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  1. Is it this? https://www.quotev.com/quiz/12386274/What-Gloranthan-Cult-should-you-join I got Irippi Ontor too.
  2. Definitely an interesting read. I will make sure to catch each issue. Well done!
  3. You are too modest, Mr. Hibbs. My group might never have got past character creation without those sheets. Now we use them as the default for creating and maintaining Adventurers, only adding an additional tally sheet for skill improvements from each adventure and season. Its now just a long and fiddly process, rather than a very long and very fiddly process. Cant quite get get values for Spirit Combat Damage though.
  4. And now I have "Its Raining Men" stuck in my head. Thanks a lot.
  5. That, Comarade, is a bourgeois indulgence that serves only to distract the proletariat from the truth; agrarian rent capitalism is baked into the RQG rules. "Nobles live by the work of others." And yet not a word in the mainstream media... You dont need an Orlanthi to know which way the wind blows. (Apologies to Jose Maria Sison and Bob Dylan)
  6. This is the question that shouldn't be asked ... The idea of forbidden knowledge is more of a Call of Cthulhu thing. On the Runequest forum you can ask anything you like, but be prepared for "It'll be out when its ready", or "YGMV", or "MGF".
  7. I was thinking the same thing about the missing check box for Mago's Customs (Heortling) skill.
  8. How is Sacred Time viewed in terms of being a season, in the context of experience rolls? Not the usual adventuring- and profession-derived checks. I mean checks based on the fact that a character makes skill rolls during Sacred Time, such as Worship and their occupation skill to determine yearly income. Would a succesful roll in these prompt a box-ticking experience roll? If so, would that take place at during Sacred Time, or would they carry over to Sea Season.
  9. Stygian Fox has a 7e license and has several modern-day offerings. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/2834/Stygian-Fox/subcategory/5060_32334/Call-of-Cthulhu-Modern-Era "The Things We Leave Behind" can be run as a campaign. "Fear's Sharp Little Needles" is worth a look too.
  10. I saw the guy at the counter at Milsims wearing a Runequest T shirt, and when I quized him about it he said he he bought it himself online. He was obviously motivated. Maybe they're still finding their feet after lockdown and just havent got roumd to updating everything on the website. I do miss the mail out catalogue they used to have.
  11. I'm in Melbourne. Ive bought quite a few items from the Chaosium website, getting the pdfs straight away and having the hard copies mailed. The warehouse is in Sydney I think (possibly Brisbane). The books always arrive with an impressive amount of packaging and within a few days. No complaints there. Milsims seems to be best bet for in-store RQ purchases locally. Havent been there since 2019 for obvious reasons, but they allways have had everything released in stock, including the quickstart, when I go. I believe Michael O'Brien "MOB" is local. Not the Liberal leader who looks like an aged Matthew Newton. The other one.
  12. Yes, that was the one. https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/9940-books-and-scrolls/?tab=comments#comment-147426 Accroding to Jeff, its from RQC, not the Starter Set. Still, it was nice to see today we got a glimpse of the Stater Set contents placed over a map of Jonstown.
  13. One reason our skald pc was so keen on improving the read/write skill was a post by (I think) Jeff talking about lore books at Jonstown that when successfully read would confer a % improvement to certain lore skills. I think this was to do with the Starter Set. A new but offical RAW method of adding to lore is most welcome, but a pc needs to be able to make a read check to do so.
  14. Now I wish I hadn't spotted it. Or at least kept my mouth shut. I suppose the ruling is consistent with the rules for other Knowleage skills, except... ...on page 113 of the Adventure Book, where characters can gain 1d6% in Cult Lore (Orlanth) by looking ("careful study") at a fresco. As opposed to a full season of research or study.
  15. Indeed, a case can be made for either of those, but ultimately we want only what the rules intended. That wasn't obvious, or obvious enough. I was leaning towards the checkbox, but RAW I wasnt sure when the skill wasn't in bold in the skill list. Chronicling it is. Cheers!
  16. My group has a pc, an orlanth adventerous entertainer, who does not have read/write as a cult or professional skill but took 25% in it at character creation, and wants to improve it further. Page 60 of the core book states: "Skills listed on page 61 in bold and shown on the adventurer sheet with a box can be improved during play through experience, training, or research. " The read/write skill is not in bold on page 61, but does have a check box on the character sheet. This is also the case in the Players Pack pdf. Does this mean it can be improved in play or not? If the answer is yes, what pc actions might prompt a check? Reading a text, perhaps. What about writing? Would regularly chronicling the seasons advdentures in prose or verse or song qualify?
  17. I could have sworn I'd seen mention on these boards of the impending Great Runequest Campaign (??) featuring PCs particpating in the Battle of the Queens (1626), which would upset the above suggested timeline, but today I could not find it again. Can anyone shed any light?
  18. I posted this at xoth.net, and hopefully Thulsa/Morten will be interested. Xoth is essentially Conan without the benefit and baggage of Conan himself. Great news about Mythic Iceland. There is a dangling thread in the Mythic Worlds/Mythic Iceland section that might benifit from this update in an offical capacity. .
  19. The World of Xoth has had releases using D20, Legend, Pathfinder, and 5e. I'd love to see the entire line re-done and unified under a single ruleset, namely RQ, and with colour art and Chaosium production values.
  20. Not a singer, but certainly Liverpool... https://www.lfchistory.net/Players/Player/Profile/334 ...David Johnson. The singer that the OP picture most resembles is Lemmy from Motorhead, although he's not a Scouser. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmy
  21. About 18 months ago a video game was announced, but there has been bugger all about it since. The devs, Black Shamrock, website is just as tight lipped.
  22. Overnight my DTRPG library was updated. I now have two versions of Mythic Britain. One the orignal RQ6, and a new Mythras version. That Mythras file is named 2020-07-25. I searched the Mythras version for "runequest", and the only place the word appears is on the back cover. So, new, fully Mythras-ised, and free. 👍
  23. The RQ6 corebook file in my DTRPG library is still RQ6. The file was last updated in 2013. The Mythras core book file was last updated in 2018. I understand the old RQ6 titles files can (and ultimately have to be) converted to Mythras versions, but the core book is a different matter I'm sure. And I for one would prefer to keep that version as it is, even if all my other RQ6 titles get Mythras-ised.
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