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  1. Right on the spot. It would actually make the BRP System interesting to me again. So far I am unimpressed as I have the feeling it will become just an other Fantasy system. Which I do not care about.
  2. I have only one important question: what is the time frame we are speaking of? End of this year, first, second, third, forth quarter, etc? Would also like to know if there will be a preview version to proof-read. Maybe somebody can also tell me if the "Essential Version" will also be a 'generic' book or if it will be Fantasy based. That would help me a lot to make decisions for the future of my RPG group. Any useful input would be much appreciated.
  3. Nope, starting work on a EGS (Entropic Gaming System) version. Maybe if I hear Chaosium will support BRP in the future, I'll come back. There is no point in writing software for an unsupported system. the official auto calc PDF for BRP was done by me - and as far as I can see they did not a lot of changes to the auto calc MW version. So, you have my blessing to use my code and change it the way you like...
  4. Although I am a very long time supporter of BRP, I feel lucky that I found an other generic RPG system that feels similar to BRP and is currently highly supported by the company with good quality products. If Chaosium decides to let BRP 'slip' even further, I will definitely move on - it is 7 years after the BGB now, and no serious company support is in sight. I was hoping for a change when Sandy and Greg took over the company, although I had a bad guts feeling. I am not only sad to see this happening, I am deeply disappointed. Yes, I know Fantasy players are a big part of the RPG community, but the beauty of the BGB was its good support of different genres. And I don't care about if they base the new RuneQuest on Magic World - it does not help my group playing any kind of Sci-Fi settings. Seems BRP is dead. Again. The only thing they accomplish by 'bringing RQ back home' is that we will have 'an other' RunQuest system (gosh, how many do we already have?!) and add 'yet an other d100 ruleset' to the already stretched 'family'. If you delude a good Whiskey with enough water, it will eventually be water. Not sure how any of the d100 companies can make any money of the d100 fan base with about 7(?) d100 systems out there. It should be ONE system where all combined forces work together on it with a bunch of OPTIONS for players to choose from. Anyway, I guess I already made my decision.
  5. Thanks for your support - I think I'll leave the BRP version as it is for the moment as I am waiting for announcements in regards of the future of BRP from Chaosium.
  6. Sorry to hear they will concentrate on RQ and leave BRP behind. Makes me sad, as I think the system is far more than just an other Fantasy RPG. Will see what comes up next, but I hope Ben, Dustin & Co will still have a job at Chaosium. Also, I would appreciate any news in regards of what they plan with BRP.
  7. Again, a new version. This time only a few more features are introduced: dice roll numbers for Hit Locations are shown on the character sheetsome more intelligent placement of some parts on the character sheetthe Success Chart is printed when no Hit Locations are usedadded three boxes for notes to the Notes tab (Background, Campaign, Family). They are saved, but currently not printedstarted developing of the Power Tab - not saved and not printed at the momentintroduced the Race tab for roll-up templates (so you can roll dwarfs, elves, kobolts and stuff) - not in use at the momentfour different background pictures for printing - or go without anyI guess that's it - more stuff to come. Download here, as always.
  8. Hey folks, just to let you know: I did some more work on the tool over the weekend: used/allocated Skill points are now shown on the first tab, once you press the 'calculate' buttonyou can now re-roll the Distinctive Features and Personality as well as Height/Weight without re-rolling the whole character. Just push the [/] buttons.Height and Weight is now randomly rolled as by the SIZ value on the Character SIZ chart on p.26 BGB. You can still edit it to a more pleasing value.Experience Bonus is now printed on the Character sheeta more logic placement of the right points section on the sheetRecovery Rate is now calculated and printedAge and experience is corrected. A 'starting Age' box has been added on the Notes tab, make sure to fill in the starting age for already created characters. New characters will get the box filled automaticallyadditional Hit, Power, Sanity and Fatigue Points can now be added on the Notes tab if neededyou can choose to use imperial measurements for Height and Weight in the Options tabAttribute starting base chances are now replaced by the characters real base chance (e.g. DEX*2 becomes 14% or such). But only the ones in the BGB are replaced by now.Hope you enjoy the new version. Download it here, as always. Please let me know any issues and ideas you have. Next will be the Powers section and the Notes tab, including printing the back of the character sheet - but that will take a while. Also, I will add a few more Backgrounds to choose from for printing the character sheet.
