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  1. It's not really an issue. However I do hold RQII to be pretty much the gold standard for clarity with rules. RQ:G is simply too long to possibly be as concise, plus they added in flavorful character generation, much more about Glorantha in general, etc. Like anything else, when you GM you use the mechanics that you need to tell the story and play the game. Everything else is nice to have.
  2. Ah! I get it now. I misunderstood "who" was having the problem. Honestly your example does raise an interesting question. Why aren't the world mechanics being followed by the NPCs for the benefit of the NPC's? I just play it that the world is "semi-static". The pushy clan champion that you hated last year is the same, but you got better faster. The clan ring members are in even worse shape, as they have almost zero time to work in adventuring skills and such. My assumption has always been that the PC's are "favored by the gods" or similarly exceptional in some way. Or they j
  3. I think this is where we diverge. The way I run it, the players have to sacrifice to the community. Mainly with their blood, sweat, and time, but the community needs them to solve big problems. It doesn't exist to empower the players. A successful adventure does tend to leave the players in a better position than before. Maybe they had to quest for the Mcguffin of Might to deal with some threat or other. When the threat is dealt with, sometimes they wind up with Mcguffin for a good deal of time. Sometimes not. But the clans people my players are interacting with cannot be "magic t
  4. Entirely depends on the campaign that you are running. My current one started very, very low powered. The character's relative power to the more storied members of their clans is a constant theme that drives the players as their relationships to the cast of NPCs (Red Cow region!) has been changing over the course of the adventures. The campaign has heavily followed the seasons to pace the lifestyle and culture of the hill people, and the players have consciously chose to burn multiple seasons in "training montages" rather than risk the options for more serious adventures. All are new to G
  5. Point of fact, I'm not clear that they didn't actually intend to kill all of the Rune Gate inhabitants at least. That's not "genocide" certainly, but it should at least be a war crime (I mean, if Glorantha had a UN or such. Frankly just using Chaos is already beyond the pale for just about all Glorantha societies as I understand it). I found this: But I have also read, but cannot currently find, that they promised all the survivors to Delecti as undead, but then fed everybody to the Bat, so Delecti got nothing.
  6. And that remains my opinion. Everything that I have read and experienced has led me to the point of view that we are much more civilized than our ancestors, as a whole. If anything, we live in a near paradise of plenty, with our individual rights well defined and protected, our ability to speak out and discuss topics freely, criticize our leaders without fear of violent reprisal, etc. This is on average of course. There were plenty of peaceful societies discovered by anthropologists, but always small communities, and normally very isolated. There is of course wrong and evil around th
  7. You clearly went off on my players and myself without reading, or really caring to fully read what I wrote. The players were new, we used the family history with random rolls, and holy cow did we get a weighted group of results. Warrior and farmer roll ups from a warrior society. Entire families killed by Lunars. Souls eaten by a chaos horror employed by men to dominate other men. Philosopher, family killed by Lunars too. Hmmm. Multiple characters with Hate Lunar passion during roll up. With no immediate families, it was obvious to us that this group of orphans teamed up as a ban
  8. Hopefully this is back on track in some sort of a productive manner. Some of the comments that I have read were quite incredible. My players are presented with a fairly violent world with their way of life under siege. This isn't something that they demanded or that I made up. It is the setting. We play plenty of games that don't involve violence, such as Catan or Marrying Mr. Darcy. This, however, is a game of Heroic Fantasy, bronze age passions, and is a weird and savage place. Some game sessions are run as comedies, some as drama, some as a straight up action film. But the roo
  9. Two players works fine. The main thing is to add more NPC interactions, especially for combat heavy scenes. One good trick for this is make combat either dueling/social situations, or large scale military conflict starting at clan vs. clan. That way the players are either spotlighted and showcased, or else they are influencing/driving a larger narrative of two clans/cultures/whatever clashing, and aren't expected to personally stab every enemy to death. The main thing is to avoid traditional dungeon style crawls where the PC's go off by themselves to do "something", focusing more on
  10. I completely agree with this. It just isn't the nature of the world as presented, nor in line with what we know about our own ancestors. (Or, if we are honest, about our own deeper rooted, glossed over by civilization, urges.) Two out of my five Zoom players had their family eaten, body and soul, by the Crimson Bat during character generation. One was an exile and had to leave his home for five years. Another has no living family, they being mostly killed by Lunars. I had thought to squeeze in more "but what have the Lunars done for us?" type things, but there is no way that the play
  11. OP never said that his PC sorcerer was Orlanthi, did he? Maybe he is a Lunar, in which case, why would he care what the hillbilly barbarians think of his College of Magic trained powers?
  12. This is very similar to the "what do I do when the Humakti is killing everybody" question. The answer is also very similar. If the word gets out that a PC has powerful magic and is using that to topple mighty foes, then unfairly targeting the character IS the logical NPC response. Obviously if he meets someone on the road and they fight for some reason the NPC(s) may not be aware of this powerful magic. On the other hand, if the player is making enemies, or even just a name for themselves, then divinations around "who killed Lord Hakon Slash"? by his friends and kin are going to happe
  13. That it is one of the greatest treatment of a non-human species of all time in any RPG ever.
  14. That looks........almost identical to the pig faced orcs I did up as Tusk Riders on Page 5. It is also totally how I envisioned orcs prior to the LoTR films.
  15. After painting all of those miniatures, I wound up using straight up Zoom sessions. No one has found the other online options especially appealing, although part of that is simply the lack of support. I AM going to GM the Battle of Iceland using the armies that I have painted up and a camera (or two) when the party gets there in the timeline. That is intended as the big climax of this arc. But the week to week sessions haven't needed anything other than a shared Google Drive folder and a premium license for Zoom. The fillable PDF is fantastic, the players literally update the sheet a
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