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  1. Quick start is a brilliant way into RQG. To my mind it’s easy to follow. Obvs by its nature it’s abbreviated. IIRC there are tiny differences in presentation of some combat rules, but it’s minor stuff * and the gist is all there. It just goes to show how some of these things are a matter of taste, and I’m sure many make these sort of house rules. It all works, nothing is broken. Brilliant little adventure too. * Edit: On closer inspection really really minor differences from the core rules. Some rules are necessarily abbreviated like special types of damage. Diffe
  2. On the whole it’s great, but there have been a few points which I think have all been clarified. In fact I don’t think any RPG rulebook has been scrutinised so closely, a mark of people’s regard for RuneQuest. From memory the main points that stood out for me were: • Two weapon fighting - issue being rules not updated for new RQG combat rules, in particular the new parry rules. • Parry/Dodge not fully explained as being interchangeable. But hey I guess this may be down to personal taste. The official clarification is that you can interchange them in defence but the -20% cumulat
  3. Yes agree. That’s the point I was making. The rules aren’t unduly punishing One-use spells on a fumble, It’s just that the defining aspect of one-use spell is that the rune points are spent permanently when casting, and by extension fumbling.
  4. That’s just clarifying what already happens with one-use spells (at least by the RBM clarification) Looks to me that It’s just following the One-Use ruling, that all spent rune points are lost permanently. I guess (no book to hand at the moment) that standard rune magic just looses the rune point on a fumble, but is recoverable at a worship ceremony?
  5. Spell Trading p82. Final bullet point: ”The original “owners” of the spells can still cast them after trading them, provided that the spell was not a one-use spell and that all other requirements for the spell (Rune points, cult status, etc.) are still met.” This suggests contrary to the new explanation of one-use spells p9 that the spell cannot be cast again after trading by the original owner, is this correct? Should it not be explained (as on p9) that it’s the Rune Points that are permanently lost and not the spell? The spell can actually be cast again by the original ow
  6. One Use spells , p9. Bullet point 3 “If the roll is a fumble, the spell is not cast, but the Rune points are spent permanently and cannot be replenished. The spell can be re-attempted again if sufficient Rune points remain.” Shouldn’t the last point here apply to all casting results (pass, fail, fumble, & critical) and not just be signalled out for the fumble result? I can see why it’s more pertinent to mention it with the fumble result, but it leaves a bit of room perhaps to question whether this also applies to the other casting results or not.
  7. One-use spells p9, bullet point 4. Spelling error, should be “apply” not “appy” ”If the roll is a critical success, the spell is cast (a resistance roll may appy)”
  8. Yes I agree. It makes the ride smoother when you’re digesting all the rules to know what exactly it’s supposed to be modelling. My two clacks worth, I’d put a little paragraph in to explain what’s happening thematically, emphasising • the unique dedicated runepoint and why it is so, frex what makes it so special to the god to only be awarded as one-use • that only this rune point can be used to power the one use spell. • the dedicated Rune point can’t be used to power other spells, unlike other rune points. • that it’s the special rune point you need to re-sacrifice
  9. This is all great, I think I’ve found my comfort zone. 2021 is going to be the year of the baboon. Thanks all *hums to himself* “Hey hey we’re the Monkies! We keep monkeying around...”
  10. People just need to chill with a ripe banana. Throwing poo is the most direct and effective form of communication. It’s the pinnacle of Praxian civilisation, of which the baboons lead by example.
  11. Listen (perhaps heretical to some apes who deny the connection to the inferior weird smell masking humans) we all know baboons evolved from the primitive weaker hairless humans. They wear their armour in shame, to cover their ugly hairlessness. Humans are lucky they don’t have permanent penalties on their charisma for being the weedy, bold apes they are. There’s only one top banana in Prax, and we all know who that is.
  12. Will do. He’s the troop leader. This is the dawning of a new age of the baboon! The monkey ruins shall rise again!
  13. This is great all. I’m going full Baboon!
  14. Ok so what’s the recommended procedure in RQG for rolling up a hairy smelly baboon character? What previous history could I use in RQG?
  15. One-Use spell p 12. Yes this is an important thing to mention ( if the explanation in the well is correct). Otherwise people may presume that they can use the associated rune point on other spells in their knowledge and vice-versa, as with standard Rune magic and the Rune pool of points. Also ( after reading the Well clarification) the wording whether you lose knowledge of a spell or not after casting, should perhaps be taken out of the bullet points completely and added into the general description to save repetition. Currently the way it’s mentioned in the bullet points
  16. Yes, but I was talking just in terms of the one-use spell. You can’t regain the one-use spell associated rune point through standard worship or sacrifice, and have to instead re-sacrifice POW, as you would if you were learning a new spell. Mechanically it’s the same process as learning the whole spell again, but thematically you’re sacrificing for that special unique one-use power from the god in the form of the rune point. I guess it’s the divine power that is important and is emphasised in the rules with Rune Points, not so much the mundane gestures, and sounds that are learnt to ch
  17. I agree that they really need to get this down coherently and without ambiguity. The text as it stands hasn’t achieved this yet. This is the opportunity to clear up the matter, shouldn’t have to rely on the Q&A when there’s an opportunity to clear it up in print.
  18. Jason Durall was pretty clear in the Q&A that the rune point gained when you learn a one-use spell is tied to the spell. Otherwise you could just use your other remaining runepoints to recast it multiple times. That’s how you make a one-use spell in RQG. I guess whether it’s the spell, rune point, or both that disappears after using isn’t really important as the process to regain it is the same either way. But he did say it’s the Rune Point thematically that’s what’s needed to be re-sacrificed for, and not the spell.
  19. Thanks I was just trying to articulate that. Maybe copy and paste this in the corrections thread?
  20. Actually you’re right I skim read and saw the bullet point on fumbles and thought it had been sorted. The bullet point on critical suggests that you could potentially lose the spell as well as the rune points. The ambiguity remains.
  21. Yes I think it may have changed. It looked the same for me, but I think I clicked on the order number and it took me to another page where I could download it.
  22. By the way really nice to see a fully clarified description of One-Use Rune spells in the new book. It removes the ambiguities in the RQG text. Nice to see these things acted on.
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