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    I started off as a wargamer and slowly was drawn into RPGs, which now almost exclusively comprise my gaming activities. I started by playing Dark Heresy and then moved to other games such as Hollow Earth, Space: 1889, Deadlands, Renegade Legion, The Morrow Project, Shadowrun, GURPS, Anima, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Nights Black Agents, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Runequest 6, and Feng Shui 2.

    Once I got started I felt like I wanted to try my hand at being the gamemaster rather than a player. I ran a short campaign in Robin Crossby's Harnworld using the Harnmaster rules before discovering Glorantha and running The Colymar Campaign in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. I have also run other short Gloranthan campaigns of my own creation using both Heroquest and Runequest 6.
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    Eclipse Phase, D&D 5e, World War Cthulhu, Torchbearer
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    Amateur student of history, religion, philosophy, and literature.

    I play chess, write, read, and throw pottery when I am not gaming.

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  1. What was Belintar up to?

    Isn't he like Sedenya in that way: though he changes form, he is always Belintar -- and isn't that a kind of Stasis? Though Sedenya has many names and many shapes through Her lives, She is always One.
  2. How to teach Glorantha?

    @g33k You're introducing a whole different subject -- my points were aimed at the discussion concerning how to "teach" Glorantha as a world, not how to teach game mechanics. Obviously the GM has to provide some up-front discussion about how to play the game, and I never said otherwise. You may have better or more dedicated players than I have had, but I have never had anyone read "prep" material prior to a game. Perhaps that's just my bad fortune.
  3. How to teach Glorantha?

    I think it is the wrong approach to try to "teach" Glorantha to your players; no one participates in an RPG to learn -- many can't even be bothered to learn the rules. It is a lost cause to try to give them a lecture about the world, or to ask them to read preparatory material. Let the adventures you run inform them of the world. If your game is about an Orlanthi clan, focus on behaviors that match the culture of your clan. Are they axe or sword Orlanthi? Restrict their weapon usage. Have adventures in the Spring about protecting cattle from young men of rival clans, or perhaps questing to fix a planting ritual gone wrong. Show xenophobia with some foreign adventurers passing through, and the Lunar occupation with a local official interfering in clan business. In summer have the clan go raiding, and maybe display the start of a bloody feud that spirals out of control. Have your NPCs push your players to act in accordance with the Orlanthi way of life; get your PCs involved in the world around them. You can have your players read as much background material as you want, but it will never be real until you sit down and play with them. Show, don't tell.
  4. Stats for NPCS: Starbrow, Fazzur, Argrath, etc

    You're making the assumption that your players can never attain a level of power or effectiveness that will allow them to rival powerful NPCs. That's a mistake as far as I'm concerned, since you're curtailing your players because of narrative fiat. I agree that it should be difficult and rare for PCs to become akin to such lofty figures as Hofstaring Treeleaper and Kallyr Starbrow, but why should it be impossible? And furthermore, why should it be impossible that they come up with an effective plan to neutralize them even if they are not their equals? (I'm assuming that you meant "neither outcome) Your game is your game, so if the narrative-focused, tight storyline is what you and your players enjoy then more power to you. I believe that it is much more fulfilling to allow players a freer hand to interact with the world, grow, and leave their own mark.
  5. Stats for NPCS: Starbrow, Fazzur, Argrath, etc

