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  1. 5 hours ago, Rodney Dangerduck said:

    When one of the PCs in melee fumbles, rolls hit nearest, kills her, and is cursed forever, I hope she feels guilty.

    They chose to make the attack and risk a fumble. The point of walking into a combat like that is to try to stop the combat, not to just be an arbitrary obstacle.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Martin said:

    So... if a Hero asserts their own mortal desires (free will) and acts in a way that defies the mythic identity of the god whose deeds they are performing during a Heroquest; does  that violate the Compromise...as those sort of deeds that are not within the  nature of the deity and the  realm of the myth they are performing could have an impact on the Mortal World?

    Mostly this is a horrible mistake and such heroes never come back.

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  3. When Yelm the Burner arrived in the underworld, his fiery rays penetrated so far that the Trolls emigrated en masse to the surface world. I imagine Yelm performs some sort of procession through the underworld, similar to the way the Egyptians depicted Ra travelling on a boat, but maybe on a palanquin carried by demi-gods, or maybe a chariot. A worshiper of Yu-Kargzant will see something different from a Yuthuppan nobleman.

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  4. 18 hours ago, Raebon said:

    How did people handle shamans back in the day? Could they become rune level characters? It seemed strange to me that there'd be a career that could never get rune magic. I've basically just inserted shamans in place of priests for some of the tribal cults and created a system for them to acquire rune magic by fighting spirits for it.

    In RQ2 shamans generally got no reusable rune magic. Their power was in their impressive spirit magic, the fetch, spirit combat and the ability to wield spirits and elementals. Don't worry, they are plenty powerful enough. In Cults of Prax it implies that priests of Daka Fal are shamans. It's not really explicitly clear exactly how that works I don't think, but it's not all that hard to reconcile either. It never stopped us.

    RQ 3 clarified this by creating the category of Spirit Cults with a Shaman status that were also effectively priests. This gave them reusable rune magic, but they generally only got access to a small subset of the common rune magic, some rune spells specific to shamanic practices (Axis Mundi for example) and magic for their specific cult (e.g. shape changing spells for hsunchen). A lot of cults that had rune priests and rune lords in RQ2 switched to this structure, such as all the native Praxian cults. I remember players asking what would happen to their Priest of Storm Bull when they converted their character to RQ3.

    EDIT - Going through the RQ2 classic books again for this thread makes me super nostalgic. In some ways RQ2 was pretty crude, but it's also incredibly atmospheric and is such a great little game. Once you figured out how to handle some of it's odd kinks it was a ton of fun.

  5. On 9/20/2021 at 4:52 PM, Raebon said:

    The cult requirements are a big one. They're all over the place, and some practically preclude adventuring as more than a hobby (looking at you, Lanhkor Mhy and The Seven Mothers). Do you enforce them? I've more or less decided on merely requiring tithes from initiates and rune level characters, the idea being that proper adventurers are rare and valuable commodities to cults. My players are averse to running a rotating cast of characters and, for the moment, I am too. Maybe when someone unceremoniously dies we'll change our minds.

    Even requirements for being a lay worshipper can be stiff: mandatory attendance at weekly worship scenarios is tricky in a campaign where I'm enforcing travel times, and random encounters, bad weather and getting lost can all slow you down.


    We never really found these a problem. Often the characters would be notionally on cult business anyway, and even if they weren't there's generally an "if at all possible" caveat that's a handy get-out clause. If you're in the middle of the wastes, clearly it's not at all possible to be at a Temple. Maybe a bit of fudging going on, but as long as the character put in some extra effort to stay good with the cult, it was fine.

    To be honest back in the early days we didn't think about tribal politics because we didn't know it existed. The only social context the game gave us was the cult relationships so that's what we focused on, that and chafing against Lunar rule. Yes of course we realised there was a political situation, but at the time the Lunars ruled Sartar and Pavis so we assumed it was a period of relative stability.

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  6. In Grappling the initial attack works very closely to the same as any other attack. It can be parried, and if so the attack hits the parrying arm/shield. Defence can be used against this attack as normal.

    In subsequent rounds to carry out a hold or throw you have to make a successful Grapple roll again, and make a resistance roll. I think the skill roll is to execute the technique correctly, and the resistance table roll is to overcome the opposition of the target.

    This is the full text of paragraph 6 on two weapon use:


    6. A character using 2 weapons at 100% or more with each weapon may attack one foe twice at full attack percentage (once with each weapon). He may attack 2 foes twice at 1⁄2 normal attack percentage (each being attacked once with each weapon). Or he may attack one at 1⁄2 attack ability with one weapon and the other at 1⁄2 attack ability with that weapon and with full ability with the other weapon.

