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  1. @Mike "Nag, nag, whinge, whine, etc." Even more nagging -> can we have a PDF of Alone in the Dark with the nice cover to the paper version instead of the "get it out the door!" version ?
  2. A poster on Yog-sothoth.com has identified discrepancies in the weapon tables in the Investigator Handbook: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/topic/28068-call-of-cthulhu-7th-ed-core-rules-erratafaq/page-4#entry322294
  3. I think they will be updated eventually, just not anytime soon. If you want to start playing now your best bet is to buy the source book and do the conversions (which are really easy anyway). I think Dark Ages and Mythic Iceland are scheduled to be the first for 2nd Edition updates.
  4. Isn't Peaky Blinders joint financed by more than just the BBC though ?
  5. Cthulhu Through the Ages isn't much of a product really. It tends to just list new skills for each setting and how they are used (e.g. combat with swords or bows) and professions for those settings. There is a small amount of background given for the settings (about 2 sides each on average). You would be better off buying the proper source book for the setting you are interested in. I really think Chaosium should offer Cthulhu Through the Ages as a free PDF rather than having to pay for it.
  6. Questions: What timespan is Mythic Mesopotamia aiming to cover ? How big a book is Mythic Britain: Logres compared to its parent ? Oooh...mysterious...
  7. Advanced Sorcery has 10 more herbs you can use the potion skill with to achieve various effects if successful. Each entry has a minimal potion skill % requirement before you can even attempt a skill roll and some of the 10 have very high requirements ( 71% or 81% ).
  8. Do Mongoose own the rights to Pete's "Vikings" work exclusively as it would be nice to get a Mythras hardback of it sometime in the future ? Imagine a lovely Mythras slipcased set of the 3 Nash historical works ( once he gets Greece done - the lazy git )
  9. "Lionel Rampart" - well known castle builder of the 12th Century... or auto-correct run amok ?
  10. It might be worth contacting Chaosium with a scan of your receipt for the books and they might give you access to the PDFs. Private Message Rick ( above ) to see if they are amenable.
  11. Mongoose have "Pirates of Legend" available at DriveThruRPG.com. RuneQuest6 was a refinement of the Legend system so I would think the book would be very compatible but I can't vouch for how good the content is.
  12. I'd rather they manage to keep things deliverable than go crazy with stretch goals. Stretch goals can be the derailment of schedules. Keep the extra money as profit or as a purse to finance a new kickstarter later on. Or even discount a small sum off existing backers.
  13. @Raven If you do go for RuneQuest 2nd Edition ( a.k.a. "RuneQuest Classic" ) and set your games in Glorantha then I recommend the "Glorantha Classics" line of PDFs/books available from Chaosium here: http://www.chaosium.com/glorantha-classics/ These are facelifted versions of original Chaosium Glorantha supplements from the late-70s/early-80s designed for RuneQuest 2nd Edition. All but "Griffin Mountain" amalgamate 2 or more supplements into one PDF. All of them incorporate error corrections and some new material here and there as well as being facelifted by modern met
  14. Can't you order direct from Chaosium.com ( at least the Keeper Rulebook ) with not extreme postage ? I don't know of a Canadian site that sells Cubicle 7's stuff though.
  15. Just to help Raven with the pedigree of the game and editions: RuneQuest 1st Edition issued by Chaosium ( now available on Chaosium site ) known in the community as RQ1 It became RuneQuest 2nd Edition ( now available as "RuneQuest Classic" on Chaosium site ) - 2nd Ed was pretty similar to 1st Ed and both were set in Glorantha. It is abbreviated in the community as RQ2. RuneQuest 3rd Edition rules was sold as a boxed set in the US and two hardbacks in the UK ( issued by Avalon Hill and Games Workshop respectively under license from Chaosium, neither of these are available any mor
  16. Another difference is that RuneQuest Classic is set in its own fantasy world ( Glorantha ) and Mythras Core Rules is designed to be set in any historic place ( fantasy or "real" ) upto any pre-gunpowder weapon period (-ish). Mythras expands on the the RuneQuest Classic base rules ( for character creation, combat and magic systems ) but strips out the "Glorantha" to make the rules fit any historical setting you might want. You can download the "Mythras Imperative" PDF for free to get a taste of the full Mythras rules.
  17. It was decided by the new Chaosium management that all new releases after their take-over of the firm would be high-end, slick-looking products ( as flashy as the new 7th Ed books ) so the pre-release has gone back to the layout stage to give it a makeover. I think that also involves finding new art for it.
  18. @ Mike - will there be an update to the Chaosium PDFs at some point to fix these issues ?
  19. There are only a few errata that made their way into the printed books because of the big crowdproofing during the Kickstarter. Of those that did get into the books, most are typos or formatting blips rather than actual errors. See this thread for the errata that got into the printed books: Current count is: Keeper Book: 2 errors (entry for Dhole has 1 too many MP, missing asterisk note for Spear weapon), 8 format/typos Investigator Book: 3 errors (Tribal Member EDU starting score, Butler/Maid skill list, Animal Trainer skill list), 5 format/typos Petersen Guide: 0 er
  20. Petersen Field Guide Affects print and PDF: Book is called "S. Petersen's Field Guide..." on front and back cover but just "Petersen's Field Guide..." throughout internally. Suggest removing the "S. " from the front and back cover to standardise, and to match original 1980s versions.
  21. A per this post: Investigator Handbook Page 71 - Alter the skill list for the occupation Animal Trainer and replace Psychology with Animal Handling Page 93 - sort of typo - under the occupation Zookeeper skill list - Animal Handling is down as a subdivision of Art/Craft, but really it is its own skill Page 93 - design issue - the ink colour of the page number "93" isn't black for some reason and the banner at the top of the page is lighter than the rest of the pages. Page 96-121 inclusive - design issue - all of the page numbers for Chapter 5 are higher on the page
  22. Mythras does have Passions which can be some substitute for alignment but in a more focused way, so the Hexblade could have some set of Passions that directed him/her towards whatever is required to keep their powers working. His/her bad luck power could be dependant on them not dropping below a certain level. I don't really see why a Hexblade in Mythras would have to be "evil" anyway - why can't a person who is essentially good-natured still have a luck-manipulation power ? In terms of how their powers would work in Mythras, I'd guess they would impose % penalties on enemies' rolls
  23. Monster Island is a great supplement. And for those that aren't aware, member threedeesix is the author of Classic Fantasy.
  24. The main rulebook has a bestiary of creatures ( all the standard fantasy ones and natural beasts ), more options for combat, 5 types of magic system and spell lists, various extra rules for dealing with non-combat problems ( e.g. acid, weather, sickness, encumbrance, visibility ), equipment lists with prices, a section on organisations your character might belong to ( guilds or cults ) and a chapter of GM guidance. There's probably a few other twiddles as well but I think I've covered the main differences. I haven't read my copy of Classic Fantasy yet but from a quick scan I think yo
  25. It's been stated by Rick (somewhere I can't remember - it might have been in a comment on the Kickstarter) that they are overprints to cover problems and damage and, once they sell out, they won't be available again.
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