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    The Sea Cave

    My two clacks....(Delecti's) Howling Tower sounds like a winner for a full product, either OSR or updated for new RQ4, but would likely depend on how full the infos were. The hints from the Sartar books always seemed as if it (the Howling Tower) were part of a larger campaign hinted at, (or could be made from it). Be interested to see how much there was to it and what much could be expanded on and possibly integrated with the WF 15/TOTRM 19 infos. Would love to launch a campaign with the area as a center piece. Upland Marsh Cover base.pdf
  2. Version 2.0.0


    My spin on an RQ 4 Character Sheet. Just for fun.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Humanoid Character Sheet from House game revamp
  4. @RosenMcStern Um that's the definition of a "port" but your point on the 13th age ruleset is agreed on as tested. I just believe that it would still be a mistake as the adaption is still being tweaked for a ruleset that RQ/BRP divorced itself from awhile back. But potato, potahto. One of the surprising vehicles for targeting new players seemed to be the King of Dragon Pass software game. At least for peaking interest in a Glorantha specific setting for new players without stepping into a rule system This actually surprised me but is still an untapped avenue even with a new version of the software under development.
  5. But as you're backing that, I can see the appeal. Concurrent playtests all around.
  6. When you also have the port of RQ to a different system as opposed to a standing system with a ready fan base?
  7. Hmm that would seem to be a mistake. Those rules are still untested and have no major playtesting comparable to decades of RQ2.
  8. Awesome sauce. I'm sending in the ducks now to take out Delecti. There ain't no stopping them now!
  9. You busy bookbinder. This should be interesting.
  10. RiotMinds to release acclaimed classic Role-Playing-Game for the international market Stockholm 2014-02-18 Swedish games publisher RiotMinds today announced the upcoming release of Trudvang in English. The game is based on the best selling Swedish pen-and-paper RPG: “Drakar och Demoner Trudvang”, and will be branded “Trudvang Chronicles” for the international audience. Acclaimed “Drakar och Demoner Trudvang” has served thousands upon thousands of players in the Nordic countries for more than a decade. ”For years we’ve been asked to translate the game into English, and now, finally, we will be able to offer this for all our international fans”, says Magnus Malmberg at RiotMinds. Trudvang Chronicles is based on the Swedish role-playing-game “Drakar och Demoner Trudvang”, deriving from the classic game from the early 80´s. The English version will be released on RiotMinds new online service in Q3 2014, including the vast and unique world of Trudvang. Riotminds Online is a new digital service for the game including the complete rules, world setting and a suite of digital tools to create and store characters, roll dices, make game calculations as well as a remote center to start gaming sessions online, all wrapped in stunning graphics. “This sets a new standard for role-playing games. Not only the game itself but the way it will be presented in our online service. This is taking the old style role-playing to the next level”, Magnus Malmberg concludes. More information about Trudvang Chronicles and release date will follow this summer. For press inquiries contact Magnus Malmberg: magnus [ at ] riotminds . com
  11. Dunno if you found any changes but try this discussion forum. Some RQ2 chaosium discussions and same ideas on rule changes in spots. http://gringlespawnshop.proboards.com/
  12. The idea of a slots setup for encumbrance seems like a good idea as it takes encumbrance to a modular level that seems more useful than the RQ base version of "things" and transfers well to a character sheet. Something to think about. How fleshed out is that? Regarding fatigue. I use something similar to Frogspawner's and Thalaba's. For a house rule, I use a general fatigue chart that rolls against a Stamina stat after a turn. The Stamina stat is also house ruled but breaks down as CON+STR+DEX as a percentage (minus Encumbrance). For each turn, or failed roll against Stamina, the below chart drops one category. Two, if Stamina is fumbled. Each shift in the chart after the first (Fresh) drops combat skills by a percentage of the total combat skill used. No bonuses for crits. 0 / -10%/ -25%/ -50% /-75% Fresh/Winded/Tired/Exhausted/Incapacitated Replacing the Stamina house rule with CONx5, x4, x3 etc. also achieved the same effect.
  13. Sooo.... Chief. How are those d100 rules going currently? Looking forward to your system debut when its ready.
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