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  1. Raibanth Line. Figures are Fireforge Games Byzantines. I used one box of spearmen and one box of Auxiliaries. There are left over figures, including 5 slingers that will become Thunder Delta Slingers, and 10 extra melee that I assembled as swordsmen. Still looking into which unit this might be, but I am thinking Bagnot foot. This produced one large unit (single rank spearmen, double rank archers), and two regular units -- one rank of each.
  2. I have been running a campaign via Zoom for over a year now (how the time flies!). It is very old school, with oral descriptions only. Anything we need share I put into a shared Google drive, which is also where the character sheets live. It is not optimal, and everything goes way slower than in person, but after a period of adaptation, it has produced some very dramatic moments. 🙂
  3. I posted a bit about this topic here: I definitely try to stage mass battles by doing smaller battles first, and with the PC's in non-leadership positions. This sort of sets ground rules and expectations. Bonus points if they see their leaders fail, and learn a lesson for when they are Rune level and in charge later on. Just three weeks ago I ran the Battle of Iceland. I do not use the rules in the Main Rule book, and originally intended this to be a miniatures session using TTS! Sadly despite the fact that I have painted both sides for his, including personalities and gi
  4. It is often called "Heroic scale", and is 32mm or even 36mm scale. A great example of this was how GW Imperial Guard (ordinary humans) eventually became taller than their iconic Space Marines (who are supposed to be 7-8' tall). This led to the release of "true scale" Primaris Marines. Historical miniatures are generally better in this regard, and while there has been a bit of scale creep, I still have true 28mm miniatures mixed in the many photos that I've posted in this very thread. The Buffalo Riders being a very strict true 28mm group. It works well enough with the other figures,
  5. He looked like he had a lot of the component work done last year. I'm not sure where he is in the process but I will certainly be picking up a copy. Right now you can modify Frostgrave into "Pavisgrave", and I have run Simon's "To The Strongest!" for Glorantha based battles (including one in the middle of a RPG session), so to me the figures are more important than the rules. Rules I can replace, or make up. Figures for Glorantha can be highly specific.
  6. aaaaaaand pledged. This particular Kickstarter is very beefy, by the way.
  7. Dissolv


    Those are extremely good (but pricey) figures for forest guardian types. Way too large for standard Aldryami though. I was looking at the old Mirilton wood elves for those. They might mix well, honestly, with the size of the huge Sylvaneth looking more like trees against the diminutive mirlton elves. My own painting has stalled temporarily due to RL, but the quest continues. https://mirliton.it/wood-elves/wood-elf-archers-we001
  8. They are great resources for a campaign. My players just hit the Windstop late last meeting, with tonight being the end of the world. Recommended to grab while you can.
  9. Risklands is awesome in its concept, I had great fun with that one....for a short time. Borderlands is possibly the best introductory campaign pack ever published for any game. For new players there just isn't a contest. Work up to Risklands, and use it as an outlet for Rune levels who insist on annoying the Lunars.
  10. If by adventuring, you mean "doing my own thing for my own fortune and glory", then yes. But a hallmark of a lot of Glorantha adventures has been that your characters are propelled by clan, cult, and kin into sort of "adventures of duty". In many ways this is where the world shines -- the players are often embroiled in feuds, wars, and troubles not of their own making. There is a world outside the mad lust for bigger numbers on the character sheet, and the players frequently feel motivated by things other than gold and experience points. In the Hero Wars time frame those shamans
  11. My crew is all new to Glorantha, so the backstory really helped. Who are these Lunar guys you are talking about? /rolls dice. Oh no, they used Godzilla to eat Grandma? I have a passion of hating them? /direction achieved. It did slow things down a lot, but not really. We might have wound up with a lot of those questions the first meeting anyway, just to ground the characters into the world. Actually that's the biggest advantage of the process -- these aren't generic fighters or thieves, or what have you. They have families, communities, and passions from prior life experience.
  12. But no reason to think that they necessarily connect to each other in parallel. It could be a serial connection, which actually better explains why destroying one breaks the warding.
  13. I believe it shakes out this way: Warding can be dispelled (clarified in RBoM by removing the "enchantment" label) You can teleport through it (Teleport clearly beats it in points, even if you believe the countermagic would impede it.) GM choice if you suffer the damage or set off the alarm right now. I can definitely see both ways being argued. Enchantments (which warding is not) cannot be dispelled. This is apparently so commonsense that it was never explicitly stated as it was in previous editions, only implied. Decision about a "roof", or "floor" to the warding
  14. Alright, you seem like a RAW kind of guy, so I'll ask without any intention of being disrespectful. Where does it say that you can't dispel an Enchanting Ritual? p.247 -- Spell Terminology: Defines both Enchantment and Ritual. Neither definition includes inability to dispel. Instant spells ARE defined as not subject to dispel on the very next page. Warding of course is not instant. Under Enchantment I note it says that it "usually" requires the exchange for points of POW. p. 249. Enchantment section, clearly states that an Enchantment requires that the enchanter lose somethi
  15. I should have searched before I asked. Apparently the reason that I remember it being dispellable is because it always was. I found this: @David Scott posts a comparison of the RQ2, RQ3, and RQ:G text for Warding. Relevant part from RQ2: "The Warding spell lasts until the wands are removed and any attempt to remove the wands by anyone other than the caster will trigger the defenses. It can also be dispelled with the appropriate strength of Dispel Magic. " In my copy of Red Book of Magic, it is no longer even an enchantment. It iust "Ritual, Stackable". I think you
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