    The bit I put in bold, which you quoted, is all talking about the same weapon. The character is making a 1/2 chance attacks against a target with one weapon, a 1/2 chance attack with the same weapon against a second target, and a full chance attack against the second target with their other weapon.

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    1 hour ago, Darius West said:

    Surely broos who lack the chaos taint are just satyrs?  *chuckle*  Imma gonna post that on "your dumbest theories" now 😄.

    According to King of Sartar satyrs are deermen (page 86 in the Revised and Annotated). Sartar - Kingdom of Heroes describes their lower parts as deer like.

  8. 1 hour ago, Darius West said:

    It reminds me of a pilot friend from back in the 1980s who had to plot his courses on a half dozen flight maps that were invariably spread out in a similar fashion.  I love the random color schemes and especially that snippet of the Far Point map that joins Tarsh to Dagori Inkarth.  It is great that they are all more-or-less to scale.

    I did have to do a bit of resizing to get them to scale right. Many of them are all to the same scale I think but the scanning process introduced some variation.

  9. 53 minutes ago, Scout said:

    On one hand, I really don't mind at all, but I'm worried my buddies will throw me out the window because they keep failing at dice rolls. 

    Just put them through militia training in the Appendix. That should get them going. In practice many GMs house ruled additional experience and training, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t either.

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  10. I came across the below post in a thread on the RQ forum, thanks @David Scott.


    I've been playing around in a drawing program for other reasons recently and I wondered what would happen if I put some of them together into a composite. Well, here's the result. Of course having to decide how the maps interleave forces some compromises.

    UPDATED - I found a map of Heortland to extend it south.

    I'd love to have access to decent scans of the maps Jeff showed off here but I suppose we'll have to wait for the official versions.




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  11. 11 hours ago, Godlearner said:

    How about Shapechange Troll to Carrot? Can they then kill it and eat it?

    That's a fun one. If the shape change magic is temporary I'd say no, because the essence of the Troll is still present to reassert itself once the spell expires. If it's a permanent change then yes, it's fine. That's an idealised take, but how a particular temple might rule on a specific case may vary on the safe side.

  12. On 9/9/2021 at 12:08 PM, Shiningbrow said:

    Two philosophical thoughts...

    First, to what extent is a CA healer obliged to heal someone? To fully heal someone to complete health? Or is the obligation only marginal - sufficient to stop them getting worse? Or somewhere in between?

    Chalana Arroy is literally healing, in the same way that storms are parts of Orlanth's body. If a beijng is capable of healing and has life, that's Chalana Arroy right there. The act of casting healing magic, on anyone or anything, is an act of worship. So the question is to what extent are devotees of the goddess required to worship her. Not necessarily all the time in every act, but if an injured being is capable of healing then clearly it's worthy of the blessing of the goddess.

    But of course actual mortals have to make practical compromises. Sweeping and keeping are both flawed approaches in different ways. It's not brilliant that CA worshipers have to get involved to the extent of placing people under their protection, and sanctioning those that violate that protection. They do it because they have to do something. The important thing is not to act on self serving impulses, but who gets to decide what is the greater good? I think the context of the specific situation makes a big difference so it's not always possible to make hard and fast rules.

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  13. 3 hours ago, Martin Dick said:

    I think an important point to consider is that myth in Glorantha is not like myth in our world. Jeff on Facebook mentioned

    Reminds of a bit from Campbell about the four functions of mythology:
    1. The mystical
    2. The cosmological
    3. The sociological
    4. The pedagogical. 
    In Glorantha, it does all these, but in Glorantha myth's most powerful function is to relive the myth through HeroQuesting and gain powers/change the world as a result of reperforming the myth.

    I suppose this is covered by number 3 on the list, but gaining power and changing the world are very much part of real world religion. Coming of age ceremonies turn children into adults, marriage ceremonies turn single people into married couples, funerals bring closure to bereaved families, investitures turn lay people into clergy or priests. Now of course these aren't quite the same as blasting someone with a lightning bolt or flying through the air, but the above is a meta analysis. Religious believers do think that their prayers, worship and rituals make changes in the real world, some of them actually tangible, and they certainly make recognised social changes. They affect lived reality. So ok, maybe that's under item 3, but I think it's worth pointing out that these are routes to power and change.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Nick Brooke said:

    Ironically, the Christian canon itself contains contradictory stories and multiple incompatible versions of the same events. Just saying.

