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  1. I am running a bit of a mix. When the players are in clan lands, taking on odd tasks or self directed adventures, they follow the seasonal rules, with the extra exp checks, Pow gain rolls from the handy local temples, etc. Montage training for several seasons while adventuring on the side has been a heavy focus, especially for the Lhankhor Mhy player, who needs his lores skilled up via training. When the players venture out of these safe zones, then it all starts to go real time on them, with multiple encounters before holy days, extensive travel time between any type of civilization,
  2. Hopefully he kickstarters those some day.
  3. I dug into his Facebook page and he has exactly one sculpt of a Sable showing. I gather it was for a hero of some type, as opposed to generic Praxians. Rapier Miniatures also showed one of a couple of years ago, but they never seemed to put it into production, and now they have taken their Runequest section down. 😞
  4. That's just it -- javelins are supposed to be thrown on the run. See -- any Olympic video of the event. I have read several accounts describing their use in this manner for ancient battles, particularly for the loose order units. Thrown weapons are just different from modern mechanically or chemically powered weapons, where the body needs to be still to let the mechanism work at maximum accuracy. Thrown weapons are very much integrated in our own bio mechanics, and humans can throw things extremely well. https://www.businessinsider.com/most-important-human-adaptations-2016-6#though-
  5. To add a bit of fuel to the fire, I allow moving and throwing weapons, because in real life, that's how that was often done......
  6. aaaaaaaand backed. πŸ™‚ The Lunars are welcome, as are the Trollkin with spears, although the goofy ones are hilarious. The killer need is Sable riders.
  7. Not much use honestly. Random runes are not a thing, and the strike rank die can be used to keep track of the strike rank, but I would look at the Infinity-Engine strike rank tracker if you playing with that level of tactical granularity, which these days, even I am not. https://www.infinity-engine.com/index.php?id_product=123&controller=product
  8. She had a near infinite supply of Mossbacks and over 30 rune points to Berserk them while being able to retreat and hide and the branches, likely to never be spotted again in the campaign, let alone the adventure. I figured that was enough against a 3 man party without a single member even sporting 100% metal armor yet. πŸ˜‰
  9. I think it is much more about being potentially damaging to the Empire. An illuminate getting control the Bat would be in a great position to start a civil war, and would have no religious restrictions against doing so.
  10. I'm not sure everyone who has done wrestling would agree with that! However this is likely one of those "internal disagreement" things. I can imagine some Chalana Arroy temples teaching never touching a weapon, while others would advocate a shield as acceptable, while still others might allow more borderline actions such as grappling with the intent for restraint. There is certainly room in Glorantha for that sort of disagreement, and it might spice up the campaign with CA PC's a bit. πŸ˜‰ I would definitely want a Kraloria influence before we can even talk Judo. Advanced unarmed combat
  11. Hey, you are right! I misread that for some reason. That puts her back down to just 10x Sever Spirits with her 32 Rune points, backed with a 32 POW. She has significant weaknesses that no PC would want to live with (fragility, lack of Allied Spirit, no Divine Intervention), but dang.....the lethality is there in spades. I don't mind a final boss/world fixture being OTT, but she was out of balance with the rest of the scenario, was more the concern. Just removing the Sever Spirits would have fixed that imo, and the most likely outcome would be her getting away with the PC's saving th
  12. I ran my players through the Woods of the Dead, Gloomwillow mission from Pegasus Plateau. ***Spoilers*** ***You were warned*** My first take was that this was a beginning level adventure. The creatures were 50% to hit, no magic, and don't hit hard at all, 1d6 +1d4. Literally newly rolled up characters out of the RQ:G book can take them. Some of the creatures were a bit stronger, but still not Grendel "rip your arms off" tough. Then I read the final encounter, saw the massive amount of Rune points, the ridiculous POW, the 2 point Sever Spirit
  13. This is one of those "advanced" options where the player must be able to rise to the adventure without using violence -- like Orpheus. The GM must also be on his or her toes to make sure that plenty of "there is always another way" things are available to do in the campaign. This doesn't require a withdrawal from heroic fantasy, but it does require an enrichment of the situation to include options for the 100% non-combat character. The situations are the same, but the point of view must be made "sideways" from the usual hero's perspective. On rough dungeon type mission it can be very
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