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  1. As confirmed by Jason Durall somewhere on the forum, this is just a clumsy way of saying it takes the full critical damage to its AP as per the attack/parry chart
  2. Guess this is just a common sense ruling when pitting weapon against weapon Edit: I’d say they never damage the weapon. You’re blocking with the wooden haft of the pole, which is not going to create sufficient impact to cause damage. Perhaps If there’s a spear point or something hard you could rule that a freak impact causes damage?
  3. Regarding parries and shield parries, the attack vs parry chart is the safe (correct) reference for checking attack & parry results. edit : yes best to ignore that text (it’s quite wonky) and rely on the attack vs parry chart which is correct.
  4. Agree it’s not an area that’s 100% clear in the core book. But thankfully we have official clarification now.
  5. All crits ignore armour (though not magical protection) and do: On 3/16/2020 at 11:58 AM, Scotty said:
  6. Looks like It’s official having been through two Chaosium sources, with Jason’s final ruling.
  7. I think the wording says you loose the crush if you don’t have a damage modifier. Scott followed that up by saying: “If a critical crush is rolled it does the maximum crushing damage, which is twice the maximum damage bonus plus the maximum weapon damage. This also means that if the crusher has no damage bonus, the effect of the crush is lost and on a critical, weapon damage is maximum, but ignores armor.”
  8. We now know what the ruling is for critical crush : Max rolled damage + Max dam Mod twice. Quite happy with that I have sympathy for your reading of the rules though. Despite what @Scotty said in the core Q&A, there is a strong inference that there is a general rule for all crits on p200 in the boxed Summary Of Combat Results which really should be altered in any future printing of RQG: It infers that all dam bonus's are added normally after the special dam for any crit. Thanks to the Q&A we now know this is not correct for Crush. The same boxed text is repeated in the GM screen. For future printings it would be helpful if they gave an example of a critical crush in the rules.
  9. The double dam bonus along with the rolled weapon damage is the *special damage* that gets maximised in the case of crush.
  10. Yes except its: Max rolled weapon damage + Max DB + Max DB
  11. Big hitters! Giant slaying damage. Still saving grace, if it hits a limb only x2 limbs hitpoints is going through to total hitpoints as damage (but the limb will be severed). Big things do big crushing damage, and crits are game changers particularly with true sword...it’s colourful
  12. Ok we have an official correction on the official answer. Critical crush damage is now : maximum rolled weapon damage + maximum damage bonus twice This is a hot topic, we’ll keep you posted as we get the latest.
  13. I’m rolling up a Troll character, to hit things hard to see how this all lines up
  14. That’s weird. You’re right. I was blind to that. Just presumed it was a foregone conclusion. It seemed pretty clear in the side bars of RQG that you should maximise main weapon damage on a crit. My mistake. Thanks for pointing that out.
  15. Personally I prefer the official ruling, does more damage which makes it more dramatic. I was wondering why you decided not to maximise the main rolled weapon damage on your house rule for critical crush, as that’s the thing all crits have in common across the board?
  16. For those that were wondering the official answer as from Scott in the core rules question thread is: Special Crush (page 206) rolled weapon damage plus rolled Damage Bonus plus Maximum Damage Bonus. Critical Crush (page 206) rolled weapon damage plus twice Maximum Damage Bonus, ignores armour.
  17. It’s like waiting for Christmas. I’m enjoying the anticipation far too much.
  18. Yep- The boxed text isn’t super clear that’s why I originally started this thread. It’s not 100% obvious whether the rolled damage bonus of a crush is part of the special damage or just standard. That’s my issue. The rest seems clear to me. The main text of crush does use the word *regular* damage bonus, which suggests to me that there is a dam bonus on a crush, and it’s the standard dam bonus you add to any attack. However the wording of the boxed text goes the other way suggesting both damage modifiers could be part of the special damage. Should probably put this up on the core questions. Maybe it’s already up there?
  19. Ah I think I see where your coming from. You’re suggesting there’s no difference in damage between a special crush and critical crush? Apart from the ignoring armour? However you’re forgetting that crush weapon damage should also be maximised on a critical: Critical Crush : maximum rolled weapon damage + max dam bonus It’s the same principle for slash and impale they do maximum special damage.
  20. Apologies thought we were discussing the intention of the rules. That being said damage bonus is rolled normally for all standard and special hits. (impale, slash or crush). RAW - It’s no different for crush. But I can see the argument for maximising your standard damage bonus as well with crush on criticals if you want more impact in your game.
  21. The special damage for crush is different then from slash and impale. It’s as I have written above: • weapon damage + full damage bonus. to which you add your normal rolled damage bonus afterwards.
  22. I imagine the designers didn't want to complicate special damage types overly much. They’re broadish categories, which highlight the predominate aspect of the weapon damage. In the case of the axe it’s ability to cut/slash. Take into account that a Two handed great axe does a bit more damage as well 2d6+2. Crushing is very much the clubbing approach not the cutting approach.
  23. Crush epitomises sheer brute force. I imagine that’s why it’s tied to the damage modifier. The bigger you are the bigger you hit.
  24. Criticals all do max special damage + rolled damage modifier, and any extra damage from spells, ignoring armour. Critical Crush In the case of critical crush the special damage is: • weapon damage plus + full damage modifier So that would need to be maximised in a critical. You then add your rolled damage modified as normal. The combined damage ignores amour. The last sentence p206 “if an adventurer making the crush has no damage modifier the effect of the crush is lost” I interpret this as ignoring the special damage. Which in the case of crush would mean ignoring the part -adding the full damage modifier. I would still roll the normal damage modifier however, as that’s not part of the special damage. Negative damage modifier A Crit would minimise a negative damage modifier. So that would naturally result in a minus 1.
  25. Thanks all for holding my hand through this brain fart moment...yes let’s pretend it never happened.
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