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  1. Is it possible to use the Miskatonic kickstarter discount along with the RQG PDF coupon?
  2. Great cover and back to Apple lane! That map is great. It’s already giving a much stronger sense of place then we’ve had before - really nice
  3. Yes Jason durall confirmed that parry with two weapons is the same as with one weapon. I suppose for possible weapon damage you have to decide which of the weapons is leading the parry. The section on two weapon use is lifted straight from RQ2, and needs to be corrected to reflect the changes in RQG
  4. D&D for me has always been associated with a more simplistic pulpy fantasy. 5ed with its class archetypes carries this tradition on. When I’m in the mood for it it’s great. RuneQuest on the other hand with its Gloranthan setting has much more depth. It’s a very layered game world that has the potential to be very rewarding. It has real staying power. That being said I hope Chaosium continue to develop a variety of adventures for RQG, to support different styles of play. 13th age looks really good, but I don’t think I have enough spare time to take on another set of rules. I’d like to try it one day though. ....Did I mention how good RQ combat is?
  5. I remember having AD&D *urges* during Avalonhills stewardship of RQ3 (before the renaissance). RQ3 had become too dry and dull in presentation for me, and I looked over at the greener grass that AD&D 2ed lay on. I bought the players handbook and dungeonmasters guide read them through and quickly came to the conclusion that game was not for me, I even bought the fighters handbook to see if that would give the game more depth/options but that just made matters worse. I was so used to the elgance of RQ design that AD&D just seemed silly to me, and ill thought out. Bringing it up to date. The 1st game I’ve played since coming back to RPGs is 5ed. We’ve played it as a group over roll20, and pretty much all of us come originally from RQ as our primarily game. We’re all agreed that it’s a version of D&D that we can all finally appreciate. It’s straight forward, and fairly elegant in design, which as RQ gognards we immediately appreciated. I think it’s also proved to be a game that can be adapted to less generic fantasy, as we see with Adventures in Middle Earth. I still have reservations about 5ed, at higher levels. But I appreciative it for what it is, and accept the games conventions. D&D has such a strong cultural currency, I can see why people want to buy into this familar game (myself included). That being said, the RuneQuest experience is still as distinct from D&D as it was originally. Now that the new edition of RQG is out I can see it becoming our main game again. The richness of the setting, and the visceral combat is just superb, compared to D&D, & for me a big selling point of RuneQuest. 5ed is vanilla quick fun fantasy, whereas RuneQuest has much more depth and the possibility of a more lasting enjoyment, and in my opinion this is not at the expense of more mechanical complication.
  6. @Jason Durall wondered whether you could just clarify these last points in this thread?
  7. The latest version of RuneQuest, RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha by Chaosium is available as PDF, and soon to be available in print. Check out this podcast that talks through the latest edition. It should give you a good idea about what it’s about. One of the writers (MOB) gives a good insight too. Think you’ll find it plays very similarly to RQ3 or RQ2, but with some changes and additions to help playability even more. https://thegrognardfiles.com/2018/08/07/episode-22-part-2-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-with-michael-obrien-aka-mob/
  8. The artist Cory Trego Erdner has been showing his work for the bestiary on twitter. Some lovely accompanying concept sketches too. Impressive artist: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/562EA
  9. Superb bestiary. Fantastic find with this artist. He’s a great talent. Really like his of drawings, and remarkably his colour work is out standing too . If anything I would have liked to see more of his thumbnail sketches included, like the head studies for the tuskers, as they work so nicely as supporting work....ok and maybe an iconic gloranthan baboon too. I mentioned on twitter that any artist who can bring alive the concept of Cwim in such characterful way gets my vote. I’m mightly impressed.
