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  1. Any news about the Fonrit book? Let's hope it will be published🙏
  2. Yet another +1 for Northern Pamaltela. And thanks for your excellent work so far
  3. Yeah, I'm interested to see more of your excellent documents. If you have maps, place descriptions, scenario ideas etc., I'm very interested. Thank you very much.
  4. Thanks GLewallen! Your documents will help me a lot👍
  5. Yes, and that I wouldn't have had as a first option on my list😁 But there is certainly something Fonritan in those pictures. Thanks for this, that's pretty much what I thought Garguna should look like. At least the official parts of the city, the Vadeli Quarter might look a bit different...
  6. That's good reference, thanks.
  7. Yeah, seems like it won't be published any time soon😔 A map of Garguna would be nice to see, because now I have to create everything from a scratch. I have an image in my head how Garguna should look like. I planned to use ancient Babylon as a reference for the city (central parts at least), because there are a lot of nice 3d pictures of the city. In my mind I would add a bit more Persian, and arabic flavour in general to ancient Babylon. The slums are something else of course. Any more suggestions for architectural references?
  8. Has anyone developed Garguna, the biggest city of Afadjann, any further than it is described in the GtG? Map, place descriptions, people of note, masarin houses etc.?
  9. Thanks Jeff, your explanation will simplify things a bit. That's good, because I was quite confused after reading all the source material about the gods of Fonrit.
  10. That's absolutely true. Sources: Guide to Glorantha The Revealed Mythologies Enclosure #2 https://notesfrompavis.blog/2017/05/27/gloranthan-cult-one-pagers-renewed-main-page/ https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/moondesign-com/archive-of-of-old-glorantha-discussions-on-moondesign-com/magic-slaves-fonrit/ https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/gods-of-fonrit/ https://www.pensee.com/dunham/glorantha/fonrit/1page.html http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/Fonrit-e.htm https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/11524-fonrit-resources/ There are specialized deities in other parts of Glorantha also. According to GtG, the main exported goods from Fonrit are: Cloth, Gems, Gold, Herbs, Ivory, Metalworking, Pearls, Perfume, Shells, Slaves, Spices. Seems that perfume making is quite important to Fonrit. Not less important (from my point of view) than Minlister for Sartarites, for example. I agree😁 That's true. I try to make a list for myself, where I can see which gods are worshipped in different layers of society, or in different areas in nearby lands. For example Ikadz is worshipped both by nobility of Fonrit, and by actual chaos worshippers, like broo. I try to make a list, where I can check (if the pc's meet a veldang slave for example) what are the possible cults for certain group of people.
  11. I started the "Fonrit resources" -thread, but this set of questions is more suitable for this thread. I have collected information about the gods of Fonrit and areas nearby. I try to make a document for myself and my player about what gods/cults are available to have a more structured view of the setting. The information is too scattered to various volumes, and I needed to write down a simple document to summarize the info. Nothing is my invention, I collected the list from various sources. - Are the gods in right section? If not, to which section should I remove them? - Am I missing some gods (for sure, but which)? I try make the list as complete as possible. It is not fully canonical. - What Fonritan names are used for the gods known also in Genertela? For example Eurmal is Bolongo. - Who worships the these gods? For example, the 17 Glorious Ones seem to be worshipped mainly by masarins and their household.. - Which entity is spirit, which is god etc. Any errors? - Other things you'd like to comment? Where the magic comes from? Fonrit and nearby areas Common magic (earth spirits, nature spirits, city wyters, ancestors, fishing spirits etc.) Great God Ompalam, god of slavery. Kind of great god, god learner variant of Invisible God. Other gods are Ompalam's slaves, doesn't give much in return of worship (for example magic). Garangordos & 17 Glorious Ones (state supported cults, more like hero cults/guild heroes than actual gods, worshipped mainly by masarins and their household) Garangordos, the conqueror of Fonrit Mandakusour, The Spirit Binder of the Glorious Ones. Aininlahay, Known as the Pure One of the Sweet Water and Grandmother Earth. Bendaluza, the city maker. El Jazuli, the Earth Witch, "Sister Witch" Mouladehas, The Common Man, knows the skill of smelting, and smithing. Echeklihos, "Sister Whore", goddess of harems, sex and prostitution. Chouanaibos, The Falcon, god of boat building, navigation, and exploration. Zienbeski, goddess of milling, brewing, and producing culinary masterpieces. Abdamedric, The Great Warrior, known as the Man of the Two Swords. The main war cult. Malubadou, god of healing and medicine. Udayankos, god of leopard and falcon training. Lohanasen, goddess of irrigation. Tenoarpesas, The Golden One, the shackled sun. He reclaimed the power of slavery. Galagorib, goddess of cutting precious stones and making jewelry. Alakhainas, god of wool spinning and carpet weaving. Abalibost, he learnt how the pelts and ivory of game animals could be used to make beautiful objects, which in turn created trade. Lallamimou, goddess of perfume making. 