    The technique of writing texts as though they were written by characters in the fiction is very effective. It makes the imagined reality seem so much more convincing and immersive.

  15. 37 minutes ago, Akhôrahil said:

    One thing I could see here is a pavise-style shield - it’s more like a mobile cover to allow you and a patient something to duck behind, and taking cover from missile weapons is presumably okay.

    And even if you can’t carry it, an assistant could carry it and set it up or hold it for you. At this point I don’t believe it’s beyond even the spirit of the rule. You’re allowed to travel with and be protected by others, after all.

    (Also, missiles are a problem in a way melee weapons might not be in a society where they don’t attack CA healers.)

    I've got no problem with that at all. A lot of the suggestions of ways a CA might bend the rules just seem unnecessary. Why would they even want to? Someone else can do all that stuff if it really needs doing. One thing Glorantha doesn't have a shortage of is violent minded hotheads.

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  16. I think there’s an unfortunate blanket association of Chalana Arroy with healing generally. That is, that healer necessarily means Chalana Arroy initiate at least and I think that’s mistaken. Many people in Glorantha that are chirurgeons, tooth pullers, that look after the sick or care for the injured in battle are probably lay members of the cult at most. A lot may primarily worship Ernalda, or maybe Lankor Mhy or some other cult.  Many of these get powerful healing rune magic from CA anyway as associate cults. I think devoting to CA is a pretty extreme commitment that’s unlikely for someone not ideologically committed to that very idealised view of the world, at least that’s how I think about it.

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  17. 7 hours ago, Baron Wulfraed said:

    One fault (in my mind) of RQ:RiG unifying attack and parry as just a single weapon %age. RQ2's separate %age values would make defensive-only usage obvious...

    Effective use of a shield in actual combat does include offensive use, and defensive fighting without maintaining a credible threat is badly hobbled. Bashes, strikes against incoming blows, jabs with the edge of the shield. If you forego such moves you’re crippling your ability to fight effectively, even in a defensive mode, and are better off simply using the shield as cover while rapidly retreating. In particular, holding ground without offensive action is simply not possible. Fighting defensively is still fighting, except in the most limited and contrived circumstances.

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  18. 8 hours ago, g33k said:

    I'd allow CA to take "shield-bearer" training aimed at protecting others, specifically those injured or otherwise under their care (e.g. Slept, Befuddled, or otherwise magically disabled by CA action) (never had a player express interest in this option, however).

    I think that’s too close to participating in, and aiding and abetting the injury of others. I don’t have a problem with a CA defending themselves or a non-combatant in an emergency situation, but defending a combatant like and in particular training in techniques to do that is fighting IMHO.

    Also see below.

  19. 7 hours ago, Godlearner said:

    Its more than just elves, there are other intelligent plant and fungus life forms in Glorantha, and what about animated lifeforms, and Mostali? "Vegetarianism" just does not fit in a fantasy type setting, including Glorantha, especially as a dietary restriction. 

    People in Esrolia as an example rarely or never encounter such things so I don’t think it’s really an issue. 

  20. 3 minutes ago, Manimati said:

    Indeed, in contrast to real life, in Glorantha where divination and spirits or reprisal exist, it is no use rationalizing that a given cult initiate should or should be able to do something. The god will quickly let you know whether you are within allowed territory. The only way to escape is illumination. 

    There's definitely a level at which either your approach to the myths works and your ritual or heroquest succeeds, or it doesn't.

    There are grey areas though. There are some cases where it's all bad options and it's more about choosing the least worst than the one right path. 

  21. 42 minutes ago, Godlearner said:

    Fine, since you are basing the structure on myth what is the myth which allows CA to kill/eat plants?

    The thing is the world is badly broken. Mortal life is a damaged, compromised grubbing through the wreckage of the world. Chalana Arroy remembers the world as it used to be in the Green Age, ordered and bountiful and absent of suffering. Whatever mortals do is going to cause harm, the best we can do is simply minimise it. The cult strictures aren't going to be perfect, they're just the best people can do under the circumstances with what they know and understand. There is going to be reasonable cause for differences of opinion.

    Nobody is saying that the strictures as practiced in Esrolia are the most perfect ideal rules there can possibly be, it's just these are what they are at this place and time in Glorantha according to this organisation. You may be right and your preferred rules might be better, maybe people elsewhere in Glorantha practice that way, maybe some devotees in Esrolia do. Maybe your player character does.

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