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    Was introduced to RPG’s with the original D&D game and the Arduin Grimoire supplements. Judge’s Guild’s City State of the Invincible Overlord became “the” city.

    Played/Ran many games in the early years including in no particular order:
    Empire of the Petal Throne
    Chivalry and Sorcery
    Villain & Vigilante’s
    Boot Hill
    Gamma World
    Metamorphosis Alpha
    Tunnels & Trolls

    Joined the Navy after high school and found that there were many other people very interested in RPG’s, considering the very very small space needed. One book and some dicer was all you needed and that fit nicely in the seabag.

    While in the Navy I became dissatisfied with the “kill’um take their stuff” style of play I had been involved in from day one. I started playing updated versions of the above plus discovered new systems such as:
    Call of Cthulhu
    Top Secret
    Justice Inc.

    After a while as I gained rank and responsibility and with the increased ops tempo, my RPG time cut way back. Sometimes to zero.

    In ’04 I retired started playing again, but with a different outlook. While I preferred thinking and investigative games on one hand, or super’s games on the other hand, I still played a lot of the video game driven generation of “kill’um take their stuff” with the kids that came into my FLGS.

    After I left the Navy, I ran/wrote up many games set in the 30’s (I love the interwar period for RPG adventure) and have accumulated a library of support publications and every RPG game/system/publication I could lay my hands on paper or electronic.

    In the recent years I have tried/run/played a lot of different games including updates of old standards as well as FATE, Ubiquity, Savage Worlds and Gumshoe.

    Now I am back to Call of Cthulhu and think the 7th edition update is looking pretty good. Plus, the addition of an organized play program fulfills one of my other gaming needs, games I run at my FLGS must be available for purchase in the FLGS.
  • Current games
    GUMSHOE: Fear Itself, Trail of Cthulhu, Night Black Agents
    Hero System: Champions, Home brew.

    Starting up Call of Cthulhu 7th: Organized play, Homebrew.
  • Location
    Marysville, WA
  • Blurb
    Retired Navy Chief
    Avid reader and RPG gamer.
    Love to play historical miniatures, though the call for it is much less these days.
    Read a lot of scifi and fantasy novels/series.
    Satisfied with the number of watchable genre movies and TV series we get these days.

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  1. Must be worse than I thought. Literally no one has an opinion and there is actually no way to contact the KS without actually pledging. I guess I'll keep my money.
  2. So I saw this mentioned in another thread and went to kickstarter to read about it. Does anyone have any real info on this? Mostly about content. I have been burned by products purporting to be about ships and the sea and then get ones that throw some terms around but basically give a 6 years olds rendition of the ships and sea part. CoC doesn't really have anything for Age of Sail so I am hoping this will maybe be something. But before I back it, I need to know something about it.
  3. I found it very odd for this issue to come up. The only time combat has become primary in the games I have run is when the were expected to. Down Darker Trails, Delta Green and Actung! Cthulhu. I am not familiar with most of the adventures you listed and never ran F&J so I may just have been lucky and dodged the bullet.
  4. Sons of the Singularity have put out two supplements that I have. The first was The Sassoon Files for Call of Cthulhu/GUMSHOE that takes place in 1920's Shanghai. The second was Journal d’Indochine for Call of Cthulhu that takes place in 1920's Vietnam.
  5. I am curious on the actual content type. 99% of RPG ship rules tend to demand the publishers be broken in court and banned from gaming for eternity. Hopefully this product will be an adventure and not another failure for ship rules.
  6. Good books. I have their other one as well.
  7. Key point. "Not knowing" and its close relative "misunderstanding the clue" are very key to a great horror game. When running an RPG, especially horror/mystery, I have no issue taking one or more aside to impart info that the rest of the players do not know at the time. Most role-players will already understand if not expect it. And the rest are usually good with it once you explain the reasoning. I usually go over things like this in the games “session zero”. And if a player cannot handle restricted information flow, and there are many, then perhaps horror/mystery is not a
  8. Excellent products, I've run some of the scenarios in them.
  9. 🤣 You made me snort my drink when I read this. 😂
  10. Hmmm.... I'll have to admit that while I have played CoC on and off since 1st edition and have only seriously returned since 7th edition and gaslight has been one of the time periods that really have my interest I have never even heard of Golden Dawn. But I have Hudson & Brand as well as several other Stygian Fox products and they are very well done. If they are the ones that are putting out the new edition of Gaslight, or their creative team are collaborating on it then I believe that it will be a great product. And prices on the collectable market do not necessarily reflect act
  11. And here it is. You knew it was coming. Any guesstimate on when CbG might make its appearance 🤔
  12. I think a modern (as in right now, or one or two years in the future) is very doable, even with the epic added. The issue is that by the time the product can "hit the shelf" is will already be a few years in the past. That said. I have run a modern game where the threat was aliens infiltrating earth. The players were all members of an agency that was task with dealing with it. A covert agency that "did not exist" to the public but was known to elements of the FBI, NSA and CIA who were tasked to "render assistance" but were not read in to what was actually happening. The game
  13. I agree. I set my games in the 80/90s because communications and computers didn't really reach the level that people nowadays would expect. I got my first "cell" in around 96. It was a brick (heavy and awkward), required you to login before dialing a number and cost $ per logged in minutes. If you called a number you started getting billed as soon as it connected whether they answered or not. Listening to the other end ring was money bleeding away. And that was if you were near to a tower. Internet was dialup and you were ecstatic if you actually reached 56k. 1meg was a fantasy dr
  14. Any new guesstimates on when physical books will be available?
  15. I also use materials from other horror RPGs. Pelgrane's Trail of Cthulhu (and Esoterrorists, Fear Itself, Fall of Delta Green, etc.). After a while switching materials between CoC and ToC has become almost routine. Also don't forget the repository on DriveThruRPG. Lots of usable materials there. Not a horror based product, but the old Hudson City product from Hero Games is one of the best modern city (80s/90s) rpg city books ever printed. It also has a high resolution street map for $5. I can safely say it is probably the only modern city rpg product in existence that has a
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