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  1. The only significant difference is that RQ3 measures movement in strike ranks within the actual melee round. With RQG and RQ2 movement is only calculated if you are approaching an on going melee, in order to determine where you fit into the pecking order. So RQG/RQ2 remains an initiative system, while RQ3 falls slightly more into the action point allowance side of things because of the measurement of movement within the melee round. In RQ3 there are rules for closing in on an opponent with a longer weapon, and attacking on the run/running attack.
  2. While RQ3 does have more rules for movement within the strike rank round, I’m sure the equivalent could be done in RQG as well. If you accept the abstraction of the combat round as including some form of movement inherent in the fight anyway, and add in rolls for significant actions like jump, knockback attempts, and assign modifiers for the terrain to give tactical elements it soon becomes more colourful. People will have a reason to use movement & other options. RQG and RQ2 strike ranks are nothing more than a fancy initiative system. For me it’s not necessary to go to the RQ3 rules to achieve more granularity, as it feels possible to improvise that with the RQG rules as is. Though I appreciate many do like measuring out the distances and tracking movement throughout the combat more rigidly, which RQ3 attempted to do. Each to there own but I’d either rule that out entirely, or use a visualisation of the knife parry as the pivot on which the defender moves themselves out of the way (on a crit), as a sort of parry/dodge. My vision of combat is full of sidesteps, ducks ( yes humakti ones as well) combined with parries and attacks, rather then just a static parry, attack, parry, attack etc.
  3. ...And the classic dodging out the way so the hit hits your other opponent behind you.
  4. Dodge really comes into its own when likely damage is going to be devastating regardless of weapons hps. Off the top of my head dodge is good for : The massive crushing attack from a giant where parry would be almost pointless (Short of a fluke crit parry somehow directing the worst of the blow away, or more likely in the case of a giant hit, giving yourself purchase to push yourself physically away from the force of the blow. Projectile weapons Attacks that could cause knockback if you’re weaponless, or weapon is close to breaking falling debris, traps etc.
  5. Yes you’re right I misremembered the second printing correction.
  6. Should have known better, think I may actually have written that paragraph after reading the second printing corrections 😅 ...regardless that for me sums up how best to put the ruling following Jason’s clarifications.
  7. This is another area which needed to be clarified on the Q&A. Originally the wording was just a copy and paste from RQ2 and made no sense in the context of the new RQG rules on parrying . The second printing clarification wasn’t clear enough either IMO - “two parries ” suggests a limit that isn’t there under the RQG multiple parry rules. ...But anyway In terms of parry, using two weapons is much the same as using 1 weapon (check out the Q&A) You can parry multiple times with either weapon, but each parry after the first( no matter which weapon) will be subject to the cumulative -20 penalty. The added advantage is that by using two weapons to parry you can potentially spread any weapon damage across both by alternating the weapon you’re parrying with, lessening the likelihood that one of your weapons will break.
  8. Also don’t forget breaking weapons. If you’re playing by the rules there’s a chance a parrying weapon might break in combat. Shields extend the life of a good weapon. You get unlucky with a parry and you could be weaponless. Not forgetting can be ruled to give half protection if slung over your back, and can also defend against missile fire. Edit: Personally I quite like these unified defensive actions. If they all share the same cumulative penalty then there’s less bookkeeping, and for me It also has a cool narrative with diminishing parry/dodge chance after the first attempt, showing the capabilities of the warrior gradually being stretched by overwhelming numbers.
  9. Wa-ha! (As in the Gloranthan cattle raiding tradition). Slight digression comparing editions - Presumably the 6-point healing spell requirement for reattaching severed limbs in RQG is based in the original RQ2 rules where a limb was severed if it took 6pts more then it could in a single blow. In RQG the 6pt limit has been replaced by x3 but the healing requirements to reattach limbs is still 6pts.
  10. Looking at the section on p149 Severed and Maimed limbs, the text makes a distinction between healing severed and maimed limbs. Severed limb It’s says Only a 6-point heal spell or equivalent, applied within 10mins will restore a severed limb. Maimed limb A maimed limb can only be restored if ALL hit points are cured within 10 mins. This can be done by any healing spell.
