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    My first Chaosium game was Runequest 2nd edition. My favorite Chaosium game must have been Stormbringer 4th edition because of all the screwed up bloody randomness of it. More recently have gotten into Magic World, and really love what it has to offer and hope it finds support again in the future.
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    Most of my current gaming is with the Roll20 community online, where i mostly stick to AD&D simply because it is "old school familiar" & easy enough to get players for. However, i do manage to meet once a week in town for an ongoing Rolemaster 2e campaign -which is nice to play face to face, though sometimes i think the system's efforts at realism really discourage heroic style play. I am trying to get a Stormbringer character sheet written up to use on Roll20 as assembling a sheet for the Roll20 format is outside my skillset honestly. So, until such things become more available online, i suppose i just continue playing what is available :)
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    Elk, WA
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    ? Every now & then i change my underwear & shave, but probably not as often as some people would like.

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  1. You will find the strength to do it, my friend. Just take the time to collect your senses.
  2. Marcus did you happen to come across Michael Syzmanski when you were looking for authors? He wrote a few things for Stormbringer in the early '90s, including The Prisoner in Rogue Mistress, and The Floating Realm in Perils of the Young Kingdoms. I spoke & corresponded with him a number of times back then. He was a helpful soul when i was trying to write. Sometimes i pause & wonder how he is doing these days.
  3. Chris, here are just a couple of things you might toy with in arriving at numbers. First, i see no constraint for confining such beings to a mortal HP = CON+SIZ/2 formula. Immensely powerful beings like Greater Gods may have HP equal to their combined Attributes. Period. But for Uniques like Demogorgon, Orcus etc a HP formula of CON+SIZ or even CON+SIZ+POW (or other primary attribute) would be well withing imagining. For STR, Demogorgon does not need to be strong by the standards of his peers, but i certainly wouldn't put his STR attribute less than half his SIZ. I would probably use his rival Prince, Orcus as a measuring gauge. Orcus is notoriously strong, like 24 in AD&D terms (+12 dam, +6 hit), or as strong as a Storm Giant. This gives you a good range to work. In Magic World terms, i don't know where a Storm Giant ranks strength wise, but you have already worked through that in your Monster book compilations. My thought is that Orcus would have a combined STR+SIZ in the 73-88 range, & at least a 4d6 damage bonus. Demogorgon on the other hand is not as physically invested as Orcus, but is still going to have a combined STR+ SIZ in the 57-72 range, which is where you have placed him. Personally i would probably place Demogorgon at 30 or 35 SIZ tops, and 20 or 25 STR. In AD&D terms, Demogorgon probably would have an Intelligence of 19-20, but keep in mind the Attribute curve of 3-18 in AD&D was a tighter fixture than it is in MW, so his INT can be however high you can effectively reflect in his associated abilities. INT & POW are both probably about where they should be, though i think you could get away with as low as 24 INT if you wanted. I think you are within a very reasonable construct of Demogorgon here, not too much different than how i would present him. Beings like this are forgiving in how they are presented, because the specific numbers change from incarnation to incarnation & encounter to encounter, depending on the context of the situation. Creatures like Demogorgon are never truly vanquished, and so that cosmic quirk gives you a lot of license in packaging them up for prime time! The most important thing i wish to emphasize is what i said first. Don't feel bound by following the humanoid strictures for determining a Uniques derived attributes. It does not have to follow the same rules for HP, Damage bonus, Magic Points etc as mortals. Similar mechanic options are already in place for heroic adventurers, & so why wouldn't Uniques access such mechanic advantage even more easily?
  4. Well, Mr Tooley, on a practical level i think we should first consider the game format. While i always try to encourage real life, warm bodied interaction together in the same room at a physical table, the reality for many if not most of us will be settling for playing on a virtual table. So while the arts & crafts crowd can print up pdf's to assemble a physical "screen" -wow that sounds fun! But, those of us playing on line need a fast, efficient way to reference information easily. Character Creation Screen: this is crucial because most of the people joining the games will not be coming with the particulars of how to create a character, and since it involves a good investment of time, you need your critical info on hand so that you do not lose them at this stage. I will never play Role Master again because if for no other reason, it took 8 hours just to fill out the character sheet, and then the campaign sucked anyway to boot! Part of what made the old Stormbringer so charming was that the charts made it very easy to put together a quirky character quickly. Magic Reference Screen: this is what i described earlier. Quick reference for spells & perhaps a one line description stressing the most important details about the magic, like exclusions, exceptions etc. Combat Screen: this is just simple weapons & armor chart, &... something else i can't remember right now. Art!: don't you miss it? Sometimes i wan't to print out the old AD&D DM screen art & paste them onto new backings just to enjoy that old artwork again. Somehow, i see a small document like this as a great opportunity to throw in a few inspiring pictures that bring us back to those glossy eyed moments that turned us into RPGers way back in the day! Even when peeps are tabbing through pdfs, i think a few well placed pictures are an important part of that ritual. For one thing, they help the player remember where they saw a particular piece of info because they associate it with the memory of that picture.
  5. Ok, understood, & i respect your position Chris. What i was aiming at was more of a Magic World quick-reference for GMs. Kinda like the old DM screen for AD&D or the nifty Elric! GM screens. I'm going on 44, and i am just not as quick as i used to be at recalling facts & figures, or memorizing new material. I am trying to introduce new players to the Chaosium's rpg adaptation of Moorcock's world building via Roll20, but the technology barrier is proving too much! But really, that is all beside the point. All i really "need" to start running Stormbringer games is either a Stormbringer 4e or Magic World character sheet in HTML format & my problem is solved!!! O.. & yes, i own both MW, AS, purchased earlier this year. I've collected pretty much all of the Stormbringer material published through 4e. Unlike most fans, i wasn't as receptive to the Elric! material, & only ever collected the core rule book & Fate of Fools. One item i bought many years ago but has of course since come up missing was the Stormbringer supplement White Wolf, that had scenario lay outs for temples of Chaos, Law, & Fire, & some semblance of maritime rules for the game. I probably picked it up for $2 at a second hand store, but as with most things i've ever owned, it eventually disappeared.
  6. Chris, have you considered doing like a spell chart for Magic world? I mean like a synopsis combining all the magic spot stats from MW & AS into one easy to use document with just a thumbnail description? I would love to have access to something like that for my Roll20 games. I am trying to put together an Eternal Champion campaign on Roll20 that has the "flavor" of old Ken St Andre Stormbringer (imbalanced random goodness in character creation) with the solid, better fleshed out game mechanics from Magic World. Problem is i still need a character sheet. If i knew how to view the raw HTML format of the Magic World or Stormbringer character sheets i could easily adapt them to my purposes, but alas... my eternal ignorance confounds me at every turn. I love having so much information at my fingertips... but in the larger picture, i am a child of the '70s, & i hate all this technology that surrounds us anymore!
  7. Chris, i am a happy beneficiary of your prolific efforts around here.  Getting this stuff printed up is another matter entirely -youve produced so much!  I would like to ask you, do you do anything with Magic World/Stormbringer on Roll20?  Most of my gaming anymore is through that medium, but AFAIK, there is still no character sheet support for these games.  I do not have the skills to put together an interactive character sheet in their format, but i am likely at some point i may just bypass digital sheets altogether, & start running some games letting every one pencil in their characters.

