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  1. And thanks for pointing out the wording, I wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise.
  2. Ah yes I missed that I shall try and edit that. It shouldn’t suggest ignore hit point loss to total hitpoints
  3. Prime stats are used in 5e - opposed strength and dex checks for example. Removing something as iconic as prime stats starts to dismantle the identity of the game. There’s innovation and then there’s innovation. I feel the same about saving throws in DnD, but they’re such big part of that games identity that they would be too problematic to remove. I think it’s the same for RuneQuest. If you change it too much or too dramatically it ceases to be the game you identify with. That’s ok if you’re starting fresh, but not so if you have legacy.
  4. Personally I’m not so sure. I think RQG mechanics being based off of RQ2 still works really well. They were so well designed in the first place that there isn’t a lot that would improve them IMO. Edit: though I think in some places the rules could be explained a little better, as evidenced by the long post on damage “Death by a Thousand Cuts” 2nd Edit: OK RQ3 First Aid skill feels a bit ill matched to RQG. I like the introduction of passions and Runes as it slides into the rule set nicely and really helps with the immersion in the game. Combat in RuneQuest still feels as visceral as it did back in the day. 5e still plays off of a simpler more abstract approach with AC. Though I find in play RuneQuest is fast and furious in all the right ways, despite perceived crunch. 5e ( which I play a lot of, and like) is much pulpier In approach, and despite having a more abstract approach to combat, can still fall into the trap of protracted fights, particularly at higher levels. I don’t see D&D 5e as particular vanilla. It’s setting and classes are quite specific DnDisms. Though I guess the background for characters tends to be much less then the rich tapestry of Glornatha. Which in one helps with accessibility - without lots of background new gamers can easily pick it up and run with it. Looking forward to see what Chaosium does with the new RuneQuest Starter Set on this point. We’ve got this great rich game, we now need different entry points for newcomers.
  5. Yes thanks - that’s how I read it. Pretty sure that’s all right now. I do think that the RQG text misses out on the explanation for the crunchier rules around “limbs”, which is explained in RQ2. Also it hasn’t helped that there are some mistakes in the core rules questions answers from @Jason Durall which misses the distinction with differing rules for “limbs” - Understandable though with the amount of questions thrown his way, and I do really appreciate the time he’s taken there to answer questions. i think those two points, combined with perhaps the rules for first Aid, and us grognards having a blind eye to some rules details has led to this really long topic.
  6. It’s number 3. The arm can’t go beyond x2 damage, but damage upto a maximum of x2 the limbs hitpoints will still be passed onto THP from a single hit.
  7. Yes I agree. Can’t wait to see more of his work. I think he’s a key to making Bronze Age Glorantha truly accessible. The new maps of clearwine, Boldhome, and Apple lane are stunning. The thematic change of the Orlanthi back to what I felt was the original feel/vibe of Glorantha is big reason why I’m fully behind the new RuneQuest Glorantha. That’s the foundation and inspiration I’m personally looking for, so thanks Chaosium. But as they say your YGMV.
  8. The cover image looks like it’s had small tweaks to increase the colour chroma a bit. More dramatic is the picture of the trolls in the rubble, where you can see a lot more detail in the dark areas
  9. @Jason DurallSo my take away from this long discussion is: 1. The omission of the reasoning for there being different damage rules to limbs specifically, is a barrier to the comprehension of this section - In contrast RQ2 included an explanation. 2. The reading of First Aid skill adds confusion because it is used on each individual hit/wound. With limbs, after the x2 has been reached you no longer track/count damage to limbs, only to Total Hit points. So further hits to an arm past x2 can no longer technically be healed with first aid - at least on a straight forward reading of the rule. Fist aid was designed to work with RQ3, but feels a little disjointed as written with RQG, and perhaps adds more unnecessary granularity by having to track individual wounds for future healing?
  10. The next 4 releases, with the last out by end of year at latest: 1. The Smoking Ruins. Linked scenarios set in smoking Ruins by Chris Klug 2. RuneQuest starter set - think Cthulhu starter set - Basic RuneQuest. 3. Pegasus Plateau & other stories - micro scenarios/ encounters.Easy to run for Gms. By Steffy Devan( probably spelt her name wrong), Helena Nash, and John Wick. 4. Gms Sourcebook - including lots of gm advice, Heroquesting, treasures Also there was talk of an adventure by Steve Perrin, and the last adventure by Greg Stafford in what sounds like a sandbox in a new part of Dragon Pass? Intersting talk on expanding into new areas of Glorantha. Starting with the Lunar Empire. There’s a manuscript for Kralorela with associated campaign arch, and also the west and the invisible God being developed by Jeff. There’s mention of scenarios pack set in one of the islands of Seaopolis. The 2 part book Gods of Glorantha is written, but waiting for art. Two book return to Pavis & The Big Rubble by Robbin Laws. Two Adventures set in the Upland Marsh, one a fleshed out adventure by Greg Stafford. There’ll be a Grazelander Campaign book( not sure the author?), A Praxian Campaign Book by David Scott. New Troll Pak will have an adventure/s taking non trolls “into the troll lands” Very intesting discussion on art direction in RuneQuest....and Jeff loves ducks. That about sums it up, worth a listen though.
