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  1. People buy things because they look pretty. Later tonight on local news, we have John with a breaking report that the sky is blue and that water is wet.
  2. Sometimes you just aren't good enough -- adventurers should be made to remember that. As Rick said in the other thread... "it is the doom of men that they forget."
  3. I find it a vulgar term, but to each his own. That being said, @styopa is very right in saying that there is a wellspring of inspiration in video games -- or really any medium involving storytelling. It would be foolish to ignore it out of some misguided sense of genre purity. Great artists steal, after all.
  4. I would be very interested in a line of paper minis for Glorantha.
  5. The use of the word "demigod" is going to determine whether you buy Runequest? I admire your conviction, if not your arrogance. I've got to say, this thread is living proof that there is nothing too trivial for a group of old men (or Glorantha fans) to argue over.
  6. kaydet

    Free RPG day?

    I thought I had heard that a second quickstart was in the works. Maybe that was for next year.
  7. @Richard S.Could be. I know that the draconic corruption was localized in the blue tiles that faced the walls. Perhaps that was all that was added by the EWF?
  8. Never disputed that Clearwine is older than the EWF, but I thought it was pretty clearly stated that the walls were constructed by the dragonfriends. After all, it was Chief Colymar who purified them of their draconic taint.
  9. The walls of Clearwine were built by the EWF, after all, so I don't think the style indicates anything particularly Orlanthi, except insofar as the Orlanthi may have copied it after the resettlement.
  10. The Dara Happans number the years in the tens of thousands. Their calendar stretches back to 100,000 years before the Dawn. Whether you believe that or not, Gloranthan "history" does stretch back to the time before Time. In many ways, Glorantha is a post-apocalyptic world, with the magical and wondrous civilizations of the God Time being cast down and shattered by the destruction of the Gods War.
  11. @styopa I agree. Seems like it might be more likely that such material would be included in any forthcoming region books.
  12. kaydet

    RQG Artifacts

    @Roko Joko Have we really reached a point where wooden swords are too frightening?
  13. I can't really say I agree with any of those statements, but if you feel that strongly about it, I'm not going to try and dissuade you.
  14. I, for one, am very glad to hear that the minor gods are getting inclusion here. I want my players to be able to have a god which is cool and unique -- and not just Orlanth wearing a different hat. Chaos gods are cool and interesting, but I'd rather wait a bit and preserve Glorantha's diversity over sacrificing it on the altar of expediency. We've already waited years for the main books. What's another few months? There's so much gaming that can be done just with rival cults -- is Chaos really that important?
  15. It isn't. When refined it -- and the other rune metals -- have the same durability as bronze.
  16. Probably something along the lines of: "hey, I'm a big badass warrior with the wealth to prove it, and I want to look impressive so that my enemies know who they're messing with." People make these things way too complicated.
  17. I find all the fuss about the "breastplate" and the provocatively dressed Ernaldan priestess vaguely amusing, seeing as how nobody seems to give a damn that one of the male characters is literally wearing nothing but a loincloth... Nobody cares about that, I guess. There's equality for you.
  18. In my day we would have left such a child exposed on the hill. 🙃
  19. Not really criticising the manufacturer, just observing that they already announced a release date for the Kickstarter and that date has come and gone. It would make sense for Chaosium to release some kind of statement as to its status. To be clear, I'm not one of those people who needs an update every week in a product. I understand that plans change, products are delayed, and unexpected obstacles arise. That being said, when a date has been announced, and that date comes past, it would be nice to have some kind of update -- even if it's just to say that the product has been delayed, but it's still in the works with a release date to be determined.
  20. Since it was supposed to launch in February, it would be nice to get some kind of update. I was pretty excited about the project.
  21. Pretty sure that the Marian legions used chainmail as their primary body armor, if we're looking for historical justifications.
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