  9. Lol, yes, that's because it is a full C compiler IDE. I'll try to make a binary file available at some point, so you don't need to download the Xcode stuff. But at the moment, there's no way around. The tool itself does not need any of that stuff. Although, you could install Activestate python and then just add the packages needed - I've never tried it, though. no idea... looks as if reportlab is not installed correctly or the path variable to python is not set.
  10. Allright, here we go: new version of the tool: https://share.ldhn.net:81/public.php?service=files&t=55abc00a30351d0611f0f5d7413c9fd3 One thing, though: you need to install a package named 'reportlab', which is essential for creaing PDFs. - open a command shell (START -> enter 'cli') - type in: 'C:\Python27\Scripts\pip2.7.exe install reportlab' You will see the PIP installer will download the needed package and install it. Once that is done, you can open the 'gui.py' as before and toy around with the tool. Make sure you play around with the Options, as they decide what the final character sheet will look like. Hope you enjoy it! P.S.: for Apple OSX you need to download and install Apple XCode, then you can open a Terminal session and type in 'pip install reportlab'.
  11. Quick update: the printed character sheet now changes in layout depending on which options are selected. As an example, if you do not use Fatigue Points, you will see the Equipment list instead. If Sanity is not used, the Distinctive Features will be shown. The Hit Points have moved from top right to below the Hit Location diagrams. If no Hit Locations are used, my "critical/special" table will be shown, and the character portrait is sitting in the top right corner now. If no portrait is selected, the BRP Logo is shown. If progress continues, I can make a new version for testing available on Tuesday.
  12. Thanks for thinking about me, but you can keep the Javascrip fun for yourself (no offence). It's just that I am too busy with the 'other' character tool here in the forum and I have a lot of stuff I want to put into it. Even recycle stuff from my old BRP NPC tool that can be found here in the forum as well.
  13. Hi, no, the tool is not 'forcing' to do anything. I would say it is more like a 'guide'. You can put in values as you see fit and press the calculate button. Easy as that. Thanks for all the offers to help, I'll come back to that if the opportunity rises. So far it is just plain 'adding buttons' and 'calculate stuff' actions ... nothing anybody can really help with. You can, however, help in finding bugs and find missing options. Also, once the Character Sheet is finalized, you can let me know what could be done better. In regards to fast character creation, I would suggest to create a character 'template' for each profession you want (including the skills and values) and save them to a folder. If you need one of those characters, just load the pre-made one, press the 'roll' button for random Attribute values - done. Could not be faster than that. Don't see the point in an automatic-character-skill-point-allocation system; too many settings are different and as pointed out there are so many rule systems that handle stuff different, I do not see the use of it. I am a bit behind schedule. The printing works fine, unfortunately it is not easy to get the new version running as an additional package is required to be installed on the computer. To get around this, I wanted to create executable binary files, but unfortunately my Windows machine is not willing to compile them at the moment. Maybe I have better luck with the Mac version later this week. I could make the new version available and let you guys try to figure out how to get it running, but I would be unable to give any support. And that is just not my style. So be patient and a nice hassle-free version will be up in a few days - at least for OSX. To get it running on Windows should be easy and currently it is just not worth the headache it is giving me. Be with me and instructions will follow soon ... @QuestBird: thanks for letting me know - I'll put it in the install instructions later. As far as Options for settings go: most are just rules options. The BRP Options for character creation are already implemented (Options tab). Let me know if you miss anything particular. Later on, once the program is finished, I plan on supporting additional rules from Monographs (e.g. the Luck Attribute from Mythic Iceland or the way how Firearms work in Rubble & Ruin) - but I'm not there yet. The base must be solid and flexible, then I can plan on the rest. Most of that are simple substitutions of existing values/things anyway and are only relevant when printing the character. But that is what the tool is about: creating and printing characters and maintaining them during a campaign. It is not meant to be a live character sheet that can be used during a game session tracking HP's, PP's, Fatigue and stuff like that. I will, however, include a tool to prepare and print combat encounters. Nothing fancy, but I like to re-use my though-out gangs and street-robbers and I do not like to write the needed stat's down time again and again. So it will show the minimal combat stats needed together with the PP's and HP's, similar to the NPC sheet, I reckon.
