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  1. Wonderdraft and Dungeondraft. Both available for PC and Mac. Both great value.
  2. Great episode. Please, please create a Pulp anthology with Cabaret de L’enfer at the centre.
  3. Anyone have any info on a new book on Hastur which Matthew Dawkins has written for Chaosium? Release date, contents, etc? I’m a big fan of Matthew’s work on Kult and WoD so was very excited to hear of this project.
  4. This book is an absolute instant classic. Congratulations to the Design Mechanism.
  5. So the new version is going to be PBtA then?
  6. I’m hoping that a new edition is on its way with the lavish art that it so richly deserves.
  7. I see that the second edition of Cthulhu Dark Ages has popped up on a few online retailers as a preorder. Are there any advance glimpses of what we can look forward to?
  8. Are we going to find out what’s been happening in Sun County with a new book anytime soon?
  9. Great interview that touches on, amongst other things, gaming and fantasy. https://appendixnbookclub.com/2019/12/02/an-interview-with-michael-moorcock/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Any news on whether the license is likely to return to Chaosium?
  11. Are the two main books - rulebook and campaign - going to get a New Chaosium facelift?
  12. From MM himself: ‘This is a perfect time for the series, which seems more relevant today than it did when I originally wrote it.’
  13. Regarding RQ/Glorantha, for the last twenty years 'patience' has been my middle name.
  14. There is a balance to be had between quality and dumping stuff on the shelves as fast as possible, obviously. Yes, I totally agree about MRQ...
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