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  1. My players are hitting this exact problem and they are pretty annoyed with it. I'm pretty sure that they are going to go out into the wilder world to fix it. My next session is going to include a set of potential tasks to undertake for cash (from nearby Jonstown), which also include a caravan travel option or two. Basically I am treating the home clan as a "cradle" for adventuring, but they price of the many benefits (free healing, ransom, tribal support) is a barter and favor economy.
  2. ha ha, now I can't unsee that! OH YEAH!
  3. @borbetomagnus Those look great! The hand painted runes really are something that I've been unwilling to do too much of, and you've got ten on the same guy!!! lol. It is striking just how different these figures look when painted by people with differing styles -- and also that they continue to hold up over all of these years as pretty much the best glorantha figures out there. Your basing makes most of them look like they are in the Big Rubble -- was that the goal?
  4. These descriptions are very helpful.
  5. My take on this is pretty much mostly a no. A big part of the whole breakdown of the Celestial Court happened when the various powers were used not just irresponsibly, but even against themselves. This was the oft repeated line where Acos rules against himself, Kargan Tor is called to face himself in battle, etc. Use of these powers in that way was what broke everything. Most of the current holders of those runes are newer gods, and they seem to be much less abstract, and more like a hyped up mortal. Basically, they react to their misuse -- and harshly. So the creative aspect is really dialed down within time. And that's the caveat to my general stance -- to make a new thing, or at least a new BIG thing, you need to be a firing on all cylinders hero -- at least in my Glorantha. It isn't that it can't be done, exactly, but that the barrier is high. Since this is the type of activity I generally reserve for a high powered, long-running campaign, I should have left around several Chekhov's guns for the players to exploit. A couple of times I got caught out, and quickly discovered Eurmal is always the answer when ad-libbing. But it is much, much more satisfying for a long running narrative hook to be pulled off the shelf from four months ago by a heavily engaged, thinking-cap-on player and be used for something like this. That's pretty much what I am looking for as a GM in this situation. I want a character who is powerful enough, has suffered the "Arkat grind" enough to have earned it, and the player has had the "eureka!" moment using information introduced within the campaign itself. Short of these things, I think the established order's barriers to such changes are too great.
  6. Okay, pic dump time. I have two Yelmalian pike blocks completed. One is the Golden Shields, and the other, well, they are just Sun Dome Templars. The plain white shields are intentional. I wanted just "more bright" to shine through, and actually went back and touched up the whiteness after applying varnish. The Golden shields are using the Macedonian Royal guard box set, which is exactly the same figures as the regular Macedonian Phalanx boxed set, except that it has metal heads and shields. The pikes are indeed fragile, but do respond well to plastic cement glue. I repurposed a very old figure (I am thinking he was painted and used in gaming back in the 80's as a Priest. Another bonus figure from Warlord games is the Rune Lord. I also painted a couple of "loose" Beryl phalanx hoplites. These are for skirmish gaming or RPG purposes. The big guy will be the incarnation of Yanafil Tarnils. The figure is very much a kludge, but I gave it a shot. Same manufacturer as the "Orlanth" figure above. Also included is a werewolf that I somehow forgot to paint with the earlier Telmori batch, and my version of a spirit wolf. The final figure is a jack o'bear that I picked up very on when I decided to paint Glorantha figures. Extremely easy to paint, he just didn't the painting table for no particular reason.
  7. Looking deeper at the Fireforge catalog, I note that the Byzantine foot does not have chain mail, either the spear man nor auxiliaries. These could be used for Glorantha figures very easily. I don't know exactly what troops I'll be modelling with these, but I plan to pick some up. https://fireforge-games.com/byzantines-25 Their Mongol cavalry could be Char-Un, and the Mongol Heavy Cavalry Lancers I posted the image of earlier. https://fireforge-games.com/mongol-horde-22
  8. The art direction hasn't provided a clear enough place for me to land on. However: Or Sarmatians. Sarmatians are always my "go-to" for heavily armored, no chain mail, yet "not-Knight" ancient extra heavy cavalry.
  9. Frozen II struck me as exactly the blueprint of a heroquest, honestly.
  10. This has had a very big shift to my own understanding of what Lunars "look" and "feel" like coming back after 20+ years. Definitely a lot of Assyrian in the sense that they might armor anything, even the archers. Polyglot and held together only be constant success, like the Persians. Yet they are described as having a "Macedonian" style combined arms, yet using old fashioned Hoplites as some of their best shock troops. Orlanthi have always worked well as Thracian in feel, with some Celtic thrown in. Important to my own understanding of the game universe -- the armies are NOT well armored, even the Lunars. Hard Leather, Linen, and Cuirboilli are rampant. This was by no means made clear in the RQ2 days. To the OP's main point, an astonishing amount is still on track. You don't really need to bail on anything. If it works for your particular story, the rock on. YGMV.
  11. I did Ancient Greece run in Fantasy Europe in 3rd Edition. It was a diversion more than a campaign, but was very popular. Everyone already knew all the deities, and many of the heroic characters, including Chiron the Centaur. Most of them learned about the city states and their great rivalries. The campaign itself was noteworthy in that the main villain of the piece was actually the stable boy, and he ultimately "won" the campaign, by pinning a crime that he committed on the players, getting them exiled -- presumably to Persia.
  12. This is why POD upfront matters to consumers. DriveThruRPG is just a different beast than Chaosium.
  13. Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. 😄 You can probably tell I was having fun with this one. The Hoplites are indeed Victrix Spartans. The sculpts are great, the price is excellent, and there is not "too much" detail on the figures -- sounds counter intuitive but figures fighting in formation with large shields often have most of the detail work totally obscured, mooting all the work you put into them. The one downside of Victrix is that the plastic they use seems fragile -- I snapped the spear of one figure while just reaching over to pick him up. Despite this, Victrix is still easily an A-, maybe more if you are basing and storing your miniatures as a unit, as I am. I've got a set of "Athenian" Victrix Hoplites and some good looking shield decals, so the next set may or may not be as close to the canon description in "Armies and Enemies". Based on a blogger's recommendation, I also ordered a box of Victrix's "Warriors of Carthage", but who knows when the heck that may get here, or what unit they will be used to represent. I've still got plastic Persians (defunct Wargames Factory) and Arabs (Gripping Beast) in the closet anyway. Lots of stuff to work up in front of them.
  14. He is the "Of Gods and Mortals" Zeus figure. I saw him in my friendly local game store and snapped him up, but he's still available. 60mm tall and easy to paint, the color scheme is right from the book, but he REALLY needed the light blue tattoo scheme to not look horrible.
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