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  1. First, grow your bananas...
  2. I'm currently running an Oria (Ernalda) Healer attached to a Lunar vexillum. She not such a Chalana light... She doesn't want or expect to have to fight in combat (that's her comrades' job) but she has dagger at 90% (including manipulation modifiers) and carries her late husband's large shield around, not entirely for sentimental reasons. If anybody threatens her with violence, she'll happily kill them. Maybe if they're just incapacitated, she'll heal them afterwards (once the manacles are on). She has Heal 6 and a ton of Ernalda healing rune magic. Her unit are quite happy that she's not disadvantaged on dying / new moon days. Her Moon and Fire affinities are actually higher than her Earth affinity but she can use Harmony and Fertility for most of her Runespell casting.
  3. Personally, my view of Chalana Arroy is that she does not condone opposing force with force. As Jeff says, using an implement designed to improve your ability to stand up in combat is going to incur her disapproval. In my opinion the Chalana healer's only direct option to defend someone she has incapacitated with Sleep or Befuddle is to interpose her unarmed 'unresisting' self between them and the threat, and hope that the taboos against injuring a healer make the would be attacker look for a less troubling target.
  4. Somewhere under sacrifices rules, it mentions that although Chalana does not accept blood sacrifices, she does not condemn their use by other deities. There may be an element of trying to avoid annoying people who you aspire to influence. Last time I played a Chalana I ended a combat by casting sleep on the (dazed and confused) NPC who's combat with another NPC we had stumbled upon resulting in it attacking us. My character was able to persuade the party and NPC to join forces in this instance, but communication and persuasion are not really in Chalana initiates' core skill set, so if you plan to play long term with a Chalana, it may be useful to have and Issaries, Etyries or Argan Argar who can smooth over these Chalana interrupted conflicts gracefully rather than there being soreness in the party over how to treat the opponent.
  5. A good Chalanan shouldn't be conflicted about healing people. If there are injured or sick people in front of them, then they should triage them and heal them in order of need. Keeping a Chalanan captive might not be so trivial unless the captor has lockable rooms, manacles stout ropes etc to hand. If the Chalanan thinks they are needed more elsewhere and determinedly tries to leave, then the captor is going to have to use violence against the Chalanan to prevent that. That might be construed as allowing the Chalanan to embargo any cult healing of the offender.
  6. I'm playing a Yinkini-heritage Ernaldan camp-follower/healer for a Lunar expedition in the Rockwoods. A bit like Nik's actual Yinkini she has CHA 17 and 95 fertility, is always coming on to PCs and NPCs and hates getting wet. She's not just a healer in combat, but that's where most of her rune magic goes (apart from Charisma).
  7. The father of the young Bison in Heroquest Voices said - It doesn't sound like hospitality extends beyond the Animal Nomad tribe.Demonstrating kinship would probably still apply, and the Sables and Ostriches practise matrilineal exogamy, while the rest are patrilineal. Kinship through the incoming spouse probably still counts for something, but not as much as that through the resident party. Everybody probably welcomes a Chalana Arroy nomad, but there aren't many of them wandering the plains and they may be regarded as holy innocents rather than adult tribespeople. I guess Stormbull gangs have their own customs, but I doubt whether 'hospitality' is the right term for them.
  8. I'm all for them hanging around in a half-arsed way ignoring the caster unable to tell friend from foe for the full 15 minutes, but that's not how the Bestiary entry for summoned elementals reads to me. The uncontrolled fire elemental is useful if summoned in a sensible place, possibly the water one too, but most of the rest appear to just flee the scene if you have not controlled them (it's going to be rare for there to be no light for a darkness elemental to flee)
  9. The Beastiary seems to me to say that unless an elemental is commanded it will not act in support of it's summoner. Since a large elemental's average POW is 20, even a priest with 21 POW would only have a 55% chance of overcoming it's POW to command it. That sort of means you'd need to be be truly desperate to summon a large elemental unless you had a tag team of other casters prepared to step in to command it if the first attempt fails. Spending five rune points for a even chance that the the large Earth Elemental 'sinks into the soil' seems like a poor option. Of course the elemental may have lower than average POW, but equally it may have more than average POW.
  10. I'm antiquated and prefer hardcopy anyway, though digital has its uses when away from home.
  11. I'm getting the (leatherette) hardcover for the artwork and the correct baked in rune font. My old iMac got very confused about the runes it would show for a spell in PDF
  12. Giant tortoise? No, no. Something faster, a Hyena. Its not quite a Praxian beast like the Baboons not quite a Praxian person (In that neither are in Waha's covenant, but both live in Prax and the Wastes
  13. There's an inset on P29 of the Bestiary about Baboon adventurers. For the Praxian Background skills, personally, I would substitute Animal Lore for Ride (Herdbeast) and Track for Herd. I can't really see a baboon gaining loyalty to some place called Sartar because his grandad got himself killed in some foreign war, Honour's fair enough and hating bad people.
  14. Byll


    The last sentence "This spell may only be cast on wildday, and can only be cast on an Initiate or Rune Master of the god" appears in the RQG book but not in the RQG Bestiary (Telmor) or the RBoM
  15. "...as my Great Aunt put it in her last letter from Graclodont..."
  16. Byll


    Switch Places is mentioned under Donandar in the Runequest Classics - Cult Compendium (if I ever knew, I'd forgotten). There it says - So maybe it doesn't matter if other people can or can't see the illusory sight, and the caster can switch places with an illusory sight produced by Hallucinate (giving 12 points worth of illusions perceptible only by the caster)
  17. Byll


    Switch Places looks cool at first sight, but relies on having produced an Illusory Sight of the caster. Illusory Sight covers a volume of SIZ 3, so a typical adventurer of SIZ 12 would need to know Illusory Sight 4 before they could Switch Places. I suppose one could reduce the SIZ required by placing the illusory sight behind an obstruction of some sort? Or would that be cheating? Since illusion magic is essentially cheating to begin with, manipulating to the utmost it is probably OK.
  18. On my mac the font runes are wrong when viewed in Preview, iBooks, Chrome and Safari They are right when viewed in Adobe Elements (which is not an easy way to read a book)
  19. I begin to understand why Jeff was finding the topic boring, (though as a paid up Chalana Arroy, I'm certain that Argrath is first amongst Assholes).
  20. I guess the rune font used in the PDF is not the rune font intended in the drafts, and the mapping of rune characters is different. Fire/sky appears as Moon, and Chaos appears as Fate throughout as well
  21. Lego Pavis is still going ...slowly
  22. Where Glorious Reascent of Yelm mentions the Good Sister and Bad Sister (Injerina and Bosjerina) it says something like 'we all know the tales about them' is anybody familiar with a particular terrestrial or gloranthan folklore tradition that this might refer to?
  23. Yeah OK, I guess I'm substantially wrong above. It's certainly a passion, and it's something personal in that you carry it with you, I don't think characters generate their own concepts of honour from first principles though. They buy into a code that is largely predetermined by their warrior culture. If one was brought up to believe that it's OK to work to death enemies who surrendered, one can do it without one's honour suffering. If one was brought up to respect a code governing parole, ransom and surrender then one can't. There's probably a bit of room for an individual to say "I accept the code except for this minor part", but one can't just say "I'm honourable and my honour lets me do anything as long as I don't step on the cracks between the flagstones"
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