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    Started with "The Little White Books" of D&D almost 40 years ago. Since then have either played or gm'd a plethora of RPG's. I have 5 bookcases filled to the brim with various RPG's including a couple from Chaosium.
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    D&D, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Jadeclaw
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    Harrisonburg, VA
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    I'm 62 years old and about 2/3rds of that has been spent on various games, including RPG's, Cards, Miniatures, and Wargames.
  1. My sympathy all around.... I remember when we were just getting started with RPG's. I remember purchasing the "Little White Box" of D&D. I remember buying =lots= of D&D material from Judges Guild. But the game setting I knew best was Glorantha. I've always appreciated the depth of this setting. Greg seemed like he was somehow getting these messages from this other world sometimes. He knew it best - and he shared that knowledge with us. I can think of no better 'magnum opus' for Greg than his recent work on the two volume set of his Guide to Glorantha. I feel certain that it will be used for many more years. My deepest symphathies to any one whho was impacted by his passing. We shall miss him.
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