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  1. Guessing it’s meant for physical protection, which could include enhanced/enchanted magical armour, or other obstacles in the way. Other magic defence I’d play as not by-passable with physical means no matter how well placed the blow. Is that a fair call @Scotty?
  2. Yes I find so much to recommend BRP based games. You can pick and choose bits you like depending on your preference. If you wanted more tactical movement in RQG you could (i imagine) use RQ3 movement mechanics with the 12SR round in RQG without too much work. Or introduce a simple ruling for pressing forward and retreating in RQG combat, whilst staying engaged?
  3. Yeah I think that’s how it works best. Just keep it in mind as an initiative system
  4. Yes RQ3 only had impale special damage, so I was thinking there’s an opportunity in RQG to allow the flavour of attack with the greater variety (slash,crush,impale), to dictate how effective the knockback is. Doesn’t have to be ‘special damage’ as such, but maybe crush type weapons have more of an opportunity for knockback on a normal attack etc? Slashing weapons might not be as effective for knockback?
  5. Regarding movement in RQ3, and strike ranks, personally I wouldn’t want to use that as it creates a lot more to track in game, pushing the game into a more simulationist direction. Having said that RQ3 is perhaps better suited to accurately measuring movement in melee, and if that suites your style maybe something worth considering? RQG/RQ2 is better suited to theatre of the mind, and has more flexibility which I like.
  6. Iirc there’s intentional knockback in RQG, but not a general rule like in RQ3. This would be easy to slot into RQG. Though I guess you’d need to give some thought to whether you allow it for all special damage types (slash,crush,impale)? In RQ3 where the rule originates there was only impale. Should slash have a knockback potential? With Impale does knockback take the weapon with them? Perhaps there should be options for the attacker to run with the impale, adding their damage bonus again for extra knockback? Depending on how far the knockback are you still considered ‘engaged’ for purposes of the melee round? Good optional rule, but a little extra to remember.
  7. RQG. For me it’s the best of the rest. It’s been well thought through and IMO has polished off the RuneQuest rule set very nicely. Going with RQ2 for strike ranks makes play much easier to track in combat, keeping play possibilities open - A nice balance between crunch and improvisation. The basis of combat is the most satisfying of RQ2, and RQ3. To take a few points: • Specials & crits are better thought through. • Weapon/shield damage is a satisfying compromise between RQ2, & RQ3 • free Defensive actions keep the game flowing. But with diminishing chances after the first parry. • Rune magic is more enjoyable • Sorcery is easier to use whilst retaining the original intent.
  8. I just love the look of this Starter set. Cover choice for the box is just gorgeous! That’s a lovely painting. Really captures and updates the vibe of RQ2. You’ve absolutely nailed it! 👏
  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, so pleased that these locations in dragon pass are being brought to life in this way. Plus city settings are cool. The right decision for the starter set 👍
  10. Yeah, I’m pretty flexible with the rules in game. But there’s a bit of a disconnect when you have a crunchy set of rules to learn with goal posts being moved from product to product. Nice to have a clear base line from which you can deviate if you want to, it also makes it easier for new players to assimilate the rules. I expect this won’t be the case with the starter, and I agree the quickstart was before the final core rules were settled on. But just flagging up as it’s something I noticed from the QS. Definitely a case for abbreviation in the starter rules though, not arguing that.
  11. I really enjoyed the Quick Start adventure and format, but a few small things like the summary of parry vs attacks were slightly different to what ended up in the core. Whilst I understand the need to abbreviate rules, I don’t think this particular variation in the QuIckStart helped new players. In this instance, the core is no more complicated, and probably easier with the chart/table. Will the starter set use the same basis as the core rules here?
  12. Newtling? There should be the alternative Newtling perspective Borderlands campaign. Repelling the attacks of the dry skins!
  13. That cover is still a very strong image. Amazing the amount of work that goes into writing these books. Thanks for sharing
  14. I blame Yelm, making my monkey mind soft in the midday Praxian heat.
  15. This is working well on so many levels. Well done. looking forward to seeing the fleshed out Jonstown. Great images - Guessing that the city references we see depicted in a few of the pictures, and on the back cover is Jonstown? Excellent choice of cover artist. I really like how you’re mixing up different artistic approaches. That broken painterly/impressionist approach really gets the imagination going - lovely. Artists that capture light like that really make Glorantha shine (so to speak). More of that please. All brilliant though. Lifts my heart seeing Glorantha conceptualised and brought to life like this. Really want a Krasrshtkid encounter now. Edit: As pointed out on Twitter, great reinterpretation of the luise Perrin cover
  16. Yes lordAbdul on the money here. This is how I see it. Passions take you above and beyond what you’d normally be capable of doing - Not necessarily whether you will or will not be loyal. More a case of whether you’ll be loyal with real passion, and fire in your belly!...or feel hesitant, & slightly unsure due to your personal doubts, other commitments etc (represented by failure -10%). Passions are emotive and can distort working either way. But failure on a passion roll doesn’t mean you’re going to become the opposite of loyal and turn into an enemy. As lordAbdul said fumbles are the ones to watch out for, but even then it could be emotionally crippling, but not necessarily twist you into an enemy of your clan etc.
  17. Yep agree 100% On a side note, I like how they’ve left a couple free strike ranks after the Crimson Bat has finished its attacks, gives a chance to teach that Mofo a lesson! 🤣
  18. That’s a great entry price. Really looking forward to this. Sincerely hope it grows the game, I’m sure it will. I like the design ethos of keeping as close to the core rules as possible, rather then an overly abbreviated version of the rules. Really hoping for a clean, clarified and accessible starter set that opens up RuneQuest to a new audience. I’m guessing that will be forefront in the design of the new starter? There’s been such a wealth of feedback here since the original release of RQG, guessing that’s helped steer the designers in presenting this boxed set a new?
  19. Have to give the designers the benefit of the doubt here. There are elements like the 3sr intervals that have crossed over from RQ3, but I’ve yet to find any example where RQ3 rule cross over is problematic. There’s no overt reference to parry restriction that could feel left over from RQ3. The borrowing of the 3sr must be intentional in RQG. Maybe alarm bells were ringing because of previous rules clash’s from older editions in the core book? There are a few what I’d consider to be missing combat notes ( not too many) which I’ll add to the Q&A thread. Scotty rightly pointed out that I would be breaching copyright with my other thread on missing combat notes, and perhaps they may clash with the designers intensions. That said presentation of the rules could be a bit clearer - for example why not have notes about simultaneous attacks included in the individual creatures combat notes? There’s a relatively small number of creatures that that rule refers to. It’d save a lot of confusion, and referencing back and forth. The less rules I need to remember the better. Have it all by the creature for easy reference. Also the general rule about 2-weapon attacks that is the fallback rule in the book, should be emphasised better at the front of the book. It’s there but tagged on to the end of another rule. I’d make it more obvious, give it its own bullet point.
  20. Yes it curiously seems to also fit with the RQ3 10 melee round
  21. I might well be befuddled as it’s late now, but I was thinking if there is no mention in the notes as to how to use the second attack, that they should therefore follow the rule on p8 and happen simultaneously?
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