    If the players are foolish enough to attack such powerful characters then they should bear the consequences of their actions. They will either die heroically facing terrible odds; or they will triumph, defeat a great adversary, and make a lasting mark on the world of Glorantha. Why would you deny them either opportunity?
  6. Then I guess I'm honestly confused as to what the issue is. When you get a chance, though, let us know how your idea works out. It's always good to have another tool in the kit box.
  7. @Jon Hunter Obviously you have to do what works for you and your group. Try it and see what happens! I'm just a bit skeptical. It seems to me that I'd prefer to wait fifteen minutes between actions, and be involved the whole game session, rather than a brief intense burst of activity followed by a drawn out period of waiting while everyone else finishes their combats. If length of combat is a concern, it's usually the number of dice rolls that are to blame. Maybe try something like this: Come up with a rough table for your combat based on the NPCs, in this case A and B. A has a 70% Attack and Parry, and B has an 80% Attack and Parry. Thus, A has a 14% chance of striking B and B failing to parry; B has a 24% chance. For each pair like this roll one d100: 01-14 means that A struck B, and 77-100 means the reverse. Use the expectation value for weapons damage, and check that against armor, subtracting final damage done from total hit points rather than locations. Or maybe just rule that one hit is enough to put a combatant out of the fight. Obviously this is just an off the cuff idea that I would only use for NPCs, but I think it might work with a little refinement. You could probably work in probabilities for Specials, Criticals, and Fumbles if you really wanted to, but I haven't bothered to do so here because it just complicates what's supposed to be a simple tool. I admit that using this method means that you do lose a lot of detail, but you probably don't need that much for NPCs. Save the full combat rules for those involving your PCs -- they should be in the spotlight anyway.
  8. I'm not sure how this differs from the normal RQ combat, except in that you've created many different combats out of what was once one unified whole. Seems like this approach would add confusion while also robbing characters of the ability to influence the larger fight once their section of the combat is finished.
  9. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    I mean, sure, there have been new "births", but these would be reincarnations of existing individuals. New eggs, and therefore new individuals would presumably require the mating of True Dragons, something which would likely not go unnoticed. And perhaps I should have said "those full of sin" or some such. Of course there are more flaws among the dragonewts than cowardice, thievery, and cheating; I was just trying to get the general point across.
  10. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    There's also the Petersen interpretation of Dragonewts: the ones still around are the cowards, cheats, and thieves; the good ones became dragons and are no longer in the Middle World.
  11. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    Yeah, I just remembered wrong and failed to fact-check myself. Thanks to @metcalph for setting me straight.
  12. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    @Runeblogger The Lunar Empire has a pretty well-documented history of using Dragonewt mercenaries. I remember reading of their presence at the siege of Boldhome and Whitewall, but I'm sure that there are other instances. The question that intrigues me is instead what the Lunars offered that the Dragonewts could possibly want. Perhaps, as you suggest, there is something in the cradle that they've been promised? That seems a little materialistic for the Dragonewts, though. The purple blood is also established in the lore: see the story of Minaryth Purple. I'm honestly not sure if there's a "why" other than the circular answer of "that's the color of dragonewt blood".
  13. Magic in RQG

    Yeah, definitely. I don't think there's any need to go into extreme detail -- particularly regarding skills and characteristics. But I do think that some notes about what we might call the "meta-magic" could be useful. @styopa I'd be pretty surprised if there's not a fairly significant spread of NPCs in the GM's book, but I think it would be great for Chaosium to add a sub-forum to discuss PC/NPC creation. I've never used it, but I believe this site has a fairly robust system for uploading files into a personal library that can then be shared freely.
  14. Magic in RQG

    I think that a chapter on practical use of magic in the game would be very helpful both to players and to GMs. I don't mean so much the use of individual spells; those are pretty obvious, and the cult write-ups provide an excellent framework for allocating spells. But when you start to incorporate all the systems of magic, companion spirits, enchantments of permanent or lengthy duration, and the acquisition/increase of magical power and ability over the long term, it seems as if the possibilities become complex and varied enough that I think it might be worth an in-depth discussion in the GM Book. Some questions that might be worth answering: How/when will a community donate magical power to a hero? What kind of enchantments will a hero bear? Will he store magical energy within himself or within items? Why? What kind and how many spirit guardians will accompany a hero? How will he utilize them to defend himself? I know that many or all of these questions can rightly be answered with "it depends", but for the novice GM new to Glorantha, I think providing a decent guide would be very helpful. Players have the advantage of learning how to use magic by experience as they gain experience with their characters, but GMs need to be able to replicate more tactically and magically advanced NPCs from the get-go.
  15. New RuneQuest and gods' Runes.

    @soltakss I'm a bit confused. Yu-Kargzant is worshiped by the Pure Horse People / Grazelanders, right? Who worships Yelm the Rider -- the Pentans?