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  1. I would allow casting underpowered version of the memorized spell rather than having the player dedicate "slots" to every variation.
  2. That's amazing! I did manage to pick up a copy of Advanced Sorcery recently, but it's fantastic to have all the spells in such an easy to cross reference form, especially with the "allegiance" notes. Thanks, Nick.
  3. Ooh, I like the idea of tying in to the Allegiance system.
  4. You're probably right about the auto-healing. I suppose that applying wounds directly, and just killing the character if they exceed the caster's original HP capacity is just a danger of using that spell. Since I plan to allow casting while in "beast form", the caster could either cast Heal(2) or use Physik (licking the wound?) to try to mitigate damage before the spell expired. Maybe the concession will be that wounds will never convert "up" to major wounds during transition to a form with fewer HP, but will effectively stay single minor wounds, just with a huge HP cost. Durati
  5. hdan

    Potions Skill

    Thanks. There's a copy of AS at my FLGS (believe it or not), so maybe next payday I'll grab it. t1c, I'm certainly going to raid your "herb encounter tables".
  6. hdan

    Potions Skill

    What utility is the Potion skill in MW? Various searches around this site and the web don't turn up much other than "maybe it's in the Advanced Sorcery" book. Does the AS book actually present a reasonable set of guidelines for making the 4 classic types of potion (being Poison, Antidote, Buff, Spell)? I've been looking at Alchemy&Artifice, which has some great ideas in it, though I'm not sure if I should just port the Elixers stuff over, substituting Potion skill for Craft(Alchemy) or not. (I'm certainly taking the random Herbs table stuff!) Thanks for any advice!
  7. So one of my players is playing a Tribal Shaman, and decided to blow nearly half his starting spell level allotment on Beast Shape. But the description for (Beast) Shape doesn't include a duration, and the spell costs 4 MP to cast. Which seems like quite a lot of MP for a standard duration spell. Looking at other 4 MP "transformative" spells, it seems that "INT Minutes" rather than "INT Rounds" is the rule for such 4 MP spells. Is the lack of duration in (Beast) Shape a simple typo or omission? I supposed a consensus answer isn't critical, since I've already decided to make it "
  8. hdan

    Career Spells?

    I do have a copy of the first edition Stormbringer's player book (but sadly not the other two books), but it doesn't have any magic stuff in it. I'll keep my eyes open for a copy of Elric!. I suspect that's where those paragraphs came from originally.
  9. The rules mention that each career has three spells listed that are thematically appropriate. Those spells are of course not in the book, but has anyone done up a list of these? They seem like a neat idea. Presumably one of the source games for MW has such a list that could be raided for ideas, but I do not have any of those games in my collection. Thanks! (As an aside, with any luck I might get two of my players to try some MW this evening. I was planning to have them join an expedition to the vault of Sarkath Han.)
  10. Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I'm new to MW and doing "archaeology" for ideas. The idea of POW to "attune" an object to a user is intriguing, though because I'm that sort of GM, I'd also allow a player to relinquish control of the item to get the POW back. (I'm probably showing a D&D 5e influence, but 5e had some good ideas...) "Attunement" should take a good long time though, so players don't hot-swap items. (As if I'd give them enough magic for that to be a problem....) Fueling the object's power with MP is also a nice way to make non-sorcerers care about their MP totals
  11. I found the thread about how Spirit Combat works, but I'm still a bit foggy about the procedures for and utility of summoning spirits and elementals. If I summon a spirit, must I bind it? Or does the variable casting time include me talking a spirit into performing a simple task for me? (Such as "attack that thing" or "defend me from that other spirit") Similarly with elementals - if I summon an elemental, will it fight my enemies (or interact with me in a useful way) without me having to bind it? Or in all cases do I need to Bargain with the spirit once it arrives to attempt to
  12. Thanks, tooley1chris! I did the requisite "read as much of the forum's backlog as you can" step last week, and that's part of what convinced me to grab a copy of MW. That, and our recent stint of CoC games which showed that the d100 system is not only easy to run, but enjoyable for everyone involved, if a bit more dangerous than my D&D players are used to. Brawl makes sense. I should probably adjust my test character's spell list accordingly. Side note - I first read "3 spells", not "3 spell levels" My test character has POW=16, but wasn't specifically trained as a Sorcerer
  13. Hello all, I just picked up a copy of MW. Yes, I'm aware that the game has gone "out of support" recently, but I've become a big fan of the basic Chaosium d100 system, and MW looks exactly like the fantasy game I want to run for my group, so I bought it anyway. I'm experienced running various flavors of D&D and Traveller, but aside from a few CoC games, I'm not as familiar with the basic assumptions that MW has. I have a few questions that I hope someone can help me with. Also, is there a "search" function for this forum? I didn't see it. Forgive me if these are FAQ type issues.
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