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  1. 1970

    Quick Question

    I agree that Stormbringer is a much cooler name than Elric!, and I agree that Elric!'s cover isn't the best (I think SB3 is my favorite), but I think that Elric!'s layout is approachable, and the font size doesn't bother me so much. The new races are pretty cool, but I think I agree with Simlasa that the prices being asked for are pretty outrageous. I'm not as much of a completist as I used to be, so I think I can safely let SB5 pass. Thanks everyone for your input!
  2. I saw it on Chaosium's website either early this year or the later part of last year and ordered a copy. I was sent a 1st edition copy instead. When I complained they said that they didn't have any more in stock. Wound up with a refund and a free C:DA book. I'm still looking forward to this though.
  3. 1970

    Quick Question

    If I have Elric!, is it worth it to get Stormbringer 5?
  4. 1970

    Mixing Editions

    Actually, I think I have this figured out. I just do as RuneQuest hath done before me. Simple.
  5. 1970

    Mixing Editions

    If I were to do this, how would I account for spells with variable MP costs? Oh. I misread the section I was basing my post on. Thanks for straightening me out. Still, there seems to be an optional rule to limit characters to 100% or less, as mentioned under the Angel profile (Magic World 155), but I can't find it in the rulebook. I may limit it anyway; I don't know yet.
  6. 1970

    Mixing Editions

    That sounds like a great idea. Thanks!
  7. 1970

    Mixing Editions

    Never mind. I was looking through my copy of Magic World and that seems to be what I'm looking for as far as character creation and skill selection. Skills don't go over 100% and I can still use Elric!'s magic system and assorted systems. I can deal with the demon summoning as I go along I guess. Thanks for looking in any case.
  8. I agree that demon weapons and armor got pretty crazy in the earlier editions. I like that skills cap at 100%. That's the math student in me.
  9. I like the magic system of Elric!, but not so much the demon summoning. I like Agency better than Championship. Would it be too much trouble to port Elric!'s magic system to Stormbringer 4? I don't see too many problems with it, but would appreciate the input of people more experienced than myself. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your replies! I'm not entirely mechanically sound on any of the editions I own, having just gotten my rulebooks over the past few months (I've had some of my sourcebooks for years prior). Now it's all just reading. Anyway, this doesn't seem quite as difficult as I thought it might be. I won't get my books for probably a week or two (or three), so I have some time to bone up on those before I start trying to plug them into my hypothetical campaign. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for your replies! I ask because I remember my 4th edition book saying that the Keeper could use "real world" menaces, like bootleggers or whatever, but to always remember that the focus of the game is the Mythos. I know that I shouldn't let a book tell me how to run a game, but I thought I'd mention anyway. mvincent, I agree that there should be some darkness in there. I mean, we're talking about consorting with bad bad things at worse and less than bad bad things at best. No angels here. Still, if it's dark all the time wouldn't it take away from the real horror, in whatever form it takes? Darius: thanks for the adventure seeds! I can't get enough of those. Anyway, thanks again!
  12. I just purchased copies for these two adventures. I know they're written for SB1-3 (I think), but how hard would it be to update them to Elric!? Even if you could update them to SB4 I could probably make do. For reference, I have SB3, SB4, and Elric!
  13. 1970

    Which to get

    That's great to hear. Thanks!
  14. 1970

    Which to get

    I totally understand and agree, but with having to pick spells for NPCs and such having pregens would be a godsend if I were to go off the beaten path, which I would end up doing sooner or later. If I were running for a group that wouldn't be a problem, but as a solo player I have to take those things into consideration, unfortunately.
  15. I've had this idea since I found out that 7E was a viable thing. The investigators are involved in the criminal underworld (on either side) in San Fransisco (Secrets of San Fransisco). They occasionally run into strange things, kind of like that scenario in Mansions of Madness where the gangster turns into a bug thing. Some gang is using the Mythos to maximize their profits and take out the competition. The campaign would probably focus mostly on the mundane lives of criminals or cops or however they get themselves involved, with the Mythos sprinkled in to let them know that something isn't right. I think it has more staying power than a monster hunter campaign (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I'm afraid that using a light touch will dilute the game somewhat. Any opinions?
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