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  1. Fan publications are probably fine. However a company publishing a commercial RPG themselves releasing a free supplement for playing it in the SW universe might be sailing a bit close to the wind in terms of commercial exploitation of the franchise. Simon Hibbs
  2. From what's been said the plan is that first they will produce the new RQ as a specifically Gloranthan RPG, and around the same time they will produce a very stripped down new 32 page BRP Essentials rules booklet based on the same new core engine. New RPGs produced by Chaosium will be based on this core system, but customised to the specific setting and genre. So rather than have a generic RQ system with different settings, they will have a generic BRP system and RQ will be one of (hopefully many) implementations. Of course this is exactly the model Chaosium used in its glory days, when it published RQ, Stormbringer, Elfquest, Rimgworld, etc all based on BRP but all adapted and is nothing new. I would guess that the new family of games will have somewhat more similar core mechanics than those games did as there was a lot of experimentation and evolution going on in BRP back then, but I may well turn out to be wrong about that. Simon Hibbs
  3. I agree that you can actualy do a lot in 32 pages. Enough to cover essential rules for, perhaps, ancient and modern character generation, combat and equipment. That should be plenty to get on with. Im afraid I don't have the general fondness for the BGB though. I find generic systems like that too flavourless and lacking context and balance. When you develop a set of game mechanics and stats for a specific setting you can calibrate everything from the skills list, weapon stats, vehicle stats, etc to achieve the balance you need for that game. The game balance I would want for a SF Call of Cthulhu setting though might be completely different from the balance I'd want for a Star Trek like setting, which would be very different again from what I'd need to recreate Star Wars. No one generic set of SF rules and stats would work for all those styles of games. That's especially true if they are provided as a disjointed selection of uncoordinated chunks of rules. I'm afraid that's how I find the BGB. It's actualy not useful to me to run many genres of game. Taking SF as an example it provides a skills list and some stats for certain specific flavours if SF. but if I did a BRP Star Trek game and a BRP Aliens game, the overlap of identical mechanical material between each other and the BGB would likely be fairly small. Generic systems just have to make too many compromises for my tastes. Savage Worlds can get away with it better because it's explicitly a system for pulp action adventure. But BRP aspires to be useable for a more varied spectrum of uses, and it can only do that by sacrificing pure adherence to a single set of unvarying mechanics and allowing for more customisation and tuning for different settings.
  4. Fair enough, and thanks for setting me right. simon Hibbs
  5. It is clear that the new Chaosium team are re-imagining the RuneQuest rules from scratch. There may be many elements from old and current games, but it's being constructed from the ground up to be a rules set for Glorantha and a true direct successor to RQ2 in a way that even RQ3 wasn't, but also informed by modern BRP derivatives. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with, but what it certainly won't be is a cut and paste of rules from the BGB or any current single rules set. I didn't do the poll because I think it's missing the point. It's a selection of options from the past. RQG and the new BRP it spawns will be new rules sets that will have to stand on their own terms. I think this is going to be a fundamental reboot of BRP. I can't wait to see what they come up with. I've not been as interested and excited about a Chosium release since the 80s. Simon Hibbs
  6. I don't think optional rules like Sanity belong in a BRP Essentials book. The reason is that if you're going to put in non-core optional rules for one setting or genre, why not another, and another, and another? Where do you stop? If it's not essential, it shouldn't be in Essentials. Simon Hibbs
  7. I answered no to the survey, but probably will run a one-off and would love to play it. Ever since the mid 90s my house system for Glorantha has been the Elric game system with RQ3 Magic. RQ6 is the first system that might pull me away from that once CRQ comes out.
