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  1. One is an ancient nonhuman demi-goddess and the other a millennia-old mystic tree. They are not bound by the same rules that restrict player characters.
  2. Two Jameses... Lowder and Coquillat. Not only that, but for many years Chaosium employed a male Lynne and now employs a female Lynne.
  3. I have it firsthand that the crowdfunding campaign will be launching very soon. It is one of their highest priorities.
  4. It's a common name. See Sartarite Names on page 103 of the core book. Thinking they're the same person is like assuming two Jonathans you meet are the same guy.
  5. They were a case of the writer not being up-to-date with the new edition. Fixed in a new version of the book that'll be updated publicly soon.
  6. We are doing a fairly detailed version of Jonstown for an upcoming product, right in line after The Pegasus Plateau, but it is not a house-by-house level treatment.
  7. Clearly, we disagree entirely on the utility of this. Most of the feedback we get from layout is that all of the info you need for an encounter/scene should be present in one place, to minimize page flipping, especially for those using tablets. You have just said that page flipping is a problem, and yet you would like stat blocks at the end of the chapter... doesn't that guarantee more page flipping?
  8. Just a note, we are not removing functionality from the writeups. Many gamemasters have asked for spell costs (magic and Rune points) to be listed in writeups for convenience, requiring less page-flipping when spells are cast. Similarly, it is useful to note which entities know all common Rune spells and which do not, as some entities know only a handful of Rune spells and were not taught those spells as members of cults. You'll also note that armor listings have a new entry describing the Move Quietly penalty. This has not been figured into the default listed skill value, though, as there may be conditions where the adventurers meet the NPC when they are not ready for combat. The way we present content will likely change incrementally as we explore the game line and gain additional feedback from gamemasters and players. Please don't ask us to make needless changes for consistency when it should be obvious a change is being made for greater usability.
  9. Thanks for the feedback so far. We'll be reviewing it and making an update to the .pdf in the next week or so.
  10. That is how we are describing the book.
  11. He's just an initiate of Ernalda. She is the goddess of women, but many worship her. Orvald is likely not going anywhere higher than being an initiate, but initiate membership (core book, page 293) does not require that the worshiper be female. He's a member of the Fright subcult, and if you read his backstory, then Cornflower's, he doesn't come across as a particularly white hat kind of guy.
  12. It has no mechanic-specific effect on a case-by-case basis, but the gamemaster might interpret that as being able to use Perception-based skills like Insight, Scan, Search, or even Track at twice their 'normal' distance. Answer added to Q&A
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