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    Began with BRP in the shape of the swedish Drakar och Demoner. Have been a RuneQuest/Glorantha fan for many a year, and a fan of most things Chaosium!
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    Playing D&D5 and a homebrew SF campaign. Running Mutant:Year Zero, but it is currently on ice.
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  1. I am planning to begin an RQG campaign once everyone is vaccinated and plan to use the Jeff version: Let the players choose their stats. Once they have an idea of who they are, so after family story and deciding on profession and cult. Like Dissolv mentioned above, characteristics are much less important in RQ than in for example the D&D games. And I am fine with them being heroes. After all, they are the main characters in our story.
  2. Generally 5. Rules are subservient to the fiction, what happens at the table. To make it more dramatic make a roll. I would let the player suggest what they wanted to roll, then decide if that fit. IMO SR are there to help decide who strikes first when two people are engaged. Outside of that simple situation, you just have to go with what feels right.
  3. The way I use Strike Rank is only to use it to answer the question: Who strikes first when two people enter combat with each other. I think trying to make it into an impulse system is overcomplicating what is at the heart simple. I know that this is not exactly how it is described in the rulebook, but I think it is the easiest way to handle it.
  4. The clan wyter of the Ernaldori is shortly described in the Gamemaster Screen Pack. It says that "the clan wyter is a sacred corn snake, and harming such nakes is taboo for clan members."
  5. Personally I am going to use the cathegories as skills rather than individual weapons. I was a bit disappointed to find that they went with individual weapon skills rather than broader skills, but it is an easy thing to houserule. Individual weapons as skills is an unnecessary granularity that I feel I do not need in my game. There are almost too many skills as is anyway.
  6. Wolf Brothers: Page 84: "Each Wild Day [...] each Telmori must change to their wolf form [...]. Many Telmori possess Rune magic that allows them to assume wolf form on other occasions." On page 87 the description of the Transform Self spell say that "This spell can only be cast on Wild day." But on Wild day Telmori must change anyway, which makes this spell meaningless. Unless I miss something.
  7. On page 60 and 63, "Homeland cultural skill bonuses", Sartar, Esrolia and Old Tarsh get a bonus to 'Battle Axe' but on the character sheet you only have the skills '1H Axe' and '2H Axe'. As you can use a battle axe either one or two handed, do you get the bonuses to both skills, or is it supposed to be "1H Axe or "2H Axe", or should you add 'Battle Axe' as a skill, or...? In short, do you have skills in weapon cathegories as defined on page 207 and on, or in individual weapons? The Homeland cultural skill bonuses seem to indicate both since you get both bonuses to cathegories ("1H Spear +10%) and to individual weapons (High Llama: "2H Dagger-Axe +10%"). And on the character sheet, only the weapon cathegories are listed as skills.
  8. I am preparing to run the RuneQuest Quickstart, and is trying to straighten out the events that the PCs have participated in. So far I have this chronology. I have tried to include only the events mentioned in the PC backgrounds, only adding things to make things clearer. Some things I wonder about, and thought I'd put it to the forum and see what people think! (For those who do not have the QS, Vasana, Yanioth, Sorala and Harmast are four of the QS PCs, and the ones I am going to use.) ---- The current year is 1625, after the dragonrise and Kallyr’s crowning as Prince of Sartar. Three years ago (1622), Samastina of the Old Earth rebelled againt the her aunt, the Queen of Esrolia, Hendira of the Red Earth Alliance, who was allied to the Lunar Empire. Samastina was crowned Queen with Ernalda’s bleessings. [Sorala supports Samastina through the rebellion] Two years ago, King Broyan of Whitewall allied with Queen Samastina, and Vasana and Yanioth [and Harmast?] follows him to Nochet. The Lunars send an army to Nochet to defeat the rebellion, but could not break the city nor stop it from restocking through it’s port, so they lay siege to the city instead. [Are King Broyan besieged with the Old Earth alliance people in Nochet?] Last year [? 1624], Argrath White Bull returned with the Wolf Pirate fleet of Harrek the Berserk. Broyan and Samastina allies with him, and with their help they break the Lunar siege at the Battle of Pennel Ford. [Did Harmast join the others only now? Regardless, he returns home after the battle.] Argrath and Queen Samastina [accompanied by Sorala, Vasana and Yanioth] journeys to the Paps in Prax, where they summon the old Praxian hero Jaldon Goldentooth. Samastina returns to Esrolia after this, but Argrath and Jaldon raise a huge nomad army that sweeps aside the Lunar army of prax, and then proceed to capture the city of Pavis. Argrath is proclaimed King of Pavis. [Vasana is badly injured, and returns home to Sartar with her sister. They are accompanied by Sorala, who has now become good friends with them.] In Earth season of 1625, the Lunars prepared for the Great Transformation of Dragon Pass with the sanctification of the new Temple of the Reaching Moon. But the ritual and the temple was destroyed by the appearance of an unknown True Dragon! This event is now called the Dragonrise. The dragon ate most of the Lunar provincial leadership, most of their elite troops and large parts of their local supporters. Some say that Argrath used lost Dragon Friendship magic to call it. [Harmast witnesses the Dragonrise] After the Dragonrise, Sartar and Dragon Pass in thrown into Turmoil. Kallyr Starbrown gathers the tribes of Sartar and marches to fight the remaining Lunar leadership under the King of Tarsh, and wins! [Harmast fights with Kallyr] With Sartar freed, Kallyr Starbrow was proclaimed Prince of Sartar, in accordance with the old ways! [Did she light the Flame of Sartar?]
  9. I really like the Orlanth in the middle! But...I have to agree with Iskallor. Pasty fantasy vikings? And only one woman, and in boob plate. That was a disappointment.
  10. Can you tell us when the RQ quickstart will be available to download from you?
  11. Oh gods how much I want this! I just hope there will be a store near me in Sweden that is part of free-rpg-day!
  12. Contrary to some other posters I do NOT wish for a ruleset that specifically links with the RQ rules. RuneQuest is a great rpg, but for a minis skirmish game you want something faster that creates interesting small battles! I have played some such, Confrontation and Bushido being two favourites, although I have not tried Outbreak! The important thing is that it is a good, interesting and tactical set of skirmish rules! I do echo the comments about the models, though! Orlanthi is a good beginning, and I think they are and should be unique enough that you would want them rather any old barbarian mini with a rune on the shield. Praxian beastriders, I agree very much with! They are a very characterful culture that works excellently as foes to the orlanthi!
  13. Pavis is said to have been the result of a magical experiment, so definitely unusual. I cannot find the exact source right now though...
  14. I rather liked the Resistance Table, and would prefer it to opposing skills. To me, it feels simpler. It is true that in the RQ2 rulebook the active/resisting side was labled as POW, but already in the Basic Roleplaying bookled (1980) it was turned into a generic active/resisting force. Because people were using it for all kinds of things! It is useful that way!
  15. I like the sound of this! It is always good to tie the charaters into the world, and I dare say that this will make Glorantha easier to introduce people to. The clan generation in HQ is awesome, but this is much more personal, and I think that makes it a more powerful tool. And I foresee we'll see both a lot of fan made and official family background material for other ethnicities, and also other times! Personally I really like the pre-sartar era of KoDP, and it would be interesting to see someone tackle making family background tables for those times!
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