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  1. Super excited to get my copy here in the States! Thanks for all your great books -- looking forward to adapting Mecha.
  2. I don't employ "plot armor" but I do allow "oh sh*t!" Luck rolls.
  3. Some BRP supplements have advantage/disadvantage-ish steps in character generation instead of Personality traits. Aces High and Mythic Iceland immediately spring to mind.
  4. You're overthinking it. The successful outcome is "character squeezes through the hole" not "hole resists character." The player is making this roll, in most cases, not the GM. The resistance table produces the target number for that roll, which is the important thing, not the semantics of active vs passive. Those are really just axes on a table, determining whether a value increases towards auto success or auto failure. So a SIZ 10 character has a 15% chance of squeezing through a SIZ 3 hole.
  5. It's not an error. The answer is right in the example. The hole SIZ is the active value and the character's SIZ is the passive, which means the hole is doing the influencing. In other words, the difficulty increases with the SIZ of the character, not the hole. If the hole is bigger than the character, there's no roll needed because there is no resistance, unless you commonly make PCs role to walk through doors.
  6. That order came straight from Chaosium, and I think it made it from CA to NE in the U.S. within a week. I ordered mine on July 2 from Amazon after it showed up there. Will keep you posted.
  7. It's a good few weeks for BRP releases. Ordered a copy of this for a buddy, and my own is on order.
  8. I think that's where you want to make good use of Fate bumps on your Parry rolls, which means you want to have enough activated Motivations going into mecha combat, and hopefully, are able to reactivate them during combat.
  9. I bought the pdf this morning. Thrilled by what you've done with it -- particularly how you leverage the strengths of the system to model "real world" mecha specs without tacking on an extra build system. Looking forward to getting deeper into it.
  10. Just had to +1 the praise. We used these rules for a Fantasy Grounds based game, and I remember thinking on my first read: "Yeah, that's how Elves should be statted." My print-outs of your docs have a prominent spot on my BRP shelf.
  11. It's cool, and you can download a free version. The main differences are a condensed skill list and a less fiddly modifier approach (instead of lots of +/-5 or +/-10, most modifiers are more like +/-25 or +/-40 -- if there's to be a modifier, it should be significant).
  12. I'd be happy to run a demo for interested folks. My time window is limited these days to 8:30pm-10:30pm GMT-4. Drop me an email at "houle dot brian at gmail dot com" if interested.
  13. I'm thrilled to see this gem of a setting getting some love!
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