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  1. 2 hours ago, Psullie said:

    Here in the UK I remember that all the GW games came with dice that look just like the ones in the photo

    That's weird because the dice that came in my GW 2nd Edition box ( 1985 GW York ) are really top quality, shiny, hard plastic, painted-number dice like you would want to buy from a dice seller. The d6s are white and pipped and the rest are decent RPG dice; a green and a maroon 20-sided d10 and a blue d8. ( How can I remember crap like that when I can't remember loads of other important stuff ? )

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  2. I've just downloaded the latest PDF of the Grimoire from Chaosium's site and the following known errata have still not been actioned:

    Pages 168 - 169 - Snare Dreamer -  This spell should be moved to before the spell ”Solar Gaze”, so they are in the correct alphabetical order. Then the two index entries (on page 198) for the two spells should be updated to point to the correct pages.

    [ Note the reported errata states this should be moved after "Solar Gaze" but that in not alphabetical!  So the Errata file needs editing too. ]

    Page 187 - Warding - This spell is missing its icon, which should be Protection.

    Page 188 - Warding Sign - This spell is missing its icon, which should be Protection.

    Page 189 - Wave of Oblivion - ”Cost:” should be made bold.

    Page 197 – index - Find Dreamer entry - add "23"

    [ Note: "Find Dreamer" appears on both page 23 and 24 as a "Dreamlands" version and "Other Spells" version so the index entry on page 197 should reference pages 23 and 24 and 117 ]

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  3. I don't want to start a war, and I do acknowledge that the "problem" with CoC is Keeper-centric, but it does/did happen and I'd argue that it needed addressing.

    CoC didn't start addressing it specifically until its 7th edition rulebook with Keeper advice and "fail-forward" etc. So prior to 7th ed any new, inexperienced ( or just minutiae obsessed ) Keeper could fall into this trap insisting this or that skill-roll be successful in order for the players to find the next scene.

    I don't think GUMSHOE is the be-all and end-all of investigative systems ( and the Trail rulebook isn't great at explaining the system - there is plenty of theory but no actual round the table examples of how it should play ) but what GUMSHOE did put down in black and white for the first time is how any investigative scenario ( and this applies to ANY system in ANY milieu ) has to have a core set of clues to which the GM must somehow "give" to the players to get them from the start, to the end of the scenario.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Valyar said:

    PS: Just a remark on the "cloud part" - campaigns are still local, even with Unity. nothing is stored in the cloud. The main benefit of Unity is that you use Fantasy Grounds cloud to route the data between client and the host.

    Another good point about this is if your ISP doesn't give your internet connection a static IP then inbound connections/port forwarding is even more of a PITA but Unity gets around this by the routing via the FG servers.

    It definitely would be possible to "skin" the 7th Ed desktop to look like the 6th Ed but in no way is it trivial - you need to be a bit of a code jockey and a fair bit of time. I'm picking apart some skins to try and make a working Trail of Cthulhu ruleset but it is a very steep learning curve. Ironically FG's best use is in crunchy combat games with the combat tracker - I'm actually trying to cut that out ( or drastically simplify it ) for Trail of Cthulhu.

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  5. 16 hours ago, Stormkhan Cogg of Pavis said:

    Call of Cthulhu is not a fantasy role-playing game! It is a role-playing game, and it has fantasy (i.e. unreal) elements to it.

    What I'd say is that it is a set of rules written down on paper and if those rules don't stop your players from learning magic then they can learn and use magic as much as the rules let them ( and as much as the Keeper gives them access to spell learning ).

    Magic in CoC is limiting anyway ( Sanity cost and POW cost ) so there isn't much scope for players becoming Mordenkainen the Magnificent before their psyches turn to porridge and they have to be written out of the campaign. I think you are overstressing over something that just doesn't happen.

    What I think you are really saying is you prefer what Trail of Cthulhu calls the "Purist" approach to playing a Mythos RPG but that doesn't preclude other people playing in the "Pulp" mode ( jetpacks, atomic guns AND SPELLS included if that's what they like ). Neither approach is right or wrong for an RPG but you could argue one is more like HPL's oeuvre.


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  6. 51 minutes ago, ColoradoCthulhu said:

    However, I am fairly sure that all content for a host's campaigns is stored on FG's cloud server if a host is using Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    There does seem to be an option for creating the campaign on your own LAN rather than "CLOUD" so maybe you can have the players join direct to your PC if you port forward from your internet IP to your PC's IP with Unity too ?

    Also I think Unity puts stuff in your userid directory not in its install directory ( i.e. C:\Users\YOURUSERID\AppData\Roaming\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds\campaigns\ )

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Valyar said:
    • If the GM is using Ultimate - the players don't need to pay anything, they need the free demo version only. The whole data is anyway stored on the GM's computer.
    • If the GM is using Standard - each player needs to have Standard as well. The data is still saved locally on GM's computer.

    Someone should tell FG that their website should copy and paste Valyar's text. Their own webpage is clear as mud to someone trying to work out what licence to buy/subscribe to.

    I think "Demo" is probably a poor choice of words for the low level licence - something like "Player Character Only" might have been better. 

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  8. 12 hours ago, lordabdul said:

     the level of subtlety required to get a satisfying RPG adventure is far below the level of subtlety required to get a satisfying screenplay or novel. When they're "in the heat of the action", the players just pick up less hints than they would with a passive, crafted narration.

