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  1. One of the people who influenced my life in a profound way has passed. Beyond the world of gaming, it was his work that pushed me to pursue my degree in anthropology, and I worked with Greg on my very first Cthulhu inspired product — the official Great Cthulhu vinyl model kit. He was a joy to work with as our phone conversations wandered from the business of licensing for Call of Cthulhu, to Praxian shamans, to Clifford Geertz, to the rules of Nomad Gods, and back to business. He was one of the good ones and will be deeply missed.
  2. I appreciate the effort it takes. My brother wrote the 5-Eyes portion of Borderlands way back when, and he poured over that manuscript for months. I am glad the work is underway to get this fixed. It is my hope that the corrections can be incorporated into the PDF version as I am more likely to use that at the game table then I am to use a hard copy. Don't worry about what happened, just focus on making the next project even better. Cheers, David
  3. These were from a quick review: 1. On page 10 stike rank is mentioned under instant duration. Also the DEX rank delay seems odd given the powers rules in BRP and the nature of DEX ranks. 2. The magic skill bonus is mentioned but it is never defined. The references to other old RQ3 books show up throughout the book. 3. under aborting a spell on page 11 it mentions waiting 3 DEX ranks. This is one of many places where DEX rank and strike rank were not sorted out and fixed. 4. The spell casting during melee rules on page 11 are all kinds of wrong ... adding spell costs to DEX rank, permisable actions in a round, DEX rank less than 10?, spell casting spilling over to a second round? 5. I know what "pennies" were meant to be, but it is never defined in the book. 6. The new knowledge skills don't sync with BRP. It would have been nice to have them defined and define which careers in BRP have access to them. 7. On page 15 there is a mention of the Spirit Plane Encounter Table but it is not in the book. I know that it's in the old GMs book, but that doesn't help new BRP players. Furthermore there are no stats for the different types of spirits. That make being a shaman kinda difficult. 8. Darkwall: the movement mechanic doesn't seem to fit BRP. Is it a non-combat action? Light wall has a typo that mentions the distance but not the "per DEX rank" part. 9. Silence: uses the old sneak skill rather than stealth. 10. Slow: includes the mention of fatigue which has mostly been removed from the book. 11. On page 31 the concentration rules mention a move of a half meter per DEX rank. Again this is a place where SR seems to have been replaced with a reference to DEX ranks without considering the way movement is handled in BRP. 12. ENC is mentioned throughout the book but it is an optional rule. Seems to me that any effect on optional rules should have been called out in a sidebar just like optional rules in the main rule book. 13. In the religions section there are a number of references to old RQ3 skills. Also several gods have their headers wrong. The "Divine Magic" heading is not on a new line (or in bold) for the Earth, Trickster, Under World, and War gods. 14. Berserk: There is a big section regarding damage to hit locations. Since this is an optional rule it seems out of place. 15. Heal Body and Heal Wound under BRP seem redundant since there are no hit locations. They both would effect hit points. These two spells need work. Then there is Regrow Limb - again, without the use of hit locations, this seems out of place. There is more, but the ones I have here are a symptom of the overall problem. The Magic Book is not integrated with BRP. Frankly the older Basic Magic book works just as well. I was expecting a true BRP adaptation of the old RQ magic systems, with due consideration given to all of the optional rules, but this book is not working for me.
  4. I have to say that I am very disappointed. The BRP rules for DEX rank and the rules for strike rank got all mixed up. The rules on casting time are particularly problematic. Spells like Mobility are now worded so that they don't really work the way BRP works. I find that the original Basic Magic is more useful that this new translation. I understand that the project went through a few too many changes in personnel, and I understand that it was a bit rushed, but the final product should not have seen print. My group was ready to buy five copies, and now that has dropped to just the copy that I picked up. Very very disappointing.
  5. I wish I could get excited about this. I even re-read HeroQuest as I planned out a River of Cradles campaign hoping that it might spark something, but I'm just not a narrative gamer. I love to role play but I much prefer a system that is closer to a simulation to resolve and codify how the world works. I love the Hero Wars/HeroQuest source material but I don't see myself ever playing the game.
  6. The resistance table assumes attacking value v defending value. If you are looking for a mechanic for a contest then I would suggest using opposed skill tests on page 173 in BRP. If they aren't using skills you can always substitute an attribute test like an effort roll or some such. Cheers, David
  7. Hi y'all. I've been a RP gamer since 1975. Started RQ in 1982 and after ten year gap where the only group I could muster wanted to play D&D, I am finally getting back to RQ. The arrival of BRP has definitely helped. The last game we played was RQ:AiG but it was a bit too complex. I am not a fan of MRQ. I won't speak ill of the rules or those that enjoy playing it. It just does not appeal to me. My one wish - to see Glorantha reunited with BRP in a modern and up-to-date RuneQuest.
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