  10. Makes sense, but I prefer to keep it a bit more streamlined in my games. Though young RQ3 me would be saying yes
  11. It seems clear from the chart on Attacks & parry results, that a critical hit on a successful parry passes on its full damage to the weapon ignoring the protection of its HP. Though the weapons hit points still offer protection to the adjacent hit location. So If we look at the contradictory text on p200: "Parrying a Critical Hit Though the target’s armor does not subtract any damage from a critical hit, a successful parry from a weapon or shield blocks the amount of damage it normally would. However, a weapon that parries a critical hit takes twice the damage it would take normally. If the attacking weapon is a long-hafted weapon or an impaling weapon, the parrying weapon takes no damage.A shield that parries a critical hit receives twice as much damage as normal, and any unabsorbed damage strikes the parrying adventurer." So to be consistent I would say that the sentence I've highlighted in bold should be replaced with something along the lines of - However, a weapon that parries a critical hit takes the full damage direct to its Hitpoints
  12. This sounds like it would take 2hp damage rather than 1. But the chart on the page before says the weapon would take full hp lost from all damage rolled. I'm using a version of the PDF downloaded on July 1 from dtrpg. I can only conclude that has been mistakenly included in RQG. I think the fact that the trouble has been taken to update the results on the chart shows that the chart should take precedence. Edit: Also I imagine changing or removing such a big block of text at this stage would cause too many headaches with the layout, which is why imagine it’s still there
  13. Just redownloaded. You’re right they’ve altered that result in the latest version of RQG pdf, which actually makes it easier to remember too.
  14. Yep that’s a critical. Just saying to be mindful of the damage dealt in the first place. According to the chart if you score a critical hit against a normal success parry, the damage is down graded from critical( max special), to special.
  15. Yes, and make sure that the damage dealt in the beginning was Special Damage, not Critical (Max Special Damage). The chart shows that even a normal parry has an affect against a critical attack, taking the damage down by one step to just Special Damage.
  16. Yes that’s what I meant by critical damage - max possible special damage + Normal dam modifier, ignoring armour. However according to the chart critical attack vs normal parry only does special damage Edit: As pointed out further down in the thread, my PDF was outdated, and the chart has indeed been changed in the latest version to Maximum special damage.
  17. Yes this is what I would say. But the wording of that section on the chart is not clear. It’s only through looking at other results that I came to that conclusion. So as Psuillie says: Weapon HP reduced by 6, and 6pts damage carry through to the hit location, ignoring armour. Dont forget according to the chart that in this situation critical damage is taken down a step to special damage.
  18. Looking at the attack & parry results chart, it seems that a critical attack is downgraded to a special attack with a successful parry, but I gather from the wording that the attack still ignores armour. Have to say the wording of the chart is not consistent. It would help if the wording stuck to a consistent formula. For example: Critical hit vs Successful Parry “parrying weapon HP reduced by the damage rolled. Any excess damage goes to adjacent hit location, with no armor protection.” Here it’s not clear whether the weapons HP are subtracted from the damage first. I guess it does by looking at the other results, but nonetheless it should be clearly stated.
  19. Ok - looking over the rules again I found reference to a general rule on critical attacks that has details missing from the section on special attacks descriptions. A few pages before there is a boxed text section on p200 summary of combat results. “A critical success ignores armor and does maximum special damage plus damage bonus.“ For future printings it would be helpful if this was repeated in the section on special attacks, particularly the boxed text which does mention maximum damage in reference to criticals, but fails to mention the plus damage bonus leading to the confusion in this thread.
  20. @Jeff @Jason Durall will we be seeing this version of the RQG character sheet at some point?
  21. Is there any automated notification of when the pdf gets updated? Or is it up to us to redownload periodically?
  22. @Jason Durall figured this last point of clarification may have got lost in recent posts. Could you please address these final outstanding points from this post? Many thanks
  23. At last a bestiary worthy of Glorantha. The rich text pulls you in, and the art is consistently excellent. The Dragonewts are a standout piece. The imagery of the Mostali opens up the Gloranthan dwarf idea to me more then anything I’ve seen before. They have recognisable dwarf traits, yet are quite odd and alien. Plenty of character in the drawings too. This is setting out the Glornathan stall nicely.
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