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  1. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    No, but almost all human Rune Lord cults do. The core book deals exclusively with human adventurers. It is clarified where it seems necessary. The requirements for the Leaders (Bloody Tusk Rune Lords) do not include CHA. See page 70 of the Glorantha Bestiary for more info. (available in .pdf, soon in stores!) For Kyger Litor, becoming a Karrg's Son (Rune Lord) requires a CHA 18+, which pretty much limits it to Mistress Race and dark trolls. It is much easier to become a priestess in this cult, with no CHA requirement. For a Death Lord in the Zorak Zoran cult, the requirement is the same. See above. It's not intended to be equitable: these harsh gods want the most charismatic leaders to serve in positions of power within their ranks. That said, it is ultimately your RuneQuest, your Glorantha. An exceptional character can potentially have the requirements waived through notable service to the god and/or the cult, or through some other exemplary attributes.
  2. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Happy to be of help, though it's always a balancing act between getting stuff done on new material and spending time on the forum! This thread, as stated prior, is for official answers. However well-meaning the other posters are, they're not supposed to be posting here with anything other than questions. The whole rest of the forum is good for that. They should be (2).
  3. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    That's as intended. You're supposed to be able to commune with your god easily through Worship and regain your Rune points. Your god wants you to to have them. You run a small risk of being magic point shy for the day after a worship ceremony, but that's a small price to pay for the power conferred by your returned Rune points.
  4. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Nothing. The Loyalty is to the individual, not to the rank or the relationship.
  5. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    The spell suppresses normal movement sounds, unless they are deliberately (or disastrously) made. The sounds generated while walking around in your armor (bronze chain rustling against bronze plates, sword scabbard rubbing against your hip, leather squeaking, sandals slapping on the ground, breathing, etc.) will be suppressed, as will the clop-clop of your horse's hooves. So no, you don't have to make a Move Quietly roll, but if you want to do anything specific that isn't naturalistic movement, you should take that precaution. It doesn't shift a success... it's a binary thing. It covers some things, but not others. If you engage in combat while under the spell's effect, the onlookers would see you, hear your combat sounds, but would not hear your normal movement sounds (except in the case of a fumble).
  6. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Is this a rules question or a suggested correction? Defense = casting defensive magic to protect yourself from harm. Attack = casting offensive magic to cause another being harm. Use the fetch's POW to determine the fetch's magic point recovery rate.
  7. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    I believe so, but I'll check with Jeff when he's available. No.
  8. I can answer some of these questions, but honestly I'd rather wait until we have more to show. But first, please take the arguments about the genesis of various other games to another thread, or vanish them altogether. Closest to hard science fiction. More Brin than Burroughs. Somewhere between the first two, depending on what your definitions are. Not the third. Yes, to be explained later. Ringworld, given it's leaning more towards hard sci-fi than anything else. This will be mentioned when the game is discussed further. We're not being coy here. Right now the author is still finishing up two big projects for us and is developing the "setting bible". Until that's locked down there's no point in discussing anything about it, as that might change.
  9. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Correct. Incorrect. Here's the text on Splitting Attacks from page 202: If his skill was 101% naturally, then he could split his attack 50/51%, and as a GM I'd rule that the bonus would be split evenly, for two attacks at 150% and 151% 300% for the first, -20% for each additional parry. The special and critical ranges are based on the modified chance, so if your Humakti's skill was at 100% because he was reducing other attackers' chances to hit, then he'd hit/special/crit as if his skill was 100%. You would add it in with the modifiers for Sword Trance, until either expires. Generally speaking, you can't pick and choose when magical modifiers come into play if they're both cast on the same item at the same time. His strike rank is 3 for his first attack, and 6 if he is able to attack again. Don't forget the strike ranks for casting the spells, in the initial rounds they're being cast. Unless he's casting Sword Trance before the battle, it's going to take 1 strike rank for the Rune spell + 19 strike ranks for the magic points. So that spell takes him a full combat round and an additional six strike ranks into the next. He'll need to cast Bladesharp for even more strike ranks. Hopefully an opportunistic foe won't see what he's up to and attempt to disrupt him or throw off his concentration.
  10. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    As normal. Why would it do that? Extension makes the spell last longer. That's all it does.
  11. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    No. Your species max is your species max, unless boosted by some way through some other (likely divine) means. That said, some non-player characters may have transcended these maximums through such avenues.
  12. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    I would say yes, unless Rurik is engaged in combat at the time. See page 194. The Rune spell is at strike rank 1, plus 1 for each magic point after the first. So in this case, strike rank 2. Let's use common sense. Strike ranks determine when an action happens in a round, after the declaration of actions. Yanioth has no way to know that she will need to cast Heal Wound with 6 magic points right after strike rank 7. Vasana is also in the middle of a melee, and Yanioth is hanging back. She would need to see that Vasana is wounded, move into the melee, and lay a hand on Vasana's incapacitated limb to have the spell work. As a gamemaster, if and only if Yanioth said that she was specifically hanging out waiting to cast a Heal Wound spell on Vasana, I would ask her to make an INTx3 roll to see how quickly she can assess the situation and react, and maybe a DEXx3 roll to see if she could step into the fight and successfully grab someone who's only second beforehand reeling back in pain from being struck. And as noted above, Heal Wound is a Rune spell and takes 1 strike rank to cast +1 per magic point after the first. So a Heal Wound spell boosted with 6 magic points would take 6 strike ranks. In the miracle that Yanioth was able to near-instantaneously assess and react, her spell would take effect on strike rank 12. If Yanioth didn't announce that her intent was to specifically be ready to cast Heal Wound on Vasana, I would say the spell happens next round on strike rank 6.
  13. Jason Durall

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Generally speaking, you can't summon an elemental directly onto someone. An elemental is a living spirit which existed prior, and is manifesting cloaked in the element of its nature. You would not need to make a resistance roll because you're not attacking another entity (the target) by summoning a third entity (the elemental), though you may direct that elemental at the intended target. I would say 2 points to maintain a darkness elemental in daytime (as it needs to be darkness, not just shadow) but the GM should be the one making that call. Is it noon with the sun directly overhead? Is it morning or evening with long, stark shadows? This is where a common sense call should be made vs deriving situation guidelines and modifiers for every conceivable situation.
  14. Just some clarity here: Chris' project will be an original setting. It will use BRP/RQ rules (we're letting him go a la carte with them and pick what rules options work best). Compatibility with RQ/Call of Cthulhu is not a requirement, and makes little sense given the nature of the setting he's doing. It's still in gestation phase, as Chris is busy with the new edition of Harlem Unbound and finishing another project for us I'm not sure has been announced. We are not announcing anything official until we have a team in place, a full product outline, and some concept art to show. As soon as there's more solid stuff behind the scenes, we'll start posting info. I can tell you it'll be neither Star Wars nor Star Trek in theme and tone.