  11. With this reading in mind it’s worth looking back at RQ2 (the chassis which RQG is built from). The reasoning for “limbs” not being able to take more then x2 in a single hit is given as: ”A modern, high velocity, bullet, hitting a limb hard enough to put it out of action, will probably kill the owner of the limb by hydrostatic shock. The slower moving ancient weapons do not have this effect. Therefore a character cannot take more than twice the possible points of damage in an arm or leg from a single blow.” RuneQuest Classic p20 With the reasoning explained I think it’s easier to accept the same ruling in RQG. It goes on to say: “Thus a 2 point arm hit for 5 points will only take 4 points of damage off the total Hit Points, the remaining point of damage having no effect. Further blows to the arm will affect the Hit Points of the character.” Its the same ruling that is used in RQG. The only difference in RQG is you have a x3 threshold in place of RQ2’s 6pts past the x2 limit in a single blow for severing/maiming limbs Edit: Apart from the above it’s the same set of rules and outcomes. In fact I’m beginning to wonder whether RQ2 explained it better? RQG is more exhaustive mentioning rules details for head, chest and abdomen which are only really inferred in RQ2. Most importantly RQ2 explains the reasoning for the different rulings for limb damage, which I now feel after this discussion is an omission from RQG.
  12. Everyone here should watch Jeff and Jason’s latest video choc full of RuneQuest announcements...
  13. ...I’d just like to add I’m SO pleased Chaosium went with the change to the RuneQuest logo It’s spot on. This thing sings.
  14. And why not?... Thank you Chaosium. Bowled over by the quality and quantity of material in the RuneQuest slip case set. Incredible work. Thank you! Diolch!
  15. @Jason Durall Not sure if you've registered this in the second printing?... but this example on p147 of RQG is clearly wrong: It should be: " ...with 1 total hit point remaining and will lose 1 hit point each melee round until First Aid or healing magic is applied." or alternatively change one of the other values to make this example work
  16. OK heres my edited summary of what i strongly feel is RAW now (if i can say that): Damage < Location HP All Hit Locations: No effect beyond total HP loss. Damage >= Location HP Arm: Arm is unusable; adventurer drops anything held with it. Leg: Leg is unusable; adventurer falls prone, takes no action this round. May fight from prone position in following rounds. Abdomen: Both legs are unusable, adventurer falls prone and takes no action this round. May fight from prone position in following rounds. Adventurer bleeds to death in 10 minutes unless abdomen is treated or healed. Chest: Adventurer falls prone, can take no actions, bleeds to death in 10 minutes unless chest is treated or healed. Head: Adventurer is unconscious, dies in 5 minutes unless head is treated or healed. Damage >= 2 × Location HP Arm or Leg: If limb suffered 2 × location-HP damage or more from a single hit or cumulative hits, ignore HP loss to limb in excess of 2 × location HP, ; adventurer is incapacitated and can take no action beyond healing attempts. Further hits to the limb beyond x2 will only pass on damage to Total hit points. Note the Maximum damage from a single blow to a limb is limited to x2 the limbs hit points, which can pass onto Total hitpoints. Otherwise, no further effect. Abdomen, Chest, or Head: If location suffered 2 × location-HP damage or more from a single hit, or cumulative hits, adventurer is unconscious, bleeds 1 HP/round until location is treated or healed. Otherwise, no further effect. Damage >= 3 × Location HP Arm or Leg: If limb suffered 3 × location-HP damage or more from a single hit, ignore total HP loss in excess of 2 × location HP; limb is severed or maimed, adventurer is incapacitated and can take no action beyond healing attempts. Remember no need to record damage to a limb (only Total Hit points) beyond x2, hence why only a single hit will sever a limb and not cumulative hits. Otherwise, no further effect. Abdomen, Chest, or Head: If location suffered 3 × location-HP damage or more from a single hit or cumulative hits, adventurer dies instantly. Otherwise, no further effect. This is based on limbs having a x2 max cap to damage they can receive, and also a x2 cap max damage they can receive from a single blow. Head, chest, and abdomen locations do not have a cap to damage that they can receive from a single blow. So wounds for limbs are tracked up to x2, and wounds for other locations - head chest and abdomen are tracked up to x3 The x2 damage effect for limbs can be triggered from cumulative hits, as it's stated "An adventurer cannot take more than twice the possible points of damage in an arm or leg from a single blow." So it stands to reason that x2 can be reached with cumulative hits, but not beyond that limit. It is only the x3 severing effect specifically for limbs, that has the peculiarity of needing the damage to be from a single hit. Which nicely simulates a big chop I feel pretty confident now that this is the full story. But obviously we shall wait to see what a considered opinion from Jason Durall says , if its different then we're in errata territory.
