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  1. I do not remember saying the books where racist, but the racial attitudes of the 20s are evident. The Footprints under the Window, The Mark on the Door and The Hidden Harbor Mystery are probably the worst offenders. For the time most of the stories are quite liberal. Though whether or not this stems from an attempt by the authors to be more inclusive or the publishers drive to appeal to a wider audience is up for debate. I would agree. The original tales are superior to the rewrites. But I prefer the Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators series.
  2. I would agree, mostly. But we're not talking about the system.
  3. As long as the insanity is the result of a Mythos encounter (the final straw) it doesn't really matter. But not a lot of non-Mythos encounters will deprive a PC of a 1/5 or more SAN in the span of a hour. If you find this happening you or your players may want to slow down a bit. This is really up to you. But Elder gods, Outer Gods and Great Old Ones will definitely qualify. Independent and Servitor Races in all probability should count as well. Just remember that having some Cthulhu Mythos skill is a good thing, having a lot of Cthulhu Mythos skill is not. I like long campaigns so I award Mythos skill very slowly. I also take it pretty easy on the characters with SAN loss, unless they do something obviously fool hardy.
  4. I've seen d1000 used in wargames and some random-roll rpg charts. You can get them in stores or roll three d10s. The thing I like best about d100, flip-flop dice in Unknown Armies. Edit: They also sell d10000s, never seen them in use though.
  5. The Improvement Roll Modifier is supposed to reflect on the relationship the adventurer has with the community and peers. I think this is better handled through role-play. I always thought aging rules where silly, more so now that I'm actually aging. But I suppose if your playing a generation spanning campaign they have their place. So players know when to retire their characters.
  6. Granularity comes to mind as the biggest difference. I imagine this is the sort of thing the OP poll was looking for.
  7. And the racial attitudes of the 20s. Though not nearly as harsh some of those early Hardy Boys books would have sat well with a few of Lovecraft's views. That aside, the early books where also somewhat anti-establishment.
  8. "...and from that point the conversation got weird."
  9. Sure. That was brought up in the original thread.
  10. I always thought Shaun Cassidy had a certain Innsmouth look about him.
  11. In a blizzard, with two sprained wrists.
  12. That sounds cool. I don't think I've ever seen one of those. I gave one of those a roll in store once. Hated it. But then again I'm getting a little old. I agree, d10s all the way.
  13. The poll isn't about the system. It is about the dice, the mechanical portion. Not D&D vs. BRP.
  14. Like cast the PCs as re-animated US soldiers, part of the CIA's shadowy Project West. Fighting crazed Nazi scientists, alien threats and the commie menace. I see potential.
  15. OK. I'm pretty excited about Atomic Age Cthulhu so I'd probably go with a mixture of Boys from Brazil and Amazonian Bat-People tribe legends. A crazy Nazi scientist has devised a way to turn people into bat-monster super soldiers via the bite of specially irradiated vampire bat carriers. Perhaps he has devised a way to control his batty minions through high-frequency sonic waves. This same scientist may be unwittingly influenced by Mi-go or some other alien conspiracy. Well, its an idea.
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