  14. Printing without the BG pic will be available soon, no worries. Character portrait will be printed soon as well. How would you want this automatic skill deployment be done?
  15. OK, printing is coming along well. below is a link to the current character sheet. Depending on the selected options, it looks different to this screen. Will make the update available tomorrow. Unfortunately created characters with the old version will not be able to be loaded again, as there was a saving bug. Current Character Sheet Hope you like it!
  16. Hi Clarence, noticed that on Win7, too. It's already fixed and will be ok in the next update.
  17. hahaha, yeah, that's exactly why a tool is helpful. All these small rules one forgets about from time to time ... glad you figured it out. But I'll make the autocalc available in the next version too. Also, autocalc will be active when changing some settings in the 'Option' tab. The skill list is actually been modified when changing the "campaign time' buttons in the Option rules. These buttons change the default skill values in the skill lists. The Hit Location box does do nothing at the moment. It might hide the Hit Location tab in a future release. Not sure what else it would be for. My plan is to include the default weapon/armor/equipment lists into the tool. That way you can add them to the active character and do not need to enter the values. It will be an external file that is loaded, so you can edit it for your setting and re-use it as you wish (as as it is done for the skill list at the moment). Not sure it it will work via drag&drop or copy&paste - have to figure out how it is done best. The roadmap looks something like this: add printing to the toolfill the Powers tab with a few boxes & update the printing partadd some useful boxes in the Notes tab (Character Background, Family, Friends, Enemies and Goalsadd an Encounter tool (with printing) to create some Combat lists for a game sessionadd a dice roller (easily done, just need to cut&paste some stuff from my other BRP tool)Maybe add some setting specific stuff (Magic World, Alephtar Games stuff, Blood Tide, CoFE, etc)Some questions: Do you guys want a 'Current Hitpoints' and 'Current Power Points' (same for Fatigue and Sanity) box? That way you could use the tool during a game session to track them and save the progress between sessions as well. But I am not sure it there is a need for that as I am not using the tool for that at all. So it could be a time waster and nobody is using it. Also, if somebody feels up to the task, I would love to include character schematics for the 'Hit Location' tab. So, is somebody changes the setting time to modern, the Armor Point picture would change to display e.g. a modern combat armor (further differentiated by male and female shapes/armor), same for the Hit Point pictures. If anybody wants to contribute some pictures - please let me know! I could also include different pictures for different races and maybe 4, 6 and 8 legged individuals.
  18. Hm, works for me ... make sure you click the 'calculate' button after changing values. I'll change the behaviour to automatically recalculate values after 'Attributes' are changed in the next version.
  19. Hm, please try this: reboot the Mac after installing python and pyQT (I know it is odd, but some Path variables have changed)open a Terminal shelltype 'cd ' (yes, a 'space' after cd) at the Terminal, then drag&drop the BRP directory to the Terminal windowtype 'python gui.py' in the Terminal and see what happens ... it worked for me on OSX 10.8 > *Seperate button for rolling stats instead of entire new character. Ah, ok, no problem. Will do that. > * I'd add a small window in the Skills areas showing how many are spent/remaining. yes, it's on the list > * Not sure the weight catagory is taking SIZ into consideration? Example: my first character had a SIZ 17 and a STR 18 but weighed 70 lbs...? No, currently weight and height is not taken into account - but it's a good idea! Will put it on the list. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!
  20. Download and install this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyqtx/files/Complete/PyQtX%2B_py273_q482_pyqt494.pkg.mpkg.zip/download
  21. Hi, well, PayPal works fine, otherwise a Gift voucher on RPGnow.com is appreciated: Robert Sabath, info@weyland-yutani.com.au Thanks!
  22. If you installed Python 2.7 in the first step with default settings, you should find it in C:\\Python27\python
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