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    Was introduced to RPG’s with the original D&D game and the Arduin Grimoire supplements. Judge’s Guild’s City State of the Invincible Overlord became “the” city.

    Played/Ran many games in the early years including in no particular order:
    Empire of the Petal Throne
    Chivalry and Sorcery
    Villain & Vigilante’s
    Boot Hill
    Gamma World
    Metamorphosis Alpha
    Tunnels & Trolls

    Joined the Navy after high school and found that there were many other people very interested in RPG’s, considering the very very small space needed. One book and some dicer was all you needed and that fit nicely in the seabag.

    While in the Navy I became dissatisfied with the “kill’um take their stuff” style of play I had been involved in from day one. I started playing updated versions of the above plus discovered new systems such as:
    Call of Cthulhu
    Top Secret
    Justice Inc.

    After a while as I gained rank and responsibility and with the increased ops tempo, my RPG time cut way back. Sometimes to zero.

    In ’04 I retired started playing again, but with a different outlook. While I preferred thinking and investigative games on one hand, or super’s games on the other hand, I still played a lot of the video game driven generation of “kill’um take their stuff” with the kids that came into my FLGS.

    After I left the Navy, I ran/wrote up many games set in the 30’s (I love the interwar period for RPG adventure) and have accumulated a library of support publications and every RPG game/system/publication I could lay my hands on paper or electronic.

    In the recent years I have tried/run/played a lot of different games including updates of old standards as well as FATE, Ubiquity, Savage Worlds and Gumshoe.

    Now I am back to Call of Cthulhu and think the 7th edition update is looking pretty good. Plus, the addition of an organized play program fulfills one of my other gaming needs, games I run at my FLGS must be available for purchase in the FLGS.
  • Current games
    GUMSHOE: Fear Itself, Trail of Cthulhu, Night Black Agents
    Hero System: Champions, Home brew.

    Starting up Call of Cthulhu 7th: Organized play, Homebrew.
  • Location
    Marysville, WA
  • Blurb
    Retired Navy Chief
    Avid reader and RPG gamer.
    Love to play historical miniatures, though the call for it is much less these days.
    Read a lot of scifi and fantasy novels/series.
    Satisfied with the number of watchable genre movies and TV series we get these days.

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  1. Have you tried the Call of Cthulhu Vault for Halloween and Holidays? https://www.chaosium.com/halloween-holiday/ They are the old Monograms, but converting the older versions of CoC to 6th or 7th is not hard and they are old enough that many current players do not know they exist.
  2. Thanks. I was wondering if there had been something I missed since my last visit.
  3. Full statement: Player: “I’m going to punch the guard, then run for the open door.” Keeper: “ The guard is going to try to grab you. Roll your Brawling skill.” Which is elaborated on by: "Notice how the request for a dice roll develops out of what the players say. In the first example the goal is to get past the guard, and the punch is simply a method of achieving the goal; damage may be in inflicted as a consequence, but the Keeper uses the dice to judge whether the maneuver is accomplished." The paragraph is illustrating Players and Keepers giving a general overall pre
  4. The Delta Green setting is covered by two RPG rule sets. Delta Green by Arc Light using CoC 6th and 7th edition rules, and “The Fall of Delta Green” which uses a version of GUMSHOE by Pelgrane Press. The genesis of Delta Green was the government raid on Innsmouth in 1928. It had an unofficial presence under several different names until June 1942 when it was officially established with the security clearance of Delta Green within the OSS. Delta Green operated as an official US black operation until July 1970 when an operational disaster revealed their existence and they were off
  5. Thank you for the insight. I always wondered about how much of an offset the "savings" of not shipping from overseas and not paying tariffs. The KS Sassoon Files had their books destroyed in Chine due to content and they reprinted with an outfit in Illinois. From what I understand they got a full refund. The books looked great, and I always wondered how bad a hit that was after recalculating for less shipping and not tariffs/customs fees. My previous job was at a local manufacturing plant and we had begun sourcing some materials in the US vice China/Asia because end cost made
  6. I've heard of it, but I have never played any "live" type RPG. So I have no constructive info.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hmmmm.... OK I'll just assume you were not Intentionally try to be an ....... Not finding a .com among normal people doesn't mean it has to be an actual .com. most understand it means a webpage. USAism? Hilarious. I guess we just have to find reasons to be upset. Back to topic the .co.uk link did not come up any web searches. Many references on blogs, reviews and stores referring to products. But no actual company link. Odd, but not unheard of. But thank you for their link.
  9. Apparently Sixtystone Press doesn't have a web presence. All my searches go to DrivethruRPG or various blogs. No .com out there.
  10. No problem. I could never see subscribing for a service that might, maybe have one show a year I like. I just wait and then buy/rent/borrow.
  11. For me this is overthinking it. A good scenario is one your players enjoy. A scenario build is just something to deviate from when the players discover a brand new direction to shear off on. For my builds (from Call of Cthulhu to Fear Itself) I build the Who, What and Why. Add supporting cast and a series of encounter/events. Once I introduce the players into the opener, everything changes depending on PC actions. Too much planning is a waste. D&D style RPGs benefit from excessive detail. Horror/investigation style games suffer from excessive detail. Ju
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