17 Hero Tyrants (other state supported cults, actual gods which give full spectrum of magic like "full" cults do. Mainly worshipped by masarins and their household, some of these gods are related to specific cities) Darleester the Noose [Afadjann], state god of Afadjann and a weapon used by Garangordos to enslave and/or kill the veldangi. Ikadz (Kareeshtu) Evukindu, the Eunuch Warrior (Afadjann specifically) Jokotu the Murderer, spirit society like Blackfang? Said to be brother of Garangordos, murdered him. Hanjethulut -Zorak Zoran Orjethulut - Humakt without truth/honor aspect Burayha Xolani, the Good Doctor. Calari the Hunter, dancing/jumping Leopard Man, manhunter cult of Jann's secret police. Ernamola the Milletmother, local Ernalda variant associated with millet. Ennung the Digger, digger and toiler Fida’ls, sun bird, a bird aspect of sun god, Yelm or Yelmalio variant? Karkisso the Seer, Fonritan knowledge god. Kokef Ados, lord of the bazaar, Fonritan trade god. Gark the Calm, God of eternal peace, eternal life, and undead. Seseine, goddess of seduction and lust. Tondiji, God of the city of Tondiji, and master of all within his walls – even other gods. Worshipped only in Tondiji. Tentacule (Kareesthu) the High Slavery God = "the good slave" Independent cults (rebellious gods and/or gods of the independetn but also state supported pirates) Baraku – Fonritan version of Orlanth, rebel/pirate god, mainly worshipped in Sarro Selarn the Thief - thief god of Afadjann, aspect of Lanbril. Offers one special spell plus the normal thief cult spells. Um-Oradin - god of piracy (not anyway canon, invented by Simon Bray. I like the idea so that's why he is included). Dormal Pamalt pantheon (worshipped mainly by lower social classes in rural areas?) Pamalt Asrelia Ernalda Ankimdu the Farmer Lodik – Lodril Bolongo – Eurmal Uleria Varama, Doraddi sun spirit (or god?), the great fire (Oakfed + some sun magic?) Daka Fal Nyanka, goddess of child birth and life. Rasout the Hunter, basic hunter cult + some own magic. Basmol Maran Gor Babeester Gor Ty Kora Tek Farana, Pamalt's wife Gustbran Jmijie, the wanderer, homeless god. Keraun, the good wind, cloud connection = Orlanth aspect? Magasta Mahome Noruma, aka the Horned Man Lamsabi, non-violent thief god of Fonrit, aka Lanbril. Sikkanos, the bad wind, dust storm = Gagarth? Yelm The Old Gods (worshipped by who?) Annilla Artmal Bolongo Cronisper Dehore Earth Witch Lodril Magasta Yanmorla Yelm Wizardly orders etc. The Invisible God in general Siwal sisterhood– birth control magic St. Ebbesh – hedonistic fanatics What else? Veldangi gods "The Oppressed Ones" Tolat Annilla (Veldara) Hungry Goddess: Ancient goddess of Fonrit, worshiped by the blue-skins. Aranea? Serartamal, the Blue Moon Chaos cults of Pamaltela Seseine Gark the Calm Sidana Lemure Gloomshark Primal Chaos Vivamort Thed Than ? Atyar ? Thanatar ? Malia Khrarst Cacodemon Ikadz Pocharngo The Hsuncen of Fonrit and nearby areas Hsa - tiger hsunchen (Laskal, pop. 15000) Konnos Khaite - gnuu hsunchen (Laskal, Jolar, pop. 30000) Ngwena - crocodile hsunchen (Laskal, pop. 10000) Olmakau - hippopotamus hsunchen (Laskla, pop. 5000) Pujaleg - bat hsunchen (Laskal, pop. 120000) Rachami - vulture hsunchen (Laskal, Fonrit, pop. 5000) Tanuku - milk antelope hsunchen (Jolar, Kothar, Tarien, pop. 40000) Te Huantal - jaguar hsunchen (Errinoru, Fonrit, pop. 25000) Vlakvarki - warthog hsunchen(Fonrit, Laskal, pop. 25000)
  12. I thought Wachaza and Tsankth also, but actually after a second thought, I kind of like the idea that Um-Oradin is Ygg more. Um-Oradin is not canon, but I like the idea, so it doesn't matter. Maybe Baraku was the leader of the rebel gods invading Pamaltela, but Um-Oradin aka Ygg (no need for sail through ice feats in Pamaltela, that's why those feats are not present) was one of his fiercest captains (because YGMW). Thanks for this davecake. I'll use this for sure. It would be nice to hear some of your session seeds, if only with few words. Well, it would be quite a job to write it all down. I have almost every session described as an email in finnish, but constructing 250-300 sessions to somehow publishable shape would be too much. Basically we started small, and ended up to very heroic campaign. We kind of played through Hero Wars in Prax. It's time to start a very, very different campaign now😁
  13. So, I'll treat him as the god learnerish Invisible God variant he is (in play terms). That's a good idea to steal some magic from various Ygg cult writeups. Any ideas about Um-Oradin's mythical deeds or background? Is he actually Ygg? That's true for sure😁 What I meant was that how farspread is his cult along the Fonritan coast? Is he the primary pirate god? Or Baraku?
  14. I have few more questions about Fonrit: - What is the difference between the cults of Ompalam and Garangordos? Ompalam is the great god of Fonritan pantheon, so I guess he provides more magic (three runes: chaos, master, harmony). Garangordos is the cultural hero, more like hero cult with maybe one or two rune spells? Who is allowed to worship these deities? Only masarins of course, but how is the worship divided between these two seemingly quite similar cults? What is the role of Tentacule, who is yet another god of slavery? - Who is Um-Oradin the Corsair God exactly? Are his runes movement, air and water (as suggested in Glorantha cult one pagers by hkokko)? What is his mythical background? There are not too many sources about this god. At least not with my googlefu skills. Among whom is he primarily worshipped? All along the Fonritan coast?
  15. Thanks for the replies so far. I have both Enclosure #2 and Heroes v1 #6, but I didn't remember that these volumes contain information about Fonrit. I just bought the Revealed Mythologies and Monster Island pdfs, so that is covered also. Any more ideas?
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