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  1. Here's some info I found in my notes:
  2. Page 203, right-hand column: If the adventurer fumbles the withdrawal, the weapon breaks, no matter what it’s hit points were at the time. If the adventurer fumbles the withdrawal, the weapon breaks, no matter what its hit points were at the time.
  4. I didn't find anything either. However, tapping damages matter by extracting energy, which would seem to be anathema to them - I doubt orthodox Mostali even have the knowledge of how to tap. Just because the Mostali and Malkioni both use sorcery, doesn't mean they have the same repertoire of spells. Then again, they didn't balk when their Vadeli allies attacked the Tadeniti people, separated them into matter and energy (i.e., tapped the heck out of them), and gave the matter to the Mostali.
  5. Brithos isn't the wasteland that some might think it is (far from it, actually). A while back (on an old mailing list) Greg commented about the natural energies of the island not being tapped: "You speak of Arolanit, of course, where even the air is gray from being tapped. This never happened to Brithos..." For one reason why, the mother of the Brithini was the land goddess Britha herself: "The Brithini were a powerful human race from before the darkness. Their Founder was named MALKION and they are sometimes called the Malkioni. Malkion had four sons and one daughter by the god
  6. I've marked up corrections in the attached PDF. I'm just noting errors not in the original Chaosium version, plus obvious mistakes. Let me know if this is useful and I'll keep going. SPH Proofing pgs 1-18.pdf
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