  17. Actually this is what myself and few other used to think what was written in RQ2. As youngsters we skim read and missed the distinction in the wording between Hit locations and limbs. I think RQG has helped make this distinction a bit more obvious with the bulleted points ( though admittedly its taken this discussion to make me see the rules as written in RQG)
  18. This is why x3 severing hits to limbs can only occur through a single hit, not cumulative hits. Limb wounds aren’t recorded after x2 limit has been reached. It makes sense as subsequent hits probably wouldn’t hit the exact same point on the limb necessary to build up to a sever. First Aid skill Going off on another related tangent - I think the whole idea of healing specific associated wounds is only tied in with the first aid rule. I think i mentioned this before, first aid was introduced in RQ3, which only went up to x2 wounds max, unlike RQG and RQ2 which go up to x3. As you can imagine applying first aid skill in RQG creates a discrepancy with associated wounds and healing - wounds received to the limbs after the x2 limit don't count, but do register with total hit points. First aid worked in RQ3 with the x2 limit, but feels wonky in RQG for this reason. To be honest I'm surprised that Chaosium have stuck with the RQ3 first aid skill which necessitates more book keeping. I thought RQ3 style of more book keeping was something they weren't particulary keen on in RQG? Perhaps in light of the wonkiness with RQG and how limbs receive damage( no recorded dam to limbs after x2, only to total hit points), the First aid skill should be rewritten for RQG? I've brought up this point in the core rules question thread.
  19. @Tupperok big apologies - there is one aspect I’ve somehow overlooked here... Limb locations can indeed get to the x2 damage effect from culmaltive hits( as Jason says). It’s only the x3 severing effect that has to be from a single hit with “limbs”. Further damage to a "limb" after x2 limit has been reached only goes to Total Hit points, not the limb hit location. This makes sense as you don't count further wounds to limbs(only total hitpoints) after x2 has been reached. It’s therefore only possible to trigger the x3 severing effect from a single hit, not cumulative hits. Edit: I've edited my previous post to include the point above.
  20. Yes - you get a discount coupon for the the core RQG rules in the slip case, if you've previously bought the hard back, pdf, or both
  21. Yes thats what Jason has said here, but its not what is stated in the rule book. I suspect, like you suggest he's rushed in without fully looking at the section in the book. Hopefully when time permits he"ll give this full consideration. Although what he has said certainly does apply to the core hit locations (head, chest, abdomen). Edit: it also applies to limbs up to x2, but not beyond. So only a single blow, (not cumulative) of x3 can sever a limb hit location. Its stated that there is a x2 maximum limit to wounds (both from a single hit, or through cumulative damage) to “limb” hit locations. See quote below: "Further blows to that arm affect the total hit points of the adventurer, however" - This to me fairly clearly suggests that only Total Hitpoint's will be reduced from further hits to a “limb”location that is already at x2 limit. So no further wounds possible to a limb which is already at the x2 limit, sustained either through a single hit or culmination of separate hits. x3 damage effects from a single blow to limbs makes sense to me. They simulate massive blows, potentially severing the limb. Also i think the lower damage cap of x2 from a single blow and cumulative (to limbs) suggests their lesser overall importance in the hierarchy of hit locations. Core hit locations (head, chest, abdomen) are more vulnerable being the vital areas, so I can accept the different rulings - Those being the higher x3 damage cap, which potentially allows more damage to pass onto Total Hit points through cumulative hits, as well as single blows, not to mention outright death from big x3 hits. What would help to clear the ambiguity would be if the writers had stated up front ( or in a box text section) that a limb is tracked to x2 max wounds, and head chest and abdomen is tracked to x3 max wounds. I think stating those specific limits up front would help massively with interpretation. As such its inferred by the rules in the text, but a more obvious boxed section would help.
  22. No problem - I can honestly say I’ve never looked more closely at a set of rules than this
  23. Thanks Chaosium - slipcase ordered earlier today. Really nice touch to allow us to reuse RQG coupon on the slipcase edition. Many thanks
  24. Reading the book my feeling is still that “limbs” are x2 limited (not just from a single blow) So no need to track wounds to a limb after x2 limit. A massive x3 from a single blow will sever the limb. It seems to model as I touched on before, the limbs being not “as” vital as the core hit locations, allowing the slim possibility of being able to fight another day. Whereas head, chest, abdomen have a cap of x3 wounds that can be reached culmaltively or through a single hit. So you will track wounds to those locations upto x3 leading to *checks notes*...death. This is inline with what Jason is saying. So death by a thousand cuts if it’s one of the core hit locations, but not necessarily so for limbs.
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