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  1. @Ejlertson and @ColoradoCthulhu People, (even kids), always look older in old photographs. I'm a mediocre artist and tried my best to draw them as kids looking stiff and proper like people did in those old pics. It's clearly not my best work.
  2. Hi guys. @Ejlertson, do you have a specific question? The basic premise is that the children of the family that was last living in Corbitt"s house were sent away to live with family in Baltimore. Unbeknownst to everyone, one of the two kids is infected with an element of Corbitt"s dark soul. The kid becomes possessed by that element, and bad things happen in Baltimore. That's the gist of "Of Wrath and Blood." I renamed the scenario in order to not have it confused with the original adventure. I was never happy with my previous title, but I couldn't think of a better one back then.
  3. That was fun to shoot. The sharp of eye can see my dog, too.
  4. Has anyone else run Of Wrath and Blood? How did it end for you and your investigators?
  5. I like the idea of a scenario where the bad guys are coming after the investigators to take back what they consider theirs.
  6. Not a bad idea. I'll think about that.
  7. Wow! That's a very cool alternative ending. I can see how your narrative could be broken down into playable scenes for the player's investigators should La Croix not be defeated in the ghoul den. I've always loved The Haunting, and Of Wrath and Blood was my homage to to it to carry your initial Call of Cthulhu investigators into a larger campaign world. Indeed, what would happen with further confrontations with the Chapel of Contemplation?
  8. Thanks guys. I had totally forgotten about Fearful Passages. I have a copy of it, so I'm using it as a baseline now. I'm updating the rules for 7th Edition, plus I'm adding a little something extra.
  9. I'm just looking for a guideline on deep sea diving.
  10. Nice. I have Fearful Passages... I'll check it out. I'll also see if I can find a copy of Grace Under Pressure.
  11. Is anyone aware of an existing CoC adventure or supplement that details skills the equipment, skills, or anything with deep water diving. I'm thinking about Navy divers in those old diving suits with the cool helmets. I'm looking at the Diver occupation in the Investigator Handbook, and the info there is really thin. I'm looking for something that really talks about the occupation, the hazards, the procedures, equipment that was used... that kind of thing. Is anyone aware if something like that already exists in a published CoC book?
  12. Hmm... I went into the Cult of Chaos, and could not find the link to download Inheritance. Help! Edit -- Found it!
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