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  1. One other advantage regarding using a shield in conjunction with a weapon: The shield doesn't have a min requirement of dex x 1.5 to use in the off hand, as a second weapon would using the 2 weapon rules
  2. Good point about attacks with a shield. Though the 2 parry option remains a good defensive option for weapon & shield users. Ha ha - inspired. This has to be used in a game... Dex x 2?
  3. So revisiting the RQ2 rules. ( this is helping me too) Advantages of shield use are: Shield doesn't take damage & won't break like a valued weapon can when used for parrying. Possible GM ruling that shield provides passive protection to at least 1 hit location (depending of size of shield) Effectively a second weapon, which follows the 2 weapon use, and therefore gives the possibility either of 2 parries , 2 attacks, or standard 1 attack & 1 parry. In contrast a single weapon user can only make 1 attack and 1 parry in a melee round. An impaling attack will impale a shield - bad for the use of shield whose effective use is diminished if weapon is above a certain encumbrance. But good for taking out opponents weapon as it becomes stuck in the shield. Parrying an attack with a shield which takes place on the same Strike rank as your own attack, has the advantage of still allowing you to make an attack with your weapon in the other hand. If you had parried the attack with with the weapon instead of the shield you would lose your weapon attack. This is because of the ruling that you can't both attack and parry with the same weapon on the same Strike Rank. and for fun A well polished bronze shield can be used as a mirror, good for looking at Basilisk/medusa indirectly Throw it like frisbee for a surprise attack The cost of training up the use of a shield is well worth it, and maybe something to aim for. You could quickly raise up your shield parry to a decent level. Good objective for your starting character.
  4. Yes, I prefer the RQ2 (classic) ruling here - adding the previous weapon SR to the new attacks's SR. Its a bit more colourful then RQ3 approach of adding a standard 3SR to subsequent attacks. The RQ 2 approach has the potential for more attacks in a round, which I think can lead to more exciting & extraordinary characters like Mr Shergar Sunhoof, and those tanked up Trolls. Its nice to have a game which scales well in both directions with contrasting character abilities, some ordinary & some extraordinary - A more colourful game
  5. I see your point, 0 + 0 = 0. I think in this scenario i'd be running away from the nimble 2 tree wielding giant, before waiting to see which SR he attacks on (then again not much chance of that on SR 0) I imagine that the sheer long reach of the 2 tree attacks is what would justify the SR 0 attacks. Perhaps a good time to "close in" on the giant to negate long reach advantage? Having said that a GM call could easily introduce the RQ 3 ruling for 2 weapon attacks, and add 3 SR ( I checked the rule book) delay for the second weapon attack, if 2 attacks on SR 0 seem unreasonable.
  6. Heh heh, thanks - Great combo shadows over Bogenhafen and Glorantha, enjoy!
  7. Thanks thats a very clear summary - great. It should be made a sticky at the top of the forums somewhere Heh heh - I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Shergar Sunhoof, Centaur Extraordinaire. A truly awesome opponent,sent a shiver down my spine just reading that description
  8. Thanks styopa & RosenMcStern Thats really helpful cheers. Nice to know that I'm not misinterpreting RQ rules. I'd forgotten many of the nuances. A very useful refresh - need to plan a game now
  9. Wow long discussion - helpful in refreshing my memory of the rules, and sorting RQ2 from RQ3. RosenMcStern - Just trying to figure out what you're implying here, as it sounds like it has potential. Apologies my RQ rules memory is a bit rusty, and I may have missed a bit of the context. Are you saying that a two weapon user in RQ3 can elect to counter attack with his/her second weapon on the same SR with which he/she parries with the first weapon? Which has the effect of making the single weapon user unable to parry, as his weapon is engaged on that SR? I thought that a weapons attack was only possible on its particular Strike Rank. I haven't found an instance in the rules which suggests a counter attack possibility on a chosen SR as in your statement "I counterattack on the SR he attacks"? Edit: Therefore am I correct in thinking You can delay an attack to a Strike rank later in the melee round ( enabling your "counterattack" suggestion) With 2 weapons it is possible to Parry with one weapon, whilst simultaneously attacking with the other on the same Strike Rank. Which by extension is reliant on the 2 weapon user having a SR of the same value or lower then his/her opponent, in order to counter attack on the same strike rank?
