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  1. HI Jason, 

    Thank you for the answer to the question about Initiates and Lay Members. 

    The answers weren't much different than I was assuming. But when I read posts on this forum from people who have been "studying Glorantha for 30 years!" they often say things different from what you posted (and from each other). As someone trying to come to grips with the rules and the setting, it is very helpful to have someone from the company state clearly the baselines assumptions of the rules and the setting.

    While the GM must, of course, ultimately create the setting he or she wants, to have at least the bare bones of the writers and publishing company intended is very helpful. 

    For example, I don't believe this portion of your reply about lay members: 

    "most likely are farmers, crafts- or trades-people. They likely have 1 Rune point and special Rune spell chosen based on personal or professional need, or something specific to their role, based on their cult and community."

    is anywhere in RQG, but it is very helpful to know. 

    Thank you again for all the hard work.

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