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  1. Here you go. Of note, Nick Brooke developed the Concept and was the Project Manager, as well as writing several of the pieces.
  2. If my understanding of Glorantha has me overstating the importance of Chaos within the setting of Glorantha -- a force that is both literal within the setting and contrary to the existence of life and the universe -- I apologize.
  3. Actually, I was digging through my Glorantha material last night to exactly that end! Agreed.
  4. I don't think anyone on this thread doubts the Lunars can go to bed comfortably each night having justified the sacrifice of scores of people for a logic and theology imposed on their victims against their wills. As an additional indignity: the issue isn't "merely" about the visceral horror of human beings being devoured. If the Lunars are correct in this rational, then the Sartarites are being sent to become Chaos -- which is culturally, theologically, and cosomolgically one of the worst things they believe can happen to them.
  5. That they are violently resisting technological expansionists ready to destroy the world... absolutely. But, again, this bleeds out all the magical and theological underpinnings of Glorantha which are literally true and runs right past the fun and power of the setting.
  6. I am absolutely certain there are many people who see the Orlanthi this way. (Certainly the Lunars do!) But I read those words and they are so alien to how I see the Orlanthi they confound me. Like, if I had to make a comparable contemporary comparison to "ultranationalist right-winger" my counter would be "fanatical eco-terrorists." But both are wrong in my view as they kind of avoid all the Glorantha things that make Glorantha Glorantha.
  7. Also, let us be clear: While imperialist oppression is present, and covered under the pleasantries of social progress, these two elements cover another agenda: a cosmic shift of the acceptance of Chaos -- which is oblivion. The Lunar Empire can promote any lovely gifts it wants to. But at some level it wants the world itself, and everyone within it, to transcend themselves. Glorantha is where this shit becomes literal. If the Orlanthi really love the world -- the physical, muddy, windswept world of blood and passion and life -- and I think they do, then yeah, I can see some problems they have with the Lunar agenda. "You get to keep that parts that won't fight against Chaos becoming what we all accept" is not much of a deal if -- wrong or right -- you think the world your ancestors fought to save is still worth protecting. Again, that's my take on things, with my sympathy being anti-Chaos as described in the Glorantha materials I have read. I completely understand that some folks are utterly certain the Lunars have a handle on All-Things-Chaos and all will be well. Color me skeptical.
  8. Since we're all going all in now... I find the argument "When we invade your lands we'll let you keep the parts of your culture and faith that don't interfere with our cultural and theological imposition" to be kind of a weak-sauce argument on behalf of the Lunars.
  9. Do you mean like KAP 3rd and things like that? Or something else?
  10. I'm inclined to listen to people smarter than me on these matters than me to adjust timelines as needed or as useful. Dates might be adjusted from the published books with hindsight. Or maybe have two timelines listed for accuracy: the dates as published, and the dates as revised with hindsight.
  11. Hey, hey... I meant no offense to Brits. And as far as timelines go, you are deep into weeds of RuneQuest's history that I know nothing about. I came to Glorantha by way of Hero Wars. So a lot of the ins-and-outs of 80s and 90s publishing, editorial, arguments and more is legend to me. My timeline of the events under discussion has been based entirely off this thread! A couple of pages back... And then you replied to that post: So I thought you were confirming Lord Abdul's take on the story. I thought the "players who were new to Glorantha with RQ3 and read through the Gods of Glorantha" you referenced were the British players Lord Abdul had referred to. I see now this was not the case! (Please keep in mind, again, all matters of RQ2, RQ3, different publishers across The Atlantic, and so on, is something I have no solid reference to. I'm aware of all of it -- but mostly I'm digging into Glorantha itself.) So, again, apologies for the error on my part. With that said, the Voices section of Gods of Glorantha seems to go out of its way to favor the Lunars and contort the Orlanthi! It is fascinating how a few choice words and images as a starting point can often influence the direction one's thinking goes on in the long term. Thank you for the clarification!
  12. The more I think about Nick's (accurate) summation of the Orlanthi image, the more I am struck by how utterly WRONG it is. The top of the Orlanthi pantheon revolves around Air, Earth, Movement, Life... and we've got this dude twisting up on his own spine, trapped in what seems to be some sort of cave! The whole image is clearly part of some Lunar propeganda program. No wonder the Brits fell for this nonsense!
  13. @sirlarkins I too would be interested in at least a general sense or general direction of how the game might be shifting. Presentation? Rules? Learning toward more historical and fiddley bits, as 5th edtion did in the supplements?