  10. Many thanks - thats helped me see through the fog of rule obscurity. I get it now. That would be quite a spectacle, attacking 2 foes 4 times with two weapons
  11. Hi all, Thought this would be the relevant place to get clarity on a ruling of 2 weapon use in Runequest classic. I've been revisiting the rule book, and finding that I'm not entirely clear on a ruling. On p29 of the classic Runequest, the rules for Two Weapon Use continue, and point 6 has a bit of ambiguity for me: In particular the last sentence of point 6 which states Am I right in thinking that this is saying that one of the weapons can be used to as a split attack( page 26 classic Runequest), to attack 2 separate opponents, following which the second weapon can attack normally at full percentage on one of these multiple opponents? Is this suggesting that providing there is sufficient strike ranks, a two weapon users can potentially have 3 attacks,but not 4? So in other words splitting the second weapon attack is not allowed in the RQ2 rules?
  12. Very enjoyable listen. Great to here Rick talking about his background with roleplaying, & Chaosium. largely thanks to the podcast, my interest in the hobby has returned, and as the stars align I'm looking forward to the new edition of Runequest. Mythras also sounds like an excellent game, and the discussion of Mythras & comparison of the 2 games is very interesting, it opens up a lot of questions, and has also got me double checking my own memory of how RQ2 works. So now instead of a fondly, but distant game that I used to play, Runequest is feeling a lot more contemporary again. Great format, looking forward to the next episode. Thanks guys Rick - around 2000 (I think) I bought a copy of Borderlands from your website. It was a very brief thawing of my own RPG deep freeze, but unfortunately it didn't last very long, more in the tradition of collecting then playing. However over the past year, thanks to Dirk & co I've returned to the hobby, with actual play sessions on Roll20. There seems to be a lot of great things happening in the hobby again. Good time to return
  13. Based on this discussion, I'm looking forward to seeing some great visual examples of the various architecture/ settlements in the new Runequest. Having really good illustrations of building styles will really make Glorantha and Dragon pass easily accessible to new players (and old). The depth of background that Glorantha affords is great & second to none, but small sound bites (represented in quality illustration) is key to quickly setting the scene/flavour and attracting & keeping new players. From what I've seen so far this is exactly what Chaosium are working on.
  14. I like these conceptual sketches very promising. Like that you've found an artist who understands Anatomy yet still has a feeling for the flow & movement of a drawing. Really good choice - Sometimes these sketches can stir the imagination more then the finished paintings. Ideally i like a contrast of sketches and fully realised images. looking forward to new Runequest
  15. Pretty sure that whole section was taken out in a later printing for RQ3 with an errata, meaning that in RQ3 you could both attack and parry with a 1handed weapon, as was the case in RQ2. I have the books but can't check now - it seems that most people house ruled it the way they wanted anyway. Perhaps Jeff, MOB, Rick or someone from Chaosium could give us the official RAW interpretation on the parry rules for RQ2 to lay this one to rest?
