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  1. Interesting. looking at the changes in Apple lane revisited, mention of the guilds has been removed -The Horse Masters Guild and Weapon Masters Guild. I had put this down to the word "guild" having too strong an association with medieval guilds rather then an ancient concept. But perhaps they're removal is more to do with Apples Lane's remoteness from Urban centres, with guilds being largely an Urban phenomenon?
  2. Thanks, thats exactly what i was looking for. A quick comparison and I see a few minor but sensible changes: The Sheriff (or Sheruff), has become a Thane, in keeping with the Glorantha setting. The weapon masters guild hall has been removed completely. The "housemasters guild" changed to the humbler "Stables" I guess "guild" has too many medieval connotations, not suitable to the ancient setting of Glorantha. Overall Apple lane remains largerly the same, but without those few medieval associations. I can see how it works in the Gloranthan context now much more clearly. I can also see what a red hearing the 3rd edition cover was, with the medieval plate armoured Donald duck ( Quack John), as well as the wording "Save the Hamlet from Scurrilous Scoundrels", which sounds like it could have come from the pages of Robin Hood.
  3. Thanks for this. That seems like a good fit for a Mudshark. Is that the original intended explanation, or just a sensible interpretation of what a Mudshark could be?
  4. Recently returned to Glorantha and its possibilities after a long spell away. I very much like the clarifications of Glorantha as an ancient setting. RQ3 was very confused imo, with a medieval West, which actually put me off Glorantha as a setting. Glad to read that this has been corrected. Apple lane was quite confusing for me with Runequest 3rd edition, with the image of donald duck in full plate medieval armour! In light of these clarifications of Orlanthi culture how are we to interpret Apple lane now? For instance would there still be a "Sheriff"? Is there revised material that would help me visualise Apple Lane more inline with current thinking on Orlanthi culture? As a mostly RQ3 person where would be best to look? future publications?
  5. @MOB I remember River of Cradles and Troubled waters scenario fondly, and of course the excellent Sun County. I also remember River of Cradles missing an explanation for what "Mudsharks" were supposed to be. In the spirit of the Runequest Glorantha revival, could we finally have an official description for the Mudshark? What exactly are they? I remember fudging it and playing it as a crocodile, but was always somewhat confused by the description of the sounds they made - "whuffing" and then "barking". Be great to finally have an official Chaosium errata for the Mudshark.
  6. Flavoursome I like it. Whilst the cults define player characters in RQ by adding flavour, will we also have "flavoursome" Gloranthan backgrounds for player characters to choose from, similar to RQ3 backgrounds, but much less generic?
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