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  1. I realized that Dorest would work more after I wrote my last post. The PK's manor is closer to there and I find the idea of being right by an strongly Roman descended territory to be an interesting one. So yeah, Dorest it is. @Voord 99, TY for mentioning the smuggler caves in Dorest, that will be a MAJOR plot thread in the future, no doubt about it.
  2. In this case, I'm considering having it be the county of Southports instead that's accused, unless there's a port/Beach in Dorset that works better for an secret Saxon spy raid.
  3. TY! I prefer to use County Nobles in this era since IMHO I feel the alternative can become too complicated for players who don't enjoy the politics part of Pendragon. (Also this is a solo campaign btw, and every session is only 2 hours long, so I can't go into too much detail with this sorta stuff or we'll never get anywhere in the story.) Excuse me for my ignorance, but I assume the Praetor rule came later in the timeline, while right now Dorsette is ruled by just another Earl. However, apparently there's a split between two barons? I can't decide if I want there to be an conflic
  4. As the title says. For context, I'm running an adventure (that spans over a few in-game years) where the lord of Dorset is accused by Roderick of letting a band of Saxton raiders pass through there without harm, so they could invade the county of Salisbury, and steal the babies of an obscure village, that's conveniently the home of the PK (this is a solo campaign). (Why did they do that? It's a long story, so short version: they were cursed by an Pict witch into being unable to have any children, and thought that the village was where the witch was hiding out, so they raided it and m
  6. Sun County warriors are brave...ly stupid. Why light these random braziers in this random cave filled with dangerous monsters? Because tradition says so. Idiots.
  7. @Exubae You aren't Asian like the Korean family who's selling "made up chinese-american menu items", you're more open to believing in racially insensitive stereotypes about chinese and asian people in general than they are, and IMHO using a font that's universally known as literally an "chinese take out font" without doing any form of research to how certain Asian people do find it offensive, shows you seem to not realize that there's a ton of orientalist nonsense in Kralorian lore that has been criticized by many people (Including, again, actual Asians) that you should be avoiding when trying
  8. Ugh, it uses that stupid "vaguely chinese" font on the cover, IMHO that font is too tied to a history of people using it in relation to orientalist views of chinese people (or asian people in general) to be used on the closest thing to China in Glorantha without coming off as being unintentionally racist. Hopefully the actual content of the book avoids the same mistake, but I can't say without reading it, and frankly I sorta don't wanna with that font choice. Sorry, but it's how i feel.
  9. Sorry for not replying to this until well after a month...but I need something to be clarified, was the Fronrit thing something that was "going to happen" that is now "we don't know if we'll do it or not"? Or was it always the later?
  10. Not really, even jeff has admitted lately that it's unclear as to what non-Orlanthi cultures will be covered first, with projects that were thought to be on track such as the Fonrit questworlds book, have been confirmed or implied to be delayed in favor for Runequest 7. I feel your post is of limited scope. I'm speaking more about official Gloranthan material in general rather than just Runequest. In general it seems that everything non-runequest has been pushed aside (Unless it's the heroquest book about the off screen stuff from the third lights, for whatever reason, that one is still
  11. At this rate I wonder if we're ever going to see books not set in Dragon Pass...
  12. I find it odd that he's not answered any questions for months.
  13. Right, assume that the thread said "Questworlds" instead, I guess.
  14. I think they mean more stuff than just "there are alien dreamlands", which is how older editions dealt with them. Also the new Dreamlands sounds VERY exciting! I must ask tho, how much of the original edition will stay? It sounds like there's going to be a big change in focus for this one, and IMHO that's a good thing. I hope the gazetteer sections get rewritten in particular. Because IMHO the short descriptions were too short and boring in that. Obviously full descriptions of cities and forests isn't in the cards, but there still needs to be something interesting for the gm to leech of
  15. Asking because as far as I can tell, there hasn't been any news about this lately, with most of the focus going towards the Runequest side of things. Is this still an book in progress, or is it on hold while other projects take priority at the moment?
  16. this is referring to the pdf, right? Which pages are the maps? I mean the detailed one, the one that Atgxtg posted an preview of above with all of the location names.
  17. I have an print copy of BTW, and the book mentions the existence of a map (beyond the non-detailed ones, meant really only for pointing out tribal territory and not actual locations of areas), yet it seems when I bought my copy of the book all those years ago (I believe off of Noble Knights?), either the seller forgot to include the map or I misplaced it! Does the PDF version contain the fully detailed map by any chance? Or am I outta luck? I am planning on running an pict related adventure soon, so fast answers would be preferable!
  18. Sorry for the necro, but where, exactly, did you find a copy of this? Ebay?
  19. I hope it was all in a legal way!
  20. Then Glorantha's people should be freed of emperors all together.
  21. ...I thought they meant "raging warriors."
  22. The fact that horrid ideologies and beliefs such as chaos led slavery and the dwarfs being a-okay with causally murdering millions of people for one tower, are just as cosmically valid as the ones that preach the virtues of mercy and justice, and are actually often MORE popular than the options that are far more merciful and wise.
  23. Both of these are actually great theories tho...in particular I feel the Gold Wheel dancer one has merit in canon considering other deities bi-genderness. I think it would also be a good twist to mess with players who are Yelm lovers. The uber-macho cult actually worships an giant wheel that doesn't really have any gender. Imagine player reactions. Amazing.
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