  16. I've been out of the Gloranthan loop for a long time, but It feels like the west is finally opening up & making sense in Glorantha. As a scarred RQ 3 user back in the day , the west was completely broken for me on many levels. The weird medievalist idea, and the inaccessble sorcery rules. When we were finally presented with sorcery NPC's in strangers in Prax (Arlatan, the troll sorcerer etc) they appeared to be overly complicated to run with all the extra book keeping. Could be interesting to see these characters revisited with these new RQ4 sorcery rules? If memory serves they were interesting characters
  17. To give another perspective when I was of an age for actually collecting Runequest products it was the RQ 3 line that was available. I collected products like Vikings, land of Ninja, & monster collesium. They were good, but very dry/dull in presentation, and not quite what I was lookfing for. My experience of Runequest started with RQ2. My older brother Introduced me, and we played a lot. The Gloranthan rules were brilliantly pitched & full of flavour. It was exciting. The ancient feel was unique, and stirred my imagination. RQ 2 was the reason I bought into RQ 3 when I came of age. Unfortunately I never quite found that same inspiration in RQ3 products. As Mob said, eight years is a long time, without new Gloranthan material. Eight years was my period of gaming as a kid, an important formative time. I was looking for new Gloranthan inspiration, but the products weren't available. That important time passed me by and I grew up. I think Avalon hill lost an RPG generation of gamers in that period. Particularly myself who experienced the excitement and flavour of RQ2, but who only experienced the possibility of buying Runequest 3 products. When the Runequest Renaissance happened I jumped on Sun County , shadows on the borderland, and Dorastor. The covers inspired that ancient fantasy feel I was looking for, and the Glorantha material was fantastic. The problem was I was no longer playing. Late teens meant that myself and my circle of friends were doing other things by this point. That big chunk of time, 8 years, was a crucial period for my gaming development. I was a prime candidate for Runequest Gloranthan, but the RQ Renaissance happened a bit too late for me and my circle of gaming friends. I've only recently started playing again on roll20. It says a lot about the hobby and its lasting appeal, that I'm able to jump back into the RPG world so many years later. Needless to say I'm really looking forward to finally buying a version of Runequet that I anticipate will inspired me like the original RQ2 rulebook did.
  18. Interesting to watch the video of Chaosium team talking about Call of Cthulhu 7ed at Gencon. Very positive. Will there be a similar video posted of the Runequest seminar?
  19. Yes. Apple lane is a bit of a marker for me. This idea of Novan/Etruscan villa fits much better for me. Viking was just completely the wrong vibe. I like the idea of tiled roofs too.
  20. I still love the strong ancient Greek flavour of RQ2. There is something very stirring about that imagery in a fantasy context. Certainly it's much more popularly understood. Strong mythic and heroic connotations. Has a hell of a lot to do with the soul of RQ2 I think, and it's popular appeal. Though I appreciate that Glorantha is more complicated then that. But you can't beat close Ancient Greek analogies for accessibility
  21. Thanks for your perspective here. It's very helpful that you make the distinction of Orlanthi long houses from the Viking long houses. Those pictures help too. I guess the flat roofed/ low tilt roof could be more common in the southern Esrolia region? Is the square earth rune stead idea voiced by Jeff, still relevant in northern parts of Sartar but perhaps with A-framed roofs?
  22. Are we talking casting spells? I guess if you allow that with melee combat then the order of sr would quickly become confused as second attacks pile into the next melee round?
  23. Ah ha, I've had to delve deeper( a few disgruntled Balrogs) I actually have the Avalon hill soft bound reprint as well, with the errata in the back, although it never had proper use. You are right in the errata correction. Although I also have my Gamesworkshop used copies and they don't include the useful errata. Thanks for bringing that to my attention A surprisingly critical bit of errata!
  24. Thanks for this. It's really helpful to see where the writers are coming from, particularly with the varied history of Gloranthan interpretations. Good to see that there is less overall Northern European influence on orlanthi culture. More in keeping with RQ 2 conceptions. Where does this leave the square Orlanthi stread idea mentioned by Jeff? For me it seemed to make sense with the RQ 2 Pavis square Orlanthi houses. I couldn't see how long houses could translate to the Pavis imported Orlanthi building style? I can't help but feel that the more southern ancient Bronze Age idea of Orlanthi fits better with the Classic Runequest depictions and feeling. But your interpretations are also a welcome change from the overly Norse/ Saxon influence of the recent past.
  25. Thanks. I'm really enjoying the chance to indulge in these RQ ideas. Must be an itch that I never properly itched back in the day You've summed that up brilliantly. I think my younger self saw the "advanced" nature of RQ3 as the way forward at the time, more sophisticated, more attempts at simulation. Now it feels surprisingly that I want the opposite of that...but not as far as heroquest, I still want some crunch. I think also the point you make about attempts at realism in simulation don't always reflect real authenticity, as mentioned with regards to the parry options of rq3. There's lots of factors that would affect the speed and ability to parry and attack with a 2 handed weapon, like extra weapon weight for instance. And as you mentioned it doesn't take into account the fast nimble one handed weapon user.
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