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  1. Yeah at first I thought that, but rereading his statement I don't think he means that. We'll see what he says.
  2. Pretty sure this is what Jason has said the rules are supposed to be. It solves the issue of having a ludicrously high parry relative to your split attack. Whether you use the higher or lower value of the split attacks as the parry starting point ( still waiting for Jason to confirm his thinking here in the Q&A) , it remains a simply penalty that changes relative to the split attack %.
  3. For me it makes sense that it would affect your ability to parry with the same weapon. After all you’re trying to do an awful lot in one round. Sure we already have the culminate parry penalty, but the starting parry shouldn’t be so much higher then the attack chance IMO.
  4. I’m really happy to see Chaosium fleshing out dragon pass in such a compelling way. That really needed to be done. The maps are superb.
  5. Really looking forward to this. edit: there’s plenty I’d like to see covered, but Notchet and the Holy Country are right up there...Bit of lunar love would be good too.
  6. I guess the penalty would only apply to the weapon when parrying, not the shield
  7. Yep that’s the gamble. I could also imagine other time limited situations where splitting attacks could be the best option. For instance you have to try and take out more then one opponent in melee round to stop someone from escaping, triggering an alarm/calling for help, or just protecting allies
  8. True - but RuneQuest is deadly. Just one successful blow could take you out. It’s a gamble I guess. Neutralise as many as possible as quickly as possible? Or take them out one by one, prolonging the risk of blow getting through to you?
  9. Yes - Perhaps more handy when you’ve got multiple opponents. Try and take 2 of 3 opponent down quickly then deal with the last opponent at full attack advantage
  10. Just thought of a good reason not to go with the higher value % for the parry in a split attack situation. Perhaps (as with mounted combat and the ride skill) the lesser skill should be the limiting factor? It does make sense and feels in line with the logic of the RQG ruling for mounted combat where the Ride % skill takes precedence if its lower then the weapon skill used to make a mounted attack.
  11. Basically the final modified attack/parry chance is what you base the crit/special % on. So if your over 185% skill is brought down to 100% because of the opposed combat rule, then the crits/specials will be based on the modified 100% chance - Not the starting 185%. edit: never leave a man behind!
  12. The example at the end of that last bullet point in the rulebook is a little confusing, as it doesn't make clear whether the 150% is being opposed or not. There's a tendency (for me at least) to read it as a continuation of the previous bulleted example. But in fairness it doesn't mention that its being opposed, so the example on face value stands correct - The unmodified 150% skill (not opposed by a parry/dodge) will remain with a special of 30% and crit of 8%. As soon as its opposed by a parry or dodge it will become 100% with the crit/special chances being effected accordingly. Jason Durall has covered this in the core rules questions. See here: Jason has also expounded on this in another question about Berserk. Interestingly he says he would allow any left over percentage points over 100% (after reducing opponent to min parry) to be used as a plus or minus to other related actions. Yes I would allow that as GM call, though if it was in the context of a a sword trance I would rule that you can't pull blows. Edit: however if the opponent wants to oppose the your attack, with parry/dodge you do RAW have to follow the over 100% combat rule. Your 185% humakti will still be very effective as the opponent will be reduced by 85%
  13. RAW no - As long as the opponent wishes to oppose the attack you will have to follow the above 100% rule and reduce your chances to 100%, with the resulting crit/special chance. But crucially they also have their chance reduced by whatever % you had over 100%. If they don’t know, don’t wish to, or are unable to oppose the attack then you can have the special/crit chance at 185%
  14. One last point if the example humakti had his natural weapon skill (before magic enhancements) over 100%, he could use the “split attack” rule to make more then one attack. But the magical enhancements would be added afterwards. So sword trance bonus of 100% would be divided equally between those multiple attacks. They wouldn’t each receive the full sword trance bonus. But to clarify/reiterate, parrying multiple attacks would receive the full sword trance bonus but with the cumulative minus 20% for additional parries after the first.* * still some uncertainty on which of the split attack weapon skill values you use to base the parry on (if they are divided unequally) though. Hopefully @Jason Durall will see this and the new corresponding question on the core rules thread.
  15. Raw they’re calculated from the modified chance to hit. So because the 185% is opposed, following the over 100% rule combat rule, the 185% becomes 100%, so the special/crit chance will be based on 100% ability. Following RAW you would be modifying the special/crit chance for parries as they are reduced by the cumulative penalty ( but I’d probably forget to do that 😀 ). If the humakt’s attack of 185% wasn’t opposed by a parry, then the special/crit would be based on the higher 185% chance
  16. Both, as attack and parry use the same skill in RQG. But remember the Humakti is only able to make one attack, though he can make multiple parries at a cumulative minus 20%. So this is what will happen to the Humakti with his magic enhanced 185% weapon skill: Attack - So if you are not splitting attacks ( which can only be done if the unmodified weapon skill before magic enhancements is 100% or over), your Humakti will have one attack of 100% against one opponent, but that broo opponents ability to parry the attack will be reduced by whatever % was over 100. In this case reduced by 85%. Parry - The same for the Humakti's parry of 185%, which will become 100%, but the excess that was above 100% is used to reduce the Broos attack % chance. The first broo attack will be minus 85%. If the Humakti is parrying more then one attack ( from single or multiple opponents), each subsequent parry will be reduced by a cumulative minus 20%. So the above 100% weapon skill does apply as a reduction to all the opponents he is parrying, but crucially with the minus 20% cumulative penalty for each additional parry made after the first.
  17. Rereading Jason’s reply, I don’t think it’s as complicated as that. We’re not “splitting parries” as characters can already parry multiple attacks from different sources in RQG. We’re just applying a starting penalty to the parry % because the character has stretched themselves in splitting their attacks. The only question remaining is which starting parry % value should you apply if attacks are split unequally? Do you go with the higher or lower % value? Unless I can think of a good reason not to, I’d always go with the higher of the % chances. I’ve added this as a question In the core rules thread to see what Jason says.
  18. Yes agreed, after revisiting Jason’s reply it doesn’t seem to make much sense. The multiple parry rule already covers this. And as you say what would happen if a third person attacks, which parry would you use? i accepted it at the time but rereading what Jason wrote, it doesn’t seem to fit.
  19. One of Jason’s answers in the core rules questions seems to say that the starting parry % will also be affected by the split attack rule. Not sure if that is an oversight?
  20. *Rubs hands together* So this is a very useful guide on the “look” of the various cultures in dragon pass. When’s print on demand available?
  21. Excuse my ignorance, what’s this refer to? thanks for the news.
  22. Excellent! Can’t wait to go back there. I’m saving up my lunars ( hope they’re still an accepted currency)
  23. I played through the Broken Tower Quick Start on free RPG day in a local venue in Cardiff with @Dimbyd as GM. I hadn’t played RuneQuest for 25 or so years, but it all came back so naturally. I don’t need to preach to RuneQuest players about the systems virtues, suffice to say it was exciting from start to finish. I think I was the only player with previous RuneQuest experience ( apart from the GM). We had a mix of ages with some late teens/early 20’s playing too. The new players loved the game and picked it up easily. Beyond a very quick introduction to a couple of concepts like “this is a Bronze Age world” and “the gods are real and very important”, we went straight into the action of the scenario. There was no need for the bigger Glornatha picture. The world was revealed simply through playing through the adventure. I have to say it worked perfectly as an introduction to Glorantha and RuneQuest with it’s excellent nail biting combat. Well worth a try as a one shot to see if your players like the RuneQuest Glorantha experience - I find RuneQuest runs so intuitively in play, best way to introduce it. Edit: by the way I also adore The One Ring. Great game.
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