    Very, very important point - it should be stressed hard in any "Keeper-ing 101" course.

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  9. On 5/9/2020 at 9:06 PM, klecser said:

    We aren't really reacting to this amazing connection he has set up. It was far too subtle. We sit there and stare at him and he is very clearly waiting for our "a ha" moment. And then, usually in game, he starts slowly re-feeding us all details until we figure things out. The whole time he has this sardonic grin on his face, and by the time he steps us through all the information that we were "supposed to" pick up on initially, he expects us to be amazed by what he has written. And we just aren't.


    On 5/9/2020 at 9:06 PM, klecser said:

    I know a lot of GMs that keep their logic under lock-and-key in their head. They seem to be "challenging" the players, in an adversarial sense, to unravel their logic. And the players may not have necessarily being given clues that "hit," so to speak.

    As a matter of interest are these "Keepers that only Keep" by any chance ? I feel it is very important for Keepers to experience being an investigator so as to know what it is like having to piece together information and how little of what a Keeper "thinks" is communicated to players actually "is" communicated.

    I became a better Keeper by being an investigator periodically and think it is frankly almost a mandatory experience Keepers should put themselves through.

    It can also dispossess such Keepers of the notion of how their scenario "should" play out ( where they end up railroading players through the Keeper's desired path for the scenario and prevent players from taking actions, that are entirely possible, but just not conducive to how the Keeper thinks the scenario should progress ). As an investigator I abhor being told "you can't do that," it actually makes me really angry and I suddenly lose a lot of patience with the Keeper. Unless the suggested action is a physical impossibility, no Keeper should ever say such a sentence to a player. 

    But I think I'm getting off-topic.

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  10. I would think it would be easier to just make her Occult skill open to Mythos sensitivity. I know the game "normally" divorces the two skills but that is when, all things being equal, you are trying to "model" Lovecraftian values.

    Since you are doing what a good Keeper does and trying to adjust the game to please your players then just adjust the game rules accordingly. Occult = Mythos.

    Maybe it's worth priming the group about how the Lovecraftian version of the universe differs somewhat from the "traditional" supernatural view of the universe ( but do point out the crossovers like Brown Jenkin as a familiar to a witch who signed her name in Nyarlathotep's book ). Ultimately magic does exist in Lovecraft but it is more like "science we don't understand yet".

    With regards to the Tarot specifically - who knows how far back divination by cards reaches ? Could it be described in the Al-Azif even ? Who's to say you are not tapping into Yithian probability/time "magic" by reading cards or casting runes ?


  11. I think this is an excellent film. I listened to the podcast and agree with Scott at how its understatement at times is perfect. Nothing more needs to be shown. I didn't realise there was a director's cut which I will seek out now.

    A few things to mention about the podcast:

    1) The day before the cliff ritual Josh, who is initially the most into researching the community, is reading ( a book of Pele's ? ) and sees the word Ättestupa. He questions Pele if this is actually going to happen and Pele confirms it. Josh's facial reaction is important here - he actually knows the two elderly community members are going to sacrifice themselves but chooses not to tell his friends what they are about to witness. Excessive scientific detachment or bad call ? 

    1) You didn't tackle when Simon's girlfriend goes missing, several of the Americans hear screaming in the distance and dismiss it - why ? This is possibly the only thing I find puzzling about the film.

    2) I think it is her foot in the flowerbed actually, not Josh's.

    3) In the podcast Matt is derisive about the bear saying it is a random, unexplained thing but several of the cult's tapestries depict it as the "big bad" that they have to protect against.

  12. 2 minutes ago, klecser said:

    I'm not a Brexit expert, but I recall UK Backers refuting this claim when it was made

    It would all depend on when Kickstarter.com actually releases cash to the Kickstarter creator vs. at what point the pound started falling.

    It's hard to dispute that the pound has slowly and continually been falling ever since the referendum so all UK businesses ( Stygian Fox included ) have had their banked sterling money devalued if it is purchasing anything in dollars/euros. 

  13. 12 minutes ago, klecser said:

    Regardless, I think there are problems when someone says that they don't have the capital to produce the physical copies of a book that a Kickstarter supposedly paid for.

    I suspect it's a case of just not costing out the projects adequately and learning from your accounting mistakes as you go.

    A lot of people Kickstarting RPG products are not financial professionals - they are just keen RPG hobbyists hoping to publish something professionally. It's not surprising the accounting falls short some of the time. I wouldn't know how to cost the creation of a CoC scenario PDF ( never mind the costs of hardcopies ).

    Didn't the UK Brexit referendum result also cause a crash of sterling which would have had a nasty impact on Stygian Fox's purchasing power if they were paying for any services outside of the UK.

  14. 5 hours ago, klecser said:

    Backers have been under the assumption that when you Back a project, that money will be used for THAT project exclusively, to make sure it gets done.

    No, that should not have happened but, like 7Tigers said, "s**t happens" and I'd rather help Stygian Fox out with some cash for product ( The Bundle of Holding and the PDF of New Tales 2nd Edition ) if it means a chance of finishing some of those poorly managed Kickstarters.

    The more some of those outstanding Kickstarters are finished the more chance of income from extra sales from them might bring home some of the other outstanding projects ( etc. etc. ). Hopefully everything will get finished and Stygian Fox can be more considered and more accurately costed moving forward.

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