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  1. We are discussing the content of Rune Fixes 2.
  2. Thanks for all of the enthusiasm. Currently, though, we've got no plans to update the pregens officially. By all means, though, make any variants you see fit. Your Glorantha may vary!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    In this release: Replenishing Rune Points and the Extension Spell The Bad Man The Fetch and Charisma Spell Extension Subduing Disarm
  4. It was meant for the GM Screen Pack as a special handout, but for some reason between the multiple editors, two layout people, and production handoffs it got overlooked. It will go into the pack for future printings and I'm seeing if Rick can add it to the .pdf version for everyone who's bought that.
  5. I'm adding it to the downloads of this site, and here it is: RQ Rune Fixes - 3rd July.pdf
  6. "focused" is used in the general sense, in that the spell is cast on a specific area.
  7. Are they going to attack one another and defend if attacked? Then they're engaged. Then I guess they're just standing there staring at one another. You don't need rules until someone does something. Why is this a question? Are they paying attention to one another? Backing into each other? Are they even aware of one another? The rules can't account for every permutation of potential interaction between individuals. This should be up to the gamemaster to decide. If they like each other enough and are willing to make it work, who are we to say otherwise?
  8. Sorala's magic choices in the Quickstart were made entirely for expediency. It didn't seem a good use of space in the rules section of the Quickstart adventure to include sorcery—even in abbreviated form—as her sorcery spell choices would have been fairly ineffectual during the adventure. Use the rules from the core book as written. The rules for creating adventurers address their prior experience and training and are not life-long restrictions. Lankor Mhy cult members, for example, can learn cult spirit magic later. His description on page 298 has the spirit magic offered by the cult.
  9. You can train skills you can't learn from experience. Some of these skills may never come up in a play session. You don't necessarily adventure every season. The gamemaster may tell players that the next game will take place several seasons from the current one, allowing for training.
  10. The second. Heal 1 = 50 Heal 2 = 100 (or 150 if buying for the first time) Heal 3 = 150 (or 300 if buying for the first time) etc.
  11. That works too, but we're also trying to keep from getting way too crunchy.
  12. Hand weapons can't parry missile/thrown weapons, and they have lower HP than shields.
  13. Yes. Here's where we get into some crunch, based on how realistic you want to go. In the real world, shields usually require a hand to hold onto an interior strap or handle so they don't get in the way or slip around. Part of a shield's virtue is being mobile enough that it doesn't take hits directly, angling them away from the defender when possible. These straps not like Captain America's magical shield that has grips tight enough for him to wield it like a weapon AND then slip over his shoulder with backpack like straps. (Comics version Cap... the movie one has some sort of magnetic harness thing.) That's not super-fun, though, and fantasy art and fiction is full of characters with a shield slung over one arm loosely while using a two-handed weapon like a bow or great axe. So if you want to allow it, I'd rule the following: The adventurer will receive no benefit from the shield unless against melee or missile fire that happens to strike that or an adjacent hit location (see p219) AND comes from a direction that would reasonably have a chance of hitting (gamemaster discretion). In this case, the shield will protect for half its usual armor points (as per the rules for a slung shield on the back, p219). For example, an adventurer is using a bow, holding it with their left hand and drawing the string with the right hand. The shield is affixed to the back of the left arm. An attack comes from the adventurer's left and rolls the left arm hit location. The shield, being between the attacker and the arm in question, protects for half its normal value. Later in the same combat, an attack comes from the right/front or back and rolls the left arm hit location. The gamemaster decides that the arm is exposed and that the shield isn't between the attack and the arm, so the shield is useless.
  14. Page 247, under Active Spell (rules that apply to all magic). It's also mentioned again in the chapter on Spirit Magic (p255).
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