  14. Nick, I think we're all aware that predatory cults use enticing women to lure potential victims.
  15. I forgot about this thread! @Rick Meints, to answer your question, I'm looking for the dates scenarios are set and the key information in a product that is covered for contempoary play. To use your example, RQ2 has history spanning 500 year... but for my purposes the key is it brings us up to date for the year 1613. A lot of Gloranthan products have information going back years, if not sometimes centuries, but each is usually anchored in "the now" of a particular year or years. What I'm looking to build is a Timeline of "the now" for each product. Clearly @Corvantir already did a lot of the leg work on this. My goal might be to add in non-official stuff like Tarsh in Flames and so on. (I'm not a canon-head. I'd be looking for inspiration to steal from along the timeline as my desires demand.)
  16. The two images are from that book, yes. I was asking specifically about the two images being placed side-by-side, with colored letters identifying them as "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys." (It certainly isn't in the edition of of Gods of Glorantha I'm looking at.)
  17. Thanks for all the replies so far! @Nick Brooke that's fascinating about how folks reading the Gods of Glorantha (1985) drew their loyalties from the "Voices" section of that set. Without greater context I can easily see how it could happen. The Lunars are urban, forward looking. Meanwhile, the first word that describes the Orlanthi is "Barbarians" -- a word that is definitely how the Lunars see them -- but not how they see themselves and definitely not what they are from an objective point of view. Where did the image you posted come from? It's hilarious. I have my own thoughts on the matter, of course. But for the time being I'm still curious about what Greg might have said on these matters or other thoughts. (My big overview: "Extremism is probably not good." But, like some others, I'm not trusting the side that is so confident in itself that it feeds countless people to a giant bat. I think the Lunars are very modern in their hubris and arrogance, and so modern folk can lean into them with more ease!)
  18. There might well not be an answer to this, but I thought I'd ask since it's been at the back of my mind for some time. I know that most of the material presented for Glorantha is usually/often presented in a subjective manner from within the point-of-view of specific cultures within Glorantha. This means the Orlanthi trash the Lunars and praise their own culture and vica versa for the Lunars. I also know that different people have their own takes on these two cultures, usually siding with one over the other. (As much as one can side with fictional cultures of a mythical world!) I was wondering, however, what Stafford thought of the Orlanthi and the Lunars? Did he have a preference? They are obviously both set up with virtues, but also loaded with problems. Did he ever talk plainly and openly about what he thought of them? Did his view shift on them over time? (I'm sure the answer is "YES, DAMMIT!" to that question.) I'd love to know if there are any specific sources where he wrote about these matters. Thanks!
  19. I've always wanted to bring HeroQuest Glorantha to my group. I think building a template for a character sheet like this might be the easiest way to sell it!
  20. Thanks! @sirlarkins Thoughts on the upcoming changes for KAP6?
  21. Hi @Rick Meints, Can you talk at all about what sorts of changes are planned for KAP6? In general or specifically?
  22. Another option: Microsoft OneNote. It can be shared like a wiki. You can build several subjects and subjects. You can past as many images as you want into a file. You can paste maps. Tables. All sorts of stuff. it is incredibly easy to set up and continue to build. Here are two screenshots of a OneNote KAP Notebook that I set up (but haven't used yet) You can see that I have a Group labeled Maps, and within that a Section for Salisbury, and that I have selected the Page continuing Travel Times map from within that. Here is the same Notebook, but this time showing elements within the Group for Player Knights. Each Player gets his Section. And then, within each Section each knight/family gets Pages for enemies, land, family and so on. (There is no information yet since we haven't started playing yet.) You can also see that for Annual Events Log I have created a Section for each Phase. Within each section there is a page for each year.
  23. I think you need to listen to the video once more. Jeff is agreeing with your point. He is saying Greg finally accept that the focus needs to be on what the PCs do, and the system should lean into that. It is about Greg (apparently) finally accepting this and building up the PC material. From what I've read on this board (and, in fact, on this thread) people want more (a lot more) material for the campaign in the later phases of the game. The only way to do all that and put it in one book is to make that single book prohibitively expensive. Diving it up allows each of the phases to be as rich in material as anyone could dream of, with GMs either focusing on one or two books (as a lot of people will, since most people don't need or want to play through 80 years of gaming), or pick up all four books, spread out over a two year period of purchases. It seems like a feasible model given the peculiar nature of the Great Pendragon Campaign.
  24. I love that even after all these decades Greg was still trying to get the Battle System right. (I emailed back and forth with him about the 3rd. edition Battle System when it came out. He wasn't satisfied it's it as soon as it was published. It's been a long journey!) The idea of having four separate timeframe/setting books does make a heck of a lot sense, really. Different people are going to have different ideas of what Arthur "means" to them... and the ability to pick and choose what to focus on seems like it might be a winner.
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