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  1. Hi Jean, Glad this thread may be of use to some folks. Yeah I am just about to hit my first naval combat and spotted the same issue. The weather table hides some detail but there are some critical rules missing there. I am guessing there is a table missing that allows you to translate the 4 sail categories into the speed grid and has some additional rules on difficulty and danger to damaging the ship, as that is all suggested in the text. At no point does there seem to be a filled in speed grid to work backwards from Perhaps if the author is reading this he can provide some help. Oth
  2. Corrected Currency Chart (with Raw Weights) The Currencies charts on p66-67 looks like it got messed up in typesetting and is all over the shop. So did a little research Since most early currency was based on weights and purity of gold & silver, it makes sense to include them here to allow you to know the exchanges (They are all approximated to make things easier). Also missed off the smaller copper coins… who is interested in them. Also for some of the currencies there were larger gold currencies for trade – usually up to 2oz. gold. But I am avoiding them as they are gene
  3. Well Blood Tide... My group hankered after a pirate game, are comfortable with Cthulhu (as a system, not a cuddling buddy!) and it was a toss up between this and the Renaissance one. I wanted a game that suited my GMing style and Blood Tide seemed to fit. Most games in our group are very "grounded in reality" which is all fine, but I prefer to play games where the players can REALLY change the world significantly. Games offer a chance for a little escapism and it is good to throw the "big questions" at players in the context of a game. i.e. If you had the power to change things, would you
  4. Ship Crew GM/Player Aid Managing a crew on a ship could become a tiresome and burdensome paperwork exercise. Especially if you want to add a bit of character to the crew and have everyone named, with a nationality and equipped with different skills which can be hired and fired. I created a spreadsheet that allows you to quickly create random crew which you can drip feed to the party as they go. Each has a random set of stats (just Physical/Mental), an optional special skill and 1-3 wounds. All the players have to do is give them a Location on the ship and a Section to work in.
  5. Ship Boarding Rules Has been a subject of a thread here, so have pulled together their findings here to have rules clarifications in 1 place. The key is to pull together the Ship Combat rules on p86-88 & the Rabble rules on p109-110. So from these discussions I have pulled together the following Quick Reference based on this and my own assumptions. BOARDING: Start - SHIP COMBAT TIME (5min): Boarding starts when 2 section gets within 10 yds Contested Seamanship Roll Winner boards the other ship & takes initiative - allow 1 free Hit for boarding
  6. Game Affecting Typos p70 & p72 has a lot of weapons doing 1D60 damage!!!! The author has clarified that these should be 1D10 on another post here p87 under Crew Recovery the text in mangled. Not sure what it is meant to be but I have assumed that it is meant to read "Of the total crew lost, 2D10+5 percent are fatalities" Will add more as they are clarified or I discover them.
  7. Ship, Crew & Cannon Costs Yeah - the stuff in BRP has all the rules for an abstracted currency system, but I find pirate games suit REAL NUMBERS as you need to know how big that treasure you just dug up is! The entire fiction is around "Pieces of Eight"... not "Wealth Levels" Crew costs are irrelevant - all crew just shared booty, with the "officers" getting a larger share - some a little, some more... a reason for mutiny! Some good examples of how each pirate allocated shares are at the bottom of the page here. Shop costs are more tricky... The fact that the character
  8. This is NOT a post critical of the supplement. In most respects, I love it... a great world to plunder, the stunts system is genius and Voudou is a great magic system ripe for some rich roleplaying rather than the usual flash-bang effects. But as I run it for my group I am finding numerous issues, typos and stuff just plain missing from the rules. i.e. at a "rules on paper" level it is far from perfect! Some endemic "typo like" issues are in there which I can ignore: The author indicated that it was a mash up of 2 background - one magical, one historical and it shows periodically. S
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