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  1. Looks like I will live without them.
  2. I got my pdf for this and other Chaosium books via Bits & Mortar. Will this update be pushed to that venue, too?
  3. I hope those books make it into English some day. I know about Google Translate. I just want to read them in my native language without the "on the fly" translation that will then require editing and translating into actual English. Oh! What might have been had not one particular man passed away.
  4. With Glorantha being such a large world with so many rich possibilities, I've always thought it disappointing that Chaosium maintained such a narrow focus on such a small part of the world/setting. That narrow focus appears to continue. That written, I am sure Mr. Tweet will produce a volume that will be of great use to those who share Chaosium's narrow focus.
  5. [I'd reply point by point, as you did to my post, but I don't know how to do that and get the formatting that your comment has.] I prefer a sandbox to a prepared adventure. Let the players have their characters discover where the danger is and when to run away...or charge in to a glorious bloody death! NPC gets a lucky shot? No problem. It happens, but not often. So, no worries. It is what "Hero Points" (or whatever a given game calls them) are for. I am not terribly interested in the "heroic player" idea. I am also not interested in superhero games. Nor am I interested D&D and its derivatives and evolutionary descendants. Been there and quickly grew tired of that style of play. Star Wars would have been a different story. So, what? Part of what I enjoy about RPGs is adapting to unexpected circumstances, both as a GM and as a player. Let the story emerge with strange unexpected twists and turns. Let's see what the players can figure out and enjoy the journey. Create multiple characters before play. Figure out how to work the alternate into the mix. Skill sets change? Adapt, improvise, and overcome. Perhaps the original goal needs to be delayed until players can find a way back to that path. Or, perhaps it is abandoned as new opportunities are discovered. Enjoy your style of play! I acknowledge that it is popular. Nobody is required to agree with me.
  6. I don't understand wanting to protect the player characters from the world in which they exist. If the threat does not exist, if they face no challengers, I do not see the point of playing. A low level "mook" actually scores a victory against a player character? Great! Keep them on their toes, humble them a bit, remind them that they are not gods who can do as they will without consequences. How can the campaign be dead from such an incident? I do not understand that.
  7. It may help you to take a look at Mythras Imperative (free pdf) or the full Mythras rules. Formerly Rune Quest 6th Ed., Mythas adds Effects that are invoked based upon relative success levels. They include subtle tactics, enhanced aim, damage, etc., based upon style if weapon. I am not trying to steer you away from Renaissance D100, just suggesting a source for ideas that may help you to finesse the feel of fencing.
  8. *cough* RD100 International Version *cough*
  9. My condolences regarding the crowdfunding campaign.
  10. I continue to look forward to the eventual release of the international version of the rules into the wild after what I hope is a successful conclusion to the Dynamic D100 project.
  11. You might also consider Zweihander Grim & Perilous. It is a Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition retro-clone. PDFs at DTRPG and physical books (possibly the best produced books on the market) available at major book outlets. I would not call it "rules-lite", however. So, maybe not...
  12. Assuming you are referring to rsanford's "The Second Way Draft", they are for Magic World, a sort of compilation of rules written over the decades for Chaosium's Elric/Stormbringer rpg versions. "Relevance" is in the eye of the beholder.
  13. Congratulations on the license acquisition! No wonder I was unable to guess during your hint dripping. I've never heard of this property. /chuckle/ Good fortune to you and may this be the gateway to success that you hope for it to be!
  14. Don't avoid Dresden based upon one person's opinion. The novels are excellently written and tell rousingly good tales. Any story can sound unappealing if presented in a sufficiently simplistic manner. Star Trek is just a series of idealistic sci fi stories. See?
  15. I was thinking Lost in Space, but that is more than 40 years old. Then, Atomic Robo, but that is not old enough. The "hints" are too obscure for me. Just tell us and stop with the annoying games.
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