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  1. Thanks guys. I had totally forgotten about Fearful Passages. I have a copy of it, so I'm using it as a baseline now. I'm updating the rules for 7th Edition, plus I'm adding a little something extra.
  2. I'm just looking for a guideline on deep sea diving.
  3. Nice. I have Fearful Passages... I'll check it out. I'll also see if I can find a copy of Grace Under Pressure.
  4. Is anyone aware of an existing CoC adventure or supplement that details skills the equipment, skills, or anything with deep water diving. I'm thinking about Navy divers in those old diving suits with the cool helmets. I'm looking at the Diver occupation in the Investigator Handbook, and the info there is really thin. I'm looking for something that really talks about the occupation, the hazards, the procedures, equipment that was used... that kind of thing. Is anyone aware if something like that already exists in a published CoC book?
  5. Hmm... I went into the Cult of Chaos, and could not find the link to download Inheritance. Help! Edit -- Found it!
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  7. I meant to type "extraterrene". It may have been unrecognized by Word and autocorrected.
  8. The time can be flexible. It focuses on the twin children that were sent to Baltimore to escape the terrors of the Corbitt house.
  9. May I suggest an adventure that was written to be a sequel to The Haunting, Of Wrath and Blood. It is available on the Miskatonic Repository on DriveThruRPG. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/271923
  10. Hey klecser, Having just returned from NecronomiCon Providence, where I ran this exact adventure three times successfully within the four hour time slot, I have some advice on how to run this as a one-shot. Please note, I wrote this adventure with the intent that the first half of the adventure is a slow and careful collection of clues, which then leads to a second half of (hopefully) breakneck terror as you race to defeat the monster. SPOILER -- SPOILER -- SPOILER ... ... ... ... ... Okay, here are the changes I made to run Shadow Over Providence as a one-shot within a four hour time slot. 1. Remove Most of the NPCs -- The adventure was written with the assumption that the investigators will interact with NPCs as they are drawn into the mystery. That entire premise will eat up most of your time, if you keep it in the adventure. So, I got rid of most of the NPCs. I still have the criminals trying to steal the Ibnhotep Canopic Jar, but instead of it being knocked over and broken by Celia Shepherd when the lights were out during the robbery, I just had Dr. Bronson accidentally knock it over. The net effect is the same without involving the other NPCs. 2. Flash Photography During the Robbery -- Be sure to have the unnamed reporter from The Providence Journal take a flash picture just as the resurrected Ibnhotep is draining the life-sustaining fluids from Dr. Bronson's body. Everybody still in the ballroom may possibly witness this sanity blasting event, (to include the criminals). The reporter's camera becomes potential evidence that the cops will seize. 3. Add One New NPC -- Without the other NPCs to help draw the investigators into the mystery, there is a good chance that the players may feel directionless, and not recognize a path into the mystery. So, to fix that I added in rookie police officer, Officer O'Malley. After the attempted robbery, and Dr. Bronson's death, I have all of the criminals escape due to their fear from seeing Dr. Bronson's death. Inspector Drummond is obviously frustrated with the absolute chaos of the situation. So, in each game I had Drummond turn over control of the police action at the hotel to the closest uniformed officer, which happens to be the rookie, O'Malley. Once Drummond leaves for the morgue, (of which, to date, none of my players have ever wanted to follow Drummond to the morgue), the investigators will now see how confused and scared O'Malley is with so much authority. Any investigator that offers to help O'Malley is greeted with open arms, (and in all of my games, the players immediately swooped in to save O'Malley). It is through O'Malley's request for help that the investigators can either develop the film in the reporter's camera, or go check out Dr. Bronson's hotel room. 4. Non-Spell Monster Attacks -- The monsters do not always need to use the Shrivelling spell. Sometimes, they can just slap or conduct some other non-spell attack. Then, once the investigator has had a chance to either "fly or fight," and they choose "fight," then I felt comfortable in unleashing the spell. And in most cases, the proto-shoggoth wins that duel. 5. The Final Confrontation is Mobile -- Remember that there is not iron-clad set location for the final confrontation with Ibnhotep, the shoggoth lord. In my play tests, he was hiding at the top of the elevator shaft, so most of the final confrontations occurred in the grand ballroom. But, during most of the Necronomicon games, the final confrontation was in the industrial basement of the hotel. The key is, wherever the investigators 'think' Ibnhotep is hiding, they are correct. I hope you find this information helpful, and I hope both you and your players have a great time playing Shadow Over Providence.
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  12. Loved the concept and artwork in Psi World, but the mechanics needed to be updated. I'd love to run Psi World through BRP, though.
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