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  1. here's something to consider. That plate armor consists of several layers of a couple dozen pieces with lots of ties, buckles, pins, lacings, and.. bits... that could break with constant use. Armor would normally receive maintenance on a regular basis but if it's worn constantly, things are going to start coming loose, away from the closest armor repair shop
  2. A ship stuck on a small asteroid would be fun. Instead of the lifeboat on the iceburg, there could be a ruptured life-pod.
  3. I use Paper Chase or versions there-of often as a one-shot, filler, or intro adventure.
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  5. just out of curiosity, has anybody else ever had a player roll 100 on a luck roll? In my case, the player was trying to enter a house and was about to see some vivisected bodies. I had the player make a luck roll for the gardener to be around as he boldly walked up to the house (known to be un-occupied). He rolled a 100. Not only was the gardener there, as the character proceeded to lose 5 sanity almost immediately after, I gave him an encounter with a big monster that would normally have left a while before. Poor unlucky character ran outside and promptly went into a violent rage all over the poor gardener and another PC. Great fun was had by all.
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  7. I've run Derelict at least a half-dozen times at cons and never had anybody ask for extra, though I imagine it's different if in an evolved campaign. I would make the Captain and first mate real nervous about firearms on board, to the point of possibly refusing to take the commission. The yacht is supposed to go to England where shotguns are rather discouraged and if the yacht is being sold, how do the PCs plan to get their firearms back home, by plane? Lastly, the difficulty of the monster is in seeing it, not shooting it, so it might be fun to have some random shotgun blasts.. until running out of ammo.
  8. It's always possible that there's a picturesque B&B that comes highly recommended if 'your ever out that way', maybe even owned by a friend or a character.
  9. Jamacia Bay seems like it would be a perfect location for 1920s Call of Cthulhu scenarios, but the only official mention I can find is a few descriptions and story-seeds in Secrets of New York (pp 112-115 ) about 'tales of strange creatures' and a bio on Pyt Thornley, a loner with the Deep One curse.
  10. I'm still wondering why there's a film crew. What is the documentary and is it about cleaners, the village, or specifically, these people
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  13. ah, those are both sources I hadn't considered. THANKS! those do give some consistency to the adventure
  14. I'm working up a short adventure where the Investigators are trapped in the Aethereal plane. The concept is that the real world is barely a ghostly shadow around them, while things of the Aether are very real and personal. I would appreciate suggests for Lovecraftian Horrors that might be in the Aether, just outside of mortal perceptions. I'm drawing a blank, though Dimensional Shamblers might fit. Mi-go might also be more of the Aetherial plane than the physical world. If there aren't any Lovecraftian horrors that fit the bill, I'll just create my own, so it's not a crisis by any means.
  15. We all know that good Call of Cthulhu character miniatures are hard to come by. Are there any good sources for cardstock character?? I have a ton of extra counter-bases from Eldritch horror and similar games that would perfect stands for stand-ups. I'm also considering using the character counters from Arkham and Eldritch games.
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