    Anyway, if you are active in Roll20 at all, i would love to hear from you.  I am Goblintrain there too.  Even if we don't end up doing any games together, i would enjoy chatting with you & learning a bit about where your projects are headed.

    Thanks a bunch for all your doing!



    1. tooley1chris


      Thanks for the kind words, Goblintrain.

      You actually print this stuff? LOL.

      Thank goodness for tablet computers. My Surface Pro is the best electronic equipment I've ever bought. Although I have been thinking about printing the Big Book here and binding it to hard cover. :)

        I still use RPTools/Maptools for any tabletop stuff and honestly haven't even really looked seriously at Roll20. So sorry. No. I have no materials for it. There are a couple of people who are working on virtual tools for BRP and I do have a MW Character Generator for NBOS in downloads section.

       If you want to keep up with free junk I'm working on you can see it here at :

      Or on Facebook here:



    2. tooley1chris


      PS:  WOOHOO! MY FIRST ACTUAL FOLLOWER! I'm such a celeb! :)


    3. Goblintrain


      Honestly, i never figured out how to use RPTools, though i have all the apps.  Of course this is exacerbated by the fact that outside Roll20 i really have no gaming community anyway. There is a weekly Rolemaster2 game i attend in town, but am pretty new to it -& well... not all that impressed really.  Great GM, friendly players, but the overall pace & tone of Rolemaster leaves a lot to be desired in my experience so far.

      FB?  Earlier this year i actually managed to delete my FB account.  It was my proudest achievement ever on the internet! ;)  Have really withdrawn from mass media because of how cruel a venture it is. My familiarity with any of this WWW stuff is minimal. I am old enough to remember life without cell phones or internet, and honestly...  i miss it a lot!  Sure, i would experience some internet withdraw, but within a month i would get over it. :)




  8. Tooley! Will you marry me? :0 This is the most awesome share ever!!! One question though! Why did you consistently average d6 as 3 instead of 3.5 like it normally is?
  9. Mr Monroe, i couldn't help but notice that the Faye of the Southern Reaches fit very nicely as the "unnamed" denizens of the Silent Lands beyond the Marshes of the Mist in the world of Elric.  When i first read Magic World, i instantly made this connection & thought wow!  This is great!  Some one actually articulated what has been churning half formed in my imagination for 30 years! :)

  10. Lol, i wonder if any of the Stormbringer material i sent to Chaosium back in the 90's is right. And yes, if it is in there, it was nothing worth publishing!
  11. First, thank you for bringing this to my attention! I keep hearing that France has a very devoted following to our beloved game world. Unfortunately, i don't read French! Right off the top, i find the artwork questionable -but let me qualify that statement first! It is kind of confusing having the old Elric + Stormbringer boxed edition picture on a game called Mournblade. And why specifically is it even called Mournblade? Is this a special point in the lore in this interpretation? Licensing or marketing conflict? The Pan Tangian sorceress -nice picture, but to me it does not capture a Pan Tangian at all. However, these days any decent art in a rpg book is a huge plus, so please understand my criticism is a soft one! We are starving for art, and so regardless of what criticism i may say with my tongue or type on screen, I take whatever RPG art i can get and say Thank You! Could you share anything about the nuances of it's world lore? The mention of a French Young Kingdoms game brings my memories back to the summer of '98 when i had a very interesting internet exchange with an enthusiastic Frenchman who had been working on Dharzi material for a good while. In spite the language barrier, he seemed as genuinely as excited as i was to make contact with a fellow Moorcock fan with such an irrational degree of interest in such an obscure point of Young Kingdom world lore. Said Frenchman sent me a lengthy monograph but i'm sure a few of you remember how translator programs back then worked, and it is unlikely i grasped 20% of the document. What i did understand contained some beautifully surreal imagery, & conflict of epic proportion. My apparent doom to play the part of Captain Obvious meant that I never had the insight to just hire some one to translate his French to English for me, since i was working at school, and living on campus at the time! ;0 I would be very surprised to find it still among my belongings after so many years & so many moves!
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