  11. Jason has been quite clear in his clarifications about this. All subsequent defensive actions after the first (no matter whether from different weapons, shield, or dodges) suffer the same cumulative minus penalty. Of course you could house rule that differently. For instance some people prefer not to allow dodges and parries to be used together.
  12. My understanding is that once a limb has reached its x2 limit, then it will no longer take damage to itself, but any damage received through the limb can and will still be registered on total hitpoints. So you won’t need to track damage to limbs after they have reached x2 their hitpoints, but you will still track any damage received through that limb on total hitpoints. Each individual hit on a limb is capped by the x2 limit, meaning that damage passed on to THP from hits to limbs is also capped at x2. Only x3 from a single blow will sever a limb, and the damage from that blow to THP (total hitpoints) will still be capped at the limbs x2 limit. Which supports the narrative of just about survivable limb loss. edit: skirting through Jason’s official answers in the link below there is an exception mentioned to the limbs x2 damage limit, with falling being able to pass on the full raw damage total hit points, which makes sense.
  13. I wonder if the ambiguity about some of the basic rules In the core book, may have been an earlier stumbling block? Though that shouldn’t be a problem now as I think thats all been ironed out through the Q&A. Speaking of which an updated core with all the rules clarifications, would be a good idea in the not too distant future, make good use of all that Q&A work 😉
  14. Covers have a coating of something on them. Get the feeling they’ll be more hard warring then RQ3 RuneQuest renaissance softcovers like River of cradles/Sun County . It feels like they have a very slight rubbery/acrylic covering on them, gives a bit of resistance, less slippery if that makes sense.
  15. Thanks Chaosium and all. Received the wonderful POD. Quality is really superb. Finally have those mythic classic RQ2 titles.
  16. Wow! - I hadn't realised this was available. That may bridge the gap. Thanks!
  17. Thanks Chaosium! Amazing to have these back in print, and at a sensible price too. These are going to be played with the new RQG edition for sure, I've put my order in!...Just one thing, could we please have alternative family histories for the classic timeline? Guess that would be a substantial bit of writing for the different cultures in Dragon Pass and Prax, but surely worth it to support this new/old surge of classic material for RQG in POD?
  18. For what it’s worth I prefer the previous one. It has more character. New one is fine and very clear, but not as dynamic. Neither of them are bad choices though.
  19. Yep would be good to see this made available again. River of Cradles had a great cover that set ancient world expectations for adventures in Prax And Glorantha, be good to see that used with any reprint of the adventure...and a chance to put a proper description of mud sharks in 😉
  20. Nice to see these coming back to print. Will there be hardback versions available? What about handouts and maps, will those be included?
  21. Thanks Jeff, that’s really clear. I’m keen to see how you conceptualise the look of the people and architecture of the West in future RQG books. Don’t suppose there are any concept sketches available to see?
  22. This is true. I may be having a waking RuneQuest geek dream. But I do like the POD idea
  23. If it isn’t possible/feasible to do a reprint with dual stats then this would be a really useful alternative. I would happily pay for a nicely done POD book....would obviously need to do the RQ3 Gloranthan adventures as well Having said that I think Goodman Games has shown there’s a healthy market for a product that stays faithful to the original print whilst at the same time bridging the gap with the current edition. Conversion wise I guess it’s not too much of a difference between RQG and RQ2, but it’d still be handy to have a well conceived conversion at the ready. Likewise I think it’d be great to have access to RQG character generation backgrounds for the earlier timeline of RuneQuest classic. The less barriers to play the classic adventures the better.
  24. Goodman Games have made a successful line with their classic reprints of D&D modules. They include reproductions of the original adventures plus a conversion to the latest edition of D&D. Would love to see something similar implemented for the RuneQuest classic series. Be great to have the Classic adventures updated to RQG in a nice hard back format complete with the original reprint.
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