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  1. These are very nice and come in a very opportune time for me, as I am currently running the Colymar campaign from Sartar - Kingdom of Heroes. The PCs, just 2 days ago in our last session, had the fight in the temple of Humakt and we ended the session right when the Lunars burst in and come to arrest the party (my attempt of a cliffhanger ending). The next session, they are going to be escorted to Temertain's Palace and I'm going to make good use of your maps of the place. Many thanks for these maps! One question about the palace, is the area with the air rune one big open area all the way
  2. Most excellent! Hopefully Pavis & Big Rubble will follow soon(ish).
  3. "I'm Spartacus!" "Er, sorry... I'm Vargast!"
  4. I already have the PDF of Elevation, but wouldn't mind a hard copy if I manage to win the 1st prize. I'll use this opportunity to ask how the M-Space Companion is shaping up? I, for one, am eagerly waiting that book. I really would like some examples of future weapons and armor, plus some sci-fi drugs (medical and combat ones, not recreational ones), like the ubiquitous medhypo. Sure, I can make something up (and have done so), but it would be nice to have pre-designed ones as well. I know those vary a lot according to the setting, but a few common examples from which to extrapolate would
  5. Same here. As long as the assumptions and explanations are sufficiently logical and the universe abides by them (and not changing them on a whim with technobabble), and as long as the whole package is internally consistent, it's Good Enough (tm) for me. I basically want space opera with aspirations of hard SF without being utterly slaved to hard science.
  6. Excellent news! A follow-up question: Would you consider having a similar offer with these like with RQG, where if you ordered the PDFs from the Chaosium store, you got a discount on the printed versions (of the same) from Chaosium store. Not likely, but it doesn't hurt to ask (Ouch! Look where you're pointing that dagger!). That was a splendid offer and most likely only for RQG.
  7. Any chance of Chaosium printing these and selling dead tree versions of them some fine day?
  8. I love playing the KoDP soundtrack while I'm brainstorming ideas for adventures and writing down scenarios (and other happenings) for my Glorantha campaign. The game is very good, I love it to bits, but the music is fantastic and deserves a separate mention! (EDIT: I have the GOG version which comes with the soundtrack, don't know if the Steam version does.)
  9. They are not down for me. Working just like normal.
  10. Very nice map, indeed! Kudos! Maybe it's my monitor, but IMHO the colors for elevation lines and roads are way too similar. Maybe use a dashed or dotted line for roads or change the color to be less red (maybe even make it black).
  11. Not sure if this has been linked here yet (if so, apologies). I stumbled on this video yesterday where Jeff and Jason talk of RuneQuest at HeinzCon 2019 (few weeks ago). There's info on upcoming products, which I found interesting. (NB: I did not record this, nor post it on YT. Just linking what I found.) The link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq_7G-fZyhQ
  12. Well, there seems to be quite a big jump in shipping costs in Europe (it is my understanding, that for European addresses these are sent from the UK). For the slipcase, my shipping cost comes up at a pretty steep 37.83 Euros. Ouch!! That's quite a bit more than 9 bucks.
  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the maps, especially. What's the news on the printed Bestiary? The PDF for it was released before this GM pack, but now it seems the GM pack gets printed before the Bestiary. Or have I missed something (wouldn't be the first time)? Hopefully the printed Bestiary is hot on the heels of the GM Pack.
  14. Whatever happened to The Eleven Lights (Red Cow vol 2)?
  15. What excellent news, that the new RQ will have new published adventures as a priority of sorts. Yay! Big campaign books are awesome, of course, but sometimes I just want to run a smaller adventure taking a session or two, instead of a months long campaign. Also, for beginners and starting new player groups, a shorter introductory adventure is the way to go - to ease them into the game, rather than have everyone commit from the get go to the "long haul". I've been out of the loop a bit, so apologies, but I'd like to know what the current release plan is for the new RQ edition? I take it, t
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