  13. SPOILER ALERT!! The Eye of Wakboth

    Thanks for the already plenty replies. The answers gave me some "nice" ideas. The Call of Cthulhu books have already been in use when I have been planning this adventure... This is what I like in Glorantha: even if something seems to be totally absurd there's still a coherent, rationalized explanation for that. I also like the the Zola Fel explanation about the Ogre Island Geyser. The characters are the number 1 heroes in Pavis/Prax. Certainly powerful heroes (in our campaign equal with Argrath), but not demigods yet. Whatever that means They have done many heroquests over the years, have multiple hero powers against chaos and to protect their mind and soul, they have been in Thanatari hell and survived etc. The campaign is ten years old in real time and we are playing Hero Wars big time now. The reason for the characters to go there is not to see some nice things, but to do it as an inescapable last option. I guess I'll go and take the good old Call of Cthulhu madness charts in my hand....
  14. SPOILER ALERT!! The Eye of Wakboth

    Done. Sorry....
  15. SPOILER ALERT FOR PLAYERS!! ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The Eye of Wakboth lies under the Devil's Playground. I have read what information there is about it in River of Cradles book, glorantha wikia etc. It seems that there is not much information about it after all... Wikia has the following information about it: The eye of Wakboth It was torn from Wakboth's face during his fight with Storm Bull It resides beneath the Devil's Playground in the Rubble It lies in a pool surrounded by Ghostly Trees that feed of darkness. It retains a fragment of the consciousness of the Devil. It seeks to control chaos and the surface. Obviously it seems to be a being of its own. What are the Ghostly Trees and why are they there? Why has it ended up three kilometers beneath the surface and how? Has somebody used it in play? How did it work out? What kind of journey was it to reach the Eye? What did the players experience? It is somehow connected to The Ogre Island Geyser (River of Cradles, p.131), how? My players are going to go to destroy/investigate the Eye of Wakboth. They have already visited the tunnels/caves under the Devil's Playground thrice ( 1st time: The Devil's Playground scenario from Pavis and Big Rubble, 2nd time: when they destroyed the Krarsth temple described in the scenario, 3rd time: when they reached the Grotto of Pocharngo and simultaneously killed GimGim), so I need something new. Any insight/information would be nice. Thanks.