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  • RPG Biography
    Have been rpging since I was 16, though read basic D&D at 12. Have run CoC campaigns such as Masks, & numerous others, D&D/PF ones such as Carrion Crown and Kingmaker, homebrew Fading Suns, Deadlands, some Pendragon.

    Most recently played:
    The Dracula Dossiers for NBA using d100. And playtesting Kelvin Green's work for LotFP eg Fish F*ckers.

    Most recently run:
    I have just finished running The Curse of Strahd for 5e.
    Before that I ran The Darkening of Mirkwood for AiME.
    Both were excellent and different. TDoM was my favourite. Greater player agency.
  • Current games
    Planning on running:
    Delta Green - Control Group
    AiME: Bree plus Eriador sandbox. Probably that after Control Group.
    5e: Arc Dreams Shane Ivey's S&S series of adventures in the sword and sorcery pulp 70s feel. That or the Avernus 5e campaign if it isn't a terrible rail road (something I and my fellow gamers hate)

    At some point:
    Blades in the Dark - if I can get my head around it - or if not, Dusk City Outlaws
    Classic CoC set in Arkham Country - waiting for the rerelease of New Tales from the Miskatonic Valley from Stygian Fox.

    Somewhere down the line:
    Cthulhu Invictus. But that requires me to learn more Roman history etc.
    Conan 2d20 (will await the campaign - 2021?)
    Impossible Landscapes by Dennis Detwiller. One of the best in the business.
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    United Kingdom
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    A level Head of Politics and Sociology in a Sussex comprehensive, plus I still enjoy drumming. Occasionally I get time to paint minis too!

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