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  1. Harrek

    Really high skills (skills over 100%)

    That's right, my mistake. That's true but who would split attacks if you have better chance to win with just hitting once? High level combats are actually quite simple-minded usually, because players become more cautious also. This usually diminishes tactics used to hit once + dodge/parry (maybe your allied spirit cancels some magic from the enemy etc.). I hope to increase tactical options for the players in the future. That's why I try to make this rule to work with really high percentages. None that I've heard so far, does so.
  2. I've been reading through the fantastic RQG-book (like everyone else). The rules say: If both combatants have combat skills of greater than 100%, the combat skills of each is reduced by the amount the highest skill is above 100%. Thus, if a Sword Lord of Humakt with a 150% broadsword skill fights a Wind Lord with a 130% medium shield skill, the Sword Lord attacks at 100% and the Wind Lord parries at 80%. In our group there's a player character, Monro, whose raw % with mace is around 220%. The rules seem to break a little bit if he'd fight against the same Wind Lord mentioned in the example. Monro would have a mace A% of 100, while the Wind Lords chance is 05. Right? This seems a little bit wrong to me. Another example: if we have a troll with a maximum damage around 50 point and mace A% of 90. In the old rule versions this would have been a dangerous fight for Monro, even though he has much better A%. Now this would end in a situation where Monro has a skill of 100% and the troll's A% is 05. Monro would win really easily. I like the new rule, just can't figure how to put it into practice. The basic idea is good because it fastens the high level fight (more success vs failure, less success vs success) and makes them more interesting. Any suggestions how to handle this are appreciated.
  3. Harrek

    Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    Thanks for your excellent ideas. Let's see how all this transfers to our campaing. The main idea seems to be that it really is up to GM how a particular battle goes. I think we'll apply some kind of fixed casualty rates depending on the battle (who is fighting against who, purpose of the battle - - > skirmish vs kill them all etc. ) and modifying that with possible special circumtances (heroes etc) .
  4. Harrek

    Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    I know. What I was after is that some secondary units might not even get to actual battle, because they see their comrades butchered in the first wave few dozen meters ahead and they flee from the battle scene unharmed.
  5. Harrek

    Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    I'm interested about casualties meaning death, permanent crippling, permanent madness etc. As a gamemaster I'm interested about how many men both sides have left for the battles in the future.
  6. Harrek

    Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    Thanks. I quess that in most of the battles, it's the breaking of the morale that keeps the casualties relativily low. This means that the losing side tries to retreat/escape from the battle when things go badly (if possible). The winning side may or may not pursue them... Only the most hardcore units are ready to fight to death(humakti, berserks etc.).
  7. Hello, we have been playing a few mass battles in our campaign using different systems to model it. Now we are using a modified Warhamster to model the battles. My question is, however, more about the world itself, that’s why I started this new topic here (there’s an ongoing discussion about Gloranthan battles in Runequest-subforum). My question is: What is the casualty rate in Gloranthan battles? By casualties I mean death or severe injury. This depends of course of few things: what kind of battle we are fighting (a small clash between clans vs Battle of Heroes), who are fighting and against what kind of opponent, what is the purpose of the battle etc. Just to mention few things... And I’m interested about "casual" fights not involving Harrek, Crimson Bat or other "nukes". I also did some internet research about the matter: -Historically the casualty rate has been something like 5-50% depending much of the battle. -Casualties for the losing side are 2-4 times the casualties of the winning party -Historically diseases killed as much or even more than the actual battles -More advanced military technology results more casualties -There is a huge difference in casualties between different types of battles: the small scale fights of the early Middle Ages were relatively safe for both sides, the huge battles of the late Middle Ages were much more dangerous See for example: https://history.stackexchange.com/questions/5883/how-severe-were-the-casualties-in-ancient-medieval-battles https://www.quora.com/How-has-mortality-rate-per-battle-changed-throughout-history-i-e-how-has-the-number-of-casualties-per-battle-as-a-function-of-total-combatants-in-each-changed-over-the-course-of-history Glorantha is a magical world, how does magic effect the casualties in battles? On the other hand there is healing magic, and on the other hand there is some hardcore war/killing magic. Morale certainly plays a very important role in battles. In our games for example, it is usually the morale which is kind of resolving the battle. Then there is a type of a fighting force: I guess trolls for example, try to catch some of the opponents alive to eat them later, Praxians might also try to get some prisoners as slaves etc. And on the other hand, Zorak Zorani berserks would just kill everyone and maybe raise few as zombies later. Any ideas?
  8. Harrek

    Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Thanks for your ideas! I have already found some usable and/or fun items Please produce more...
  9. Harrek

    Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Few of my own ideas: Simple box camera Battle wheelchair working with "drivers" magic points and shooting electricity. The wheelchair is filled with small tanks containing different kinds of battle drugs: drugs to stop bleeding, healing wounds, enhancing senses etc. It will make the driver very hard to kill. Helmets with gas mask, night vision goggles, hearing enhancing "trumpets", spyglass, underwater breathing equipment, voice altering device etc. Writing machine Diving equipment Pressure-working, 1st WW style flamethrower Steam-/elemental-working, small (maybe 1m tall) "attack towers" controlled by nilmergs Repeating arbalest Noisemaker - machine that makes terrible noise and paralyzes enemies Rangefinder Compound crossbow to make extra heavy shots
  10. Harrek

    Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Hello, I'm asking your help to create (or share) some cool mostali inventions/items. My players just looted a partly abandoned (but still working) mostali mine/city and I need some cool stuff to give them. I have already found some items from other threads of this forum, but I'd like to hear more. Let your imagination fly... I have already used all the "basic" mostali stuff, like food cans, repeating crossbows etc. in our long campaign. Thanks.
  11. Harrek

    Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    This is good news for my character. He is very much in rival with the leading khan of the morokanth tribe. So maybe it's not impossible, if difficult, to turn the MRE Egajia's head for my characters favor. He is after all trying to bring Genert back (some might remember my postings from the different topics related to Genert and the Green Age. The characters did return from the Green Age after ten or so sessions, only terribly changed ). Thank's for your thoughts about Paps and Pimper's Block everyone. I'd forgot the the excellent picture from Pimper's Block and the ziggurat also.
  12. Harrek

    Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    That's exactly what I also meant.
  13. Harrek

    Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    That's bad news and also what I expected. I still doubt that she's immune to politics or that there's no politics around the MRE. It's not about if she will continue in her position, but what she can achieve with that position. That is of course my own opinion. Thanks for the information David. I'm not sure if it's because of some previous forum discussions, but I already had Petra temple in my mind even before you posted the pictures... Soltakss, the rammed earth buildings are also a nice idea for the oasis people. I think we'll go with that. How about Pimper's Bock, any information about it more than there already is in GtG?
  14. Harrek

    Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    Hello, does anyone have more detailed information about Paps than what is provided in the GtG? Maybe a map of the place and generally what's there? I have the Eiritha cult description from the Tales of the Reaching Moon (actually both Prax issues 14 & 15) and The Book of Drastic Resolutions volume Prax. Where I can find more info? I'm also interested about Pimper's Block, is there a full description of the place with a map somewhere? How many people are living there? How many slaves can be bought from there at once (generally speaking)? In our campaign the Lunars have left the Pavis and Prax. How does it effect slave trade in Pimper's Block? Is it Issaries cultists who are running the place again after freeing of Pavis/Prax? Is Egajia still the high priestess of Paps after lunars left (she negotiated the Armistice of Prax with lunars after all)? I guess she'll not be politically popular after Lunars were beaten. My character doesn't get along with the morokanth, that's why I'm asking... The things I'm asking are not decided/configured in our campaign, so I'm interested to hear your thoughts, thanks.
  15. Harrek

    Ovodaka & Babeester Gor

    Thanks for the reply!