  8. The new edition will be called just plain RuneQuest with no number, so adding a spurious '7' is just going to confuse things. Simon Hibbs
  9. There's a lot of interesting and high quality stuff there, all extremely well done. It is what I'd call a very heavyweight system though. You couldn't just sit down and start playing a magician, you'd need to spend a whole afternoon going through the magic rules before even starting. I'm also not keen on the idea of spell specialty skills. I don't think magicians in ME actualy have special magical skills. Magic isn't a seperate subject you learn, if you want to learn nature magic you just raise your Nature Lore skill or whatever to huge levels and then apply your will. Magic is an extension of the mundane, not seperate from it. I don't want my players to have to look at or think about lists of spells or blessings or such. I'd prefer a mechanic where they have their character's skills on their character sheet, look at the situation in the game and the opportunities it offers, and then apply pool of points to buy and fuel powers and artifacts in a more organic way. I'm verging on moving to HeroQuest for the system. It certainly has the flexibility for this sort of thing, but I think it should be doable in BRP. I want to retain that gritty basic system and have the heroic and the magical manifest in a very 'real' world. Simon Hibbs
  10. It seems to me that most magical artifacts in ME are just extraordinarily well made. Lembas bread is amazingly nutritious, elven cloaks and ropes are amazingly easy to use and work with, for the most part the swords are just realy well made swords. To make it work I think I'd need to move away from a spell based model of magic. Instead, magic is channeled through your skills. It's like using hero points to achieve some amazing feat - in fact why not use a hero point system as the magic system? So magic items are made by supercharging a craft skill roll. Magical feats are also hero point-supercharged skill rolls. Rings of power act as hero point stores, or accelerate the refresh of hero points. Ditch hero point. Use Magic Points, but drasticaly reduce the refresh rate to 1pt per day, or even per week, and your POW functions at the MP level if it's lower than normal POW. Rings of power principaly act as regenerating MP stores of some kind. I like the idea that magic items have a will of their own, so maybe they have their own POW. Hmm... More thinking to do. Simon Hibbs
  11. I'm very interested in this because I have plans for a ME campaign. I have already run it as a one-off one-day game and would like to run it as a regular game with my local games group. For the one-off I used a homegrown diceless system based on Amber but with a proper skills system. This worked well for a one-off game because it allowed for extremely fast play, but for a campaign I might prefer to use a diced system. I'm a long-time BRP gamer and this looks promising. My game is early Third Age though. It's an alternate timeline where the PCs rescue Isildur at the Gladen Fields and become powerful and trusted Lord of Gondor under a noble, but increasingly paranoid and erratic king. My hypothesis is that Isildur had possession of the nine rings and the ambush was an effort by the Nazgul to retrieve their rings. Of course, if the players rescue Isildur some or all of the nine might be retained and who better to be their keepers that the heroic saviours of the king? However as a full-on ME game I need a system that stays completely true to the source and avoids any trace of lapses into D&Dism, or even RQism to be honest. I also need solid mechanics for powerful artefacts like rings of power. That's a tough call for a game system though. Simon Hibbs
  12. I'm sympathetic to the idea that a character that could normally split attacks on ranks 16, 11 and 6, who is stunned until rank 10 should still be able to get an attack in on rank 6. But that's as far as I'd go. No delaying actions from while the stun is in effect, and I'd insist on the attack at rank 6 be at a reduced skill chance as though the character had split attacks normally that round. Simon Hibbs
  13. Great looking project, the artistic style is very atmospheric. Just out of curiosity, could you summarise some of the changes you have made from OpenQuest and you motivations behind them? It would be hugely helpful to have a general idea of how the mechanics vary and whether the setting and material could be used with straight OpenQuest. Simon Hibbs
  14. What if the orc has 110% skill and does split attacks on DEX rank 11 and 6. In that case does an orc stunned on DEX rank 10 lose the DEX rank 6 action, but only get the DEX rank 11 action enxt roudn delayed? Surely the orc should lose two actions, as it was stunned for a round. Concersely if the orc had only one action on DEX 11, if it's stunned on DEX 10 it has lost nothing that round as it's already acted, so surely it must lose it's action on DEX 11 next round otherwise the only effect has been to delay one action by 1 DEX rank. Simon Hibbs
  15. In an ambiguous case like this, I'd need to discuss it with my players and come to a consensus with them. I'd not be comfortable handing down an edict because could be a matter of life and death for a player character. My preferred solution is that if the affected character hasn't acted yet this round, then the effect is just for the remainder of this round. If the character has acted this round then the effect lasts for the remainder of this round and for the whole of the following round. In other words if the character had actions remaining to be taken this round they are affected, in addition to all actions next round. That's a fairly harsh interpretation, but keeps things simple and would probably apply this to NPCs anyway regardless of characters wanting more fiddly and generous interpretations for themselves, just to avoid book keeping headaches for yours truly. I can imagine one other interpretation that is viable. If the affected character hasn't yet actes, then the effect applies to this round, however if the character has already acted the effect does not start untill the beginning of the next round. In other words remaining actions this round are not affected. After all, when you stub your toe or bash your head it doesn't hurt immediately. There's often a brief pause of a few seconds untill the pain kicks in. I'm not sure about this one, but it is reasonably fair. Simon Hibbs
  16. I think the character generation summary on pages 22 and 23, which actualy present 90% of the character generation rules in a handly sequence of numbered steps, and directly page-references the more detailed rules, goes a long way to simplifying the process. Rules summaries are one thing Chaosium are realy good at - nobody does it better. The index, quick reference sheets at the back, and character generation summary are pure gold. Simon Hibbs
  17. Because of course extensively using Glorantha as the default setting has caused crippling Gregging issues for Mongoose Runequest that have almost killed the product, such that you can hardly find it in games shops, unlike BRP which.... er... hang on a minute! Simon Hibbs
  18. In my experience, players want challenge and conflict not unearned rewards. It's a great approach. I try to avoid the "N" word as much as possible. "Yes but..." is much better, especialy when it's a realy big "But". Simon Hibbs
  19. That's a nice idea. I'd make two modifications. One is to have a vote at the end of each session to allocate one FP to a player that the group feels role-played their character's motivations the best. This Makes it a democratic group decisions and eliminates yet another instance of top-down GM fiat, there's no reason a GM would be better at determining this than anyone else. The other is to limit everyone to a maximum of 2 FPs each. This prevents FP hoarding - use them or lose them. Simon Hibbs
  20. The link above only has a very low resolution image, but I just did a search for "maquette de rome" on Google Image Search. There are a lot more detailed images of the model available. I've been fortunate enough to go to Rome several times, but this model realy helps put what I remember of it into context. For Roman history buffs I'd also like to recommend the History of Rome Podcast. I subscribed via iTunes and have been listening to them for a few years now. I can't wait for each podcast as it comes out every week. The episodes start with the mythic orrigins of the city and each episode goes step by step through Rome's hitory from there. Outstanding stuff, and recently voted best educational podcast of 2010. Witty, informative and entertaining. One of the main reasons I bought BRP Rome was because this podcast primed my interest in the subject. Simon Hibbs
  21. I'm very interested in using BRP for an SF campaign I'm working on, so this is right up my street. Sold! Simon Hibbs
  22. The economics don't work. Say you have a $20 book that's 200 pages long. It's not economical to print four 100 page books for $5 and maintain the same margins. The production costs aren't linear with page count. You're more likely to end up with four $10 books. This mainly applies to printed books of course, but laying out four 100 page PDFs is more work than laying out one with 200 pages and you need to charge for that work. Even for PDFs the end result would be to make less money than you would have. I don't care about sanity rules or allegiance rules, that's at least $10 you wouldn't make from me that you would have if you sold me the full book. That sounds like gouging for unneeded content, but it's not realy. It's just a natural consequence of a multi-genre or setting book where not everyone is interested in all the settings. Anyway one day I may be in a game someone else runs that uses those rules, or I might change my mind, or they might inspire me to use similar mechanics for another purpose. Simon Hibbs
  23. On first reading the description of this book I took it to be similar to some of the other BRP SF monographs, in that it's primarily a scenario book with supporting material to establish the setting. On further consideration, that doesn't seem to be the case. A roster of 30 alien species is pretty extensive and implies more of a setting book than a scenario book. How would you describe it. Setting book with a suggested campaign? Campaign guide with supporting setting material? Simon Hibbs
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