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  1. okay, cool ghoul but none of that answers my question about if parts of the cancelled "companion" is going to be part of this book at all.
  2. Will this include the material from the Malleus Monstorum Companion that was never released? https://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/Malleus_Monstrorum_Companion INB4 this book becomes similar to Pulp Cthulhu in that it ends up not being released for literally thousands of years. Ever realized that people who were probably excited for that book probably for sure DIED in the ensuring wait? THAT is the true cosmic horror story right there!
  3. It's sexy, that's what is up with it. After all, Orlanth was known for seducing the Ladies in a lot of his legends~
  4. I wish there were more stories in Glorantha about Ernalda being a sneaky piece of shit then there are currently.
  5. Will this book include options for the players to take the spot of doing canonical deeds that were "canonically" done by Argath and company? Or will they be forced to sit on the side while the "cool" npcs do all of the cool stuff? The same exact thing that EVERYONE criticized about the metaplots in the Forgotten Realms and nearly every other popular rpg setting in the 90's?
  6. ALLLLL the way back in 2005, Chaosium published a Monograph based on the Hawkmoon novels that reportedly was much better than the original rules in terms of setting details, but included almost NO stats, and to this day, it remains un-reprinted or released anywhere! Sooo, is there any chance that Lawrence Whitaker or Chaosium or somebody who was involved with the thing could post the thing on the net for archival purposes? Or are there copyright stuff that are preventing it from ever being brought to the light of day?
  7. Not that I have anything against the BRP forums, mind you, it's just that there used to be an official forum for Pendragon at http://nocturnalmediaforum.com/, which seems to have been removed! Now, forums moving around and dying happens all the time, but there were tons of posts there which I found useful for Pendragon games. (Adventures, House Rules, Discussion Of The Timeline, ect.) Quite frankly, it's removal, without so much as a word, is quite dishearting, coming so soon after the death of Google+'s RPG communities. Would anyone here know of any extra info relating to the lost of the forums?
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