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    I started with CoC years ago and I'm still playing with it
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    I like CoC VI more
  1. Thanks for the informations. Unfortunately for me The Burning of Mount Hiei and Cthulhu and Empire (another supplement that I found in my research) are only in Japanese and I do not expect to see new exotic-themed material in the next years (at most an announcement after Invictus 2ed and Gaslight 4ed ...). The Celestial Empire is very interesting (my campaigns are very historical-oriented) and it support my idea that Chaosium should push more its BRP supplements as useful for CoC and RuneQuest too (maybe it's just my impression because I am Italian and in my country the Basic "does not
  2. I am reading the 2005 supplement Secrets of Japan. On page 67 (Scroll five: Section Three) I found a paragraph entitled Prerequisite Skills that ends with "More detailed rules for Japanese martial arts will be provided in a future book". I'm curious to know what is the hinted book and what level of depth have these rules (if they exist).
  3. Chaosium has not yet published a manual for the Gaslight setting updated to the Seventh Edition so I am trying to convert some good ideas from the last edition. Can someone give me a Gaslight version of the table II "Cash and Assets" (the one on page 46, Keeper Rulebook 7th Ed.) or at least some tips? I'm mainly interested to the Spending Level.
  4. I am preparing an adventure set in London during the Gaslight Era. I would like to insert an escape from a prison in or near London but I cannot find useful material online (how prisons worked, some